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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Richard Burton - The Greatest Poem in the English Language

I will Teach You Infinities -

I Will Say to You of 
The Greatest Poem in The English Language -

The Present Tense of The Verb "To Be".

Now, One Asks,
"What is the Present Tense of The Verb "To Be"...

Now - I shall speak it for You :-

I am

Thou art

She is...

...He is

We are

You are

They are

Sorry, brother. I should have stayed. 
Had your back. I mean, just turning in this SA tag-- 
I don't know, man-- was just kind of lost in this cartel sh1t. 

I love you, Clay. I do. 

I guess I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around you stepping down. 

I don't know... 
I don't know what I'm gonna look like when that happens, you know? 
(door opens

This is not your fault, baby. Oh, honey. 
(Tig cries) 
It's okay, sweetheart. It's okay. 

(Tig sobbing) 
Oh. He knows you love him. 
It's okay, really. 
(Tig sniffles) 

Yeah. Thanks. 
Ah, sh1t. sh1t. 
How are you? 

I'm fine. 

Where's Jax? TIG: Oh, he's at the clubhouse. 
Uh... give me a minute, yeah? 

Okay. Sorry. 

I've been looking for you. Shut the door. What happened to Piney? 

Clay killed him. 
(Jax sighs

Look, I know Clay and Piney were beefing over this cartel sh1t... 

It wasn't over the cartel. 
It was over these. 

Maureen Ashby put them in your bag before you left Belfast. They're letters from your father. 

-Tara found them before you did. 

Tara had these? 
Why didn't she tell me? 

She knew they would break your heart. 
Same way they did mine. 

When Thomas got sick, your dad stopped going to Belfast... 
started writing to Maureen. 

What does this have to do with Clay? 

JT and Kellan decided to get the MC out of guns, away from the IRA. 

Clay thought it was a mistake. 

He was afraid John would destroy the club. 
So he decided to kill him. 

The first time... he sent John into a Mayan ambush, unprotected. 

Your dad made it out. 
But he knew it was Clay who'd set it up. 
And he knew Clay would try again. 
He predicted it would be mechanical. 

He was right. 

The accident. 

The only person JT ever let work on his bike was Lowell Sr. Clay must have... paid him off or threatened him. 
He had to be the one who sabotaged the Panhead. 

Lowell Sr. was killed by the Mayans a week later. 

Yeah. Clay buried the secret. (sighs)

How do you know all this? 

The letters. The speculation. The Mayan ambush. 
John knew Clay would kill him. 
And Clay knew those letters would prove it. 

Enough to get him voted out, undo everything he'd worked for. 

Piney got ahold of these. 

He must have threatened Clay. 

JAX (quietly): 
Oh, my God. 

That's not all. I found the cover letter Maureen wrote telling you to read them. It was in your house. I knew Tara was the one who'd found them. I... I panicked. I told Clay. 

Clay knew... that Tara had these? 

He tried to kill Tara. That thing that happened in the park, that wasn't the cartel. That was guys Clay hired to kill your wife, Jax. 

How did you get them? 

Tara gave them to me. Don't be upset with her. 
She didn't want you to read them. 
She didn't know what you might do. 

Why are you telling me this, Mom? Why now? 

Because I know how dangerous secrets can be. 
And it's time we all knew the truth. 

Clay Morrow killed your father. 

Stole that seat away from this family. 
Gunned down your father's best friend. 
And he tried to kill your wife. 

He's a murderous traitor. 
And there's only one thing to do now, Jackson. 

For your father, your family and your club. 
It's in you. It's who you are. 

Clay has to die. 

Read 'em. See him in your father's own hand. 
And then you kill him, Jax. 

You kill Clay before he's on his feet and strikes first. 
And when it's done... you take your place at the head of this table... 

Where a Teller belongs. 
Where you belong.

Monday, 17 December 2018

The Non-Problem of Male Fierceness

When a Man tells you, in every second that you spend in his company 

By His Every Word,
Every Gesture, 
Every Deed

By His very Energy -

"I Shot a Man in Reno Just to Watch Him Die."

You are NOT Required to Be Polite to Such a Man.

To Do So would be 

And a 

So, When You Meet Me,
Have Some Courtesy.
Have Some Sympathy.
And Some Taste.

Barney, back when you turned Dr. Lecter over to the Tennessee Police -

They weren't civil to him.  
And they're all dead now.

Yeah.  They only managed to survive his company three days.  

You survived him six years at the asylum.  

How'd you do that?

It wasn't just being civil.

Yes, it was.


     Starling knocks.  Waits.  The door opens and the orderly
     peers out with the dead dove in his hands.

               Hi, Barney.  I need to talk with -

               Would you agree, for the record, Officer
               Starling, I've not been read my rights?

               This is just informal.  I just need to
               ask you about some stuff.

               How about saying it into your handbag?

     Starling opens her purse and speaks down into it as though
     there were a troll inside -

               I have not Mirandized Barney.  He is
               unaware of his rights.

     Barney widens the door so she can come in.


     Barney sets the dove on a desk and drags a computer mouse
     to the "file close" x.  Just before the screen reverts to the
     AOL Welcome page, Starling glimpses the site he was on when
     she interrupted him with her knock - stock quotes.

               How you been?

     He doesn't answer.  Sits his huge frame down on his desk
     chair.  She moves some newspapers aside on a couch, one of
     which shows a photo of her from the Drumgo raid.  They
     consider each other for a moment.  Eventually -

               Barney, back when you turned Dr. Lecter
               over to the Tennessee Police -

               They weren't civil to him.  And they're
               all dead now.

