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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Next order of business : 

The Meek Will Inherit The Earth.

Now we have finally successfully destroyed it, as well as the conservatives, it's time to rebuild the Labour Party in our image.

Work 2 B Dun.

The Work

A Work is an act of Alchemy.

A Working is the operational process that is undertaken to perform the The Work.

The Crucible is the vessel in which the working occurs, into which the product of  The Work is deposited, and from where it can be  recovered.

The Crucible is metaphysical and allegorical.

Alchemy does not occur in a darkened room full of green smoke and furnaces (most of the time).

Alchemy takes place in your head.

The Crucible is you.

The Great Work refers to the purpose of the alchemist and the meaning of his present life and his existence.

The Great Work of this Generation  refers to the meaning and purpose set for the lives of everyone alive today on Earth for the whole of their lives.

In the past it has been : steam engines; sailing vessels, global fascism, world socialism, telephones, maps and exploration, global thermonuclear war , pony express, the Warfare of Ghengis Khan, the myth of Global Warming....

So - what's it going to be, and how are you going to help?

Time 2 Grow The Beard

My Dark Lady Calls 2 U 
And You Are Commanded to Do Good.