Monday, 22 July 2019

The Majors Tom : The Right Stuff

I think there is a Power Greater Than Us 
that will place The Opportunities in Our Way.

Who are you guys?

We're aborigines.
Who are you?

I'm an Astronaut.

Well, what do you do here, Astronaut?

I'm here because a buddy of mine is getting ready to fly overhead. Up in outer space.
And I'll be talking to him on that dish.

Fly over?
You blokes do that, too?

You do that yourself?

Not me, mate.
See that old bloke there?
He know.
He know The Moon.
He know The Star.
And he know the Milky Way.
He'll give you a hand.
He know.

We're gonna need all the help we can get.

Stand by for final ten-second count.
The Clock is operating.
We're underway!
Good Lord, ride all the way.
Godspeed, John Glenn.

I was brought up believing that you are placed on Earth...
more or less with a 50-50 proposition.

This is what I still believe.

We're placed here with certain talents and capabilities...
and it's up to each one of us to use those talents as best we can.
And if we use our talents properly...
I think there is a Power Greater Than Us that will place The Opportunities in our way.

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