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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Please — I WAS You. With Better Music on my IPod.

Lilah Morgan :
You Think You KNOW Me...?

Cordelia :
Please — I WAS You. With Better Shoes.

King Lear's a helluva Good Play...

Everyone DID notice the bizarre little asynchronous cameo of James Rhodes in Doctor Strange, violating the MCU timeline just seconds before Strange's fateful car crash, didn't you..?

Didn't you..?

And Tony's Father (and Mother) Died in a Car Crash - it just took the grip of a powerful man to finally snuff him.

So did Strange's Ego (it just took it about 5 years (and the grip of a powerful woman) to finally snuff it.

Robert Downey Jr. Has a Watch Collection. Which means that Tony Stark has a Watch Collection.

Before his accident, Stephen Strange has a Watch Collection.

After he becomes 
Sorcerer Supreme, 
Master of the Mystic Arts
he retains a single watch, given to him by someone who loved him.

It doesn't work.

For What is 'Time' to an Immortal..?

James Bond's Watch was a Wedding Present — inscribed on the back by his wife are the words 
We Have All The Time in The World.

This is a Curse. 

Because there is no such thing as 'Time' - so They have NOTHING.

And then She was shot in The Head.
Straight Through Her Third Eye

And James Bond is an immortal - as these dates prove.

Because he is constantly getting younger.

So, for an immortal, 
"We Have All The Time in The World"
is a curse on a par with
"May You Live in Interesting Times"

Robert Downey Jr lives in a Windmill.

Doctor Strange lives in a Temple.

Doctor Stephen Strange :
He could destroy life on a scale, heitherto undreamt of. 

Did you seriously say 'hitherto undreamt of'?

Dr. Strange: 
Are you seriously leaning on The Cauldron of the Cosmos?

Oh, is that what this is?

[Cloak smacks him
I’m going to allow that. 

Dr. Stephen Strange :
People Used To Think That I Was Funny...

Did They Work For You?

Who just saved your magical ass? 

Dr. Strange: 
I seriously don’t know how you get that head into that helmet.

Admit it, you should have ducked out when I told you to.

Unlike everyone else in your life, I don’t work for you.

And due to that fact, we’re now in a flying donut, 
billions of miles from Earth with no back-up.

Spider-Man :
I’m back-up.

No, you’re still away. 
The adults are talking. 

I’m sorry. I’m confused as to the relationship here. 
What is he, your ward?

The "Oh - and You're Welcome Moment" :

Stark actually says  it 
(Because he needs to be recognised)

Stark: [ to Strange] 
What is your job exactly, except to make balloon animals?

Dr. Strange: 
Protecting your reality, douchebag.

Strange Knows There is No Point -
If You Have to Ask, You'll Never Know.