               Yeah.  They only managed to survive his
               company three days.  You survived him six
               years at the asylum.  How'd you do that?
               It wasn't just being civil.

               Yes, it was.

     They both hear something - a flutter - and glance out to the
     fire escape.  The dead dove's mate has landed on the railing.

               Did you ever think, once he escaped,
               he might come after you?

               No.  He told me once that, whenever
               feasible, he preferred to eat the rude.
               "Free-range rude," he called them.

     He smiles.  Glances out the window again to the cooing dove.
     Picks up the dead one, carries it out and sets it down on the
     wet grating.

               Any idea what happened to all his stuff?
               His books and papers and drawings and -

               Everything got thrown out when the place

     He comes back in.  She starts to say something, hesitates.
     Once she starts on this subject, she knows one of them will
     wind up very unhappy.

               Barney, I just found out that Dr.
               Lecter's signed copy of The Joy of
               Cooking went to a private collector for
               sixteen thousand dollars.

               It was probably a fake.

               The seller's affidavit of ownership
               was signed, Karen Phlox.  You know Karen
               Phlox?  You should.  "She" filled out
               your employment application, only at the
               bottom she signed it, Barney.  Same thing
               on your tax returns.

     Long silence.  Then Barney sighs.

               You want the book?  Maybe I could get
               it back.

               I want the x-ray.  From when you broke
               his arm after he attacked that nurse.

     Barney gets up again, but doesn't run off to get it.  He
     slowly paces around.

               We talked about a lot of things, late at
               night, after all the screaming died down.
               We talked about you sometimes.  Want to
               know what he said?

               No, just the x-ray.

               Is there a reward?

               Yeah.  The reward is I don't have my
               friend the Postal Inspector nail you on
               Use of the Mails to Defraud, you don't
               get ten years, and you don't come out
               with a janitor's job and a room at the Y,
               sitting on the side of your bunk at night
               listening to yourself cough.

     He stares at her, gets up finally, disappears into the
     bedroom.  Starling looks out to the fire escape again.  The
     surviving dove has dropped down and is now walking in circles
     around its lifeless mate.

     Barney returns with a file box and a large envelope.  Hands
     it all to her.  She unfurls the string-clasp.  Pulls out an x-
     ray of an arm.  A radiologist's and Lecter's names are on it.

               I'm not a bad guy.

               I didn't say you were.

               Dr. Chilton is a bad guy.  After your
               first visit, he began taping your conver-
               sations with Dr. Lecter.

     He produces from his jacket pocket several cassette tapes.
     As he hands them to her -

               I was good to you.  Tried to make it
               easy for you the first time you came down
               to the violent ward to interview Dr.
               Lecter.  Remember?


               You remember saying thank you?

     She doesn't because she didn't, and now regrets it.

               I'm sorry.  Thank you.

               You mean it?


               I'm going to show you something then.
               I don't have to show it to you, remember
               that.  But I believe your gratitude is

     He goes to a fuse box on the wall.  Takes something out of
     it.  Turns around to face Starling, wearing the famous mask
     from Silence of the Lambs, and her hand flashes toward her
     sidearm, a movement quickly stopped.

               This is my retirement fund.
                   (removes the mask)
               If you'll let me keep it.  I can a lot
               of money for this and get out of here for
               good.  I want to travel, and see every
               Vermeer in the world before I die.

     She thinks about it, doesn't immediately answer him.  He
     walks out onto the fire escape again and addresses the bird -

               Go on.  You've grieved long enough.

     He shoos the dove away, picks up the dead one, comes back
     in and drops it in the wastebasket by his desk.

               What did he say?  About me?  Late at

               We were talking about inherited, hard-
               wired behavior.  He was using genetics in
               roller pigeons as an example.
               They go way up in the air and roll over
               backwards in a display, falling toward
               the ground.  There are shallow rollers
               and deep rollers.  You can't breed two
               deep rollers or the offspring will roll
               all the way down, crash and die.  He
               said, "Officer Starling is a deep roller,
               Barney.  Let's hope one of her parents
               was not."

     As Starling gets up and gathers everything except the mask,
     she hears the surviving dove call out once from somewhere in
     the trees.


     The two x-rays, one overlaid on the other, clipped to a
     light box.  A technician adjusts them so the bone structures
     correspond in position as closely as possible and points out
     to Starling -

               They're the same arm.  The discrepancy is
               the dates.  This one -

     He slides the x-rays apart, touches a thin gray line on one
     of them -

               - shows the hairline fracture he
               sustained in the fight with the orderly.
               This one -
                   (the other x-ray)
               - the more recent one, supposedly,
               doesn't.  This is the newer of the two -
                   (the other one)
               - the one from the asylum.


     Starling puts the earliest-dated cassette into a player,
     presses "play," walks up to the blackboard and under Verger's
     heading - below "Meat-packing heir" and some other notes -
     writes, "He lies."  From the tape player -

                          LECTER'S VOICE
               Surely the odd confluence of events
               hasn't escaped you, Clarice.  Jack Craw-
               ford dangles you in front of me, then I
               give you a bit of help.  Do you think
               it's because I like to look at you and
               imagine how good you would taste?

     There's a pause.  Starling, remembering the moment clearly
     even now, mouths along with her recorded voice -

                          STARLING'S VOICE
               I don't know.  Is it?

     INSANE - DAY - (FLASHBACK - 1994)

     It's Lecter's cell.  And it's almost pitch black.  Then,
     as he turns a rheostat, the lights slowly rise, revealing the
     cell to be almost empty, stripped of its books.  He's lying
     on his cot.

               I've been in this room for eight years,
               Clarice.  I know they will never - ever -
               let me out while I'm alive.  What I want

               ... is a view.