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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

New-Left Fascism, Squaddism and No Platform

Anti-Fascist Squadism in Theory and Practice

Liberty of Conscience : That condition of living in which any given individual exercises sufficient and sole agency required to make moral decisions freely, having recognised right from wrong, good from evil, God or Lucifer, absent any external pressure or coercion.

Remember, it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

What does that mean? Better say something or they'll think you're stupid.

Takes one to know one!


You can be the lions, and I'll be Daniel.

You will not stop me from speaking.

"You're not welcome here!! You're not welcome in London"

You will not stop me from speaking however much you shout, because when the Charlie Hebdo affair erupted, there were millions of people demanding that Freedom of Speech should be protected.

And no-one in Britain will accept the right of those shouting at me now to exclude a British Member of Parliament from the BBC in any constituency in Britain. 

Now... I was assaulted three times in four months, in London.

You're in favour of some political violence, but against other political violence.

You're in favour of freedom of speech for some people, but not for other people.

 Documenting the increasing racial violence in Britain, concentrating on the British National Party (BNP) and their opposition in the from of the Anti-Nazi League (ANL) and the Anti-Racist Alliance (ARA).

 1995 BBC news report on Anti Fascist Action + Combat 18 shortly after the riot at Lansdowne Road Dublin. 

 Complete Open Space documentary, "Fighting Talk", entirely produced by members of the central organising leadership of Anti Fascist Action (who openly advocate political violence), given airtime on public airwaves by the BBC, who exercised no public interest editorial control over the finished product (in violation of it's charter). 

"AFA, as we are known, is not a protest group - we are not in the business of complaining about Nazis. 

We are in the business of stopping them.

Inevitably, means confronting them on the streets.

AFA was set up in 1985 to revive the militant anti-fascist tradition.

Our original aims were drawn up on the back of a beer mat, and it stated that the purpose of the organisation was to confront the fascists, both physically, and ideologically.

“The general cry is that the entire population of East London had risen against Mosley and had declared that he and his followers ‘should not pass’, and that they did not pass ‘owing to the solid front presented by the workers of East London’

This statement is, however, far from reflecting accurately the state of affairs.” 

– Special Branch Police Report, 
November 1936, 
The National Archives ref: MEPOL2/3043 

 The magnificent mural in Cable Street in East London, depicts the 1936 battle of Cable Street, when East end residents stopped Oswald Mosley and his fascist followers marching through their streets. 

In this powerful dissection of what happened, the real battle we learn was three way, between the police, the fascists and local people. 

Interwoven with eye witness testimony from Bill Fishman, Alan Hudson provides a riveting account of the events, the context and many hidden truths. The official labour movement tried to stop the anti-fascist protests and organised an alternative rally in Trafalgar Square.

Special Branch report HO144/21061 records:

‘Mosley spoke at Victoria Park Square where the crowd had grown to 7,000 by 8pm. It was noticeable by the salute that 80% were his supporters. 

They marched to Salmon Lane, Limehouse, where the crowd swelled to 12,000…500 in British Union uniform. 

It was remarkable, in view of the attitude adopted by the anti-fascists towards the previous fascist march, that this procession should pass unmolested and practically unopposed…at intervals the fascist salute was given by people in doorways or on the pavements.’.
Phil Piratin, Communist Organiser, wrote of the meeting in “Our Flag Stays Red”

‘I went along to this meeting and watched to see the support which Mosley had…what kind of people would march. The fascist band moved off and behind about 50 thugs in Blackshirt uniform. 

Then came the people…men, women (some with babies in arms) and youngsters marched behind Mosley’s banner. 

I knew some of these people, some of them wore trade union badges…Why are these ordinary working class folk supporting Mosley? Obviously because Mosley’s appeal struck a chord…

above all these people were living miserable squalid lives’.
Joe Jacobs wrote in his memoirs: 
‘The fascists did rally in Victoria Park Square…and did march through Mile End to Limehouse right across Stepney.’ 

Jacobs claimed that Stepney Communist Party had a membership of around 300 at the time. 
However, Special Branch report HO144/21064 states that the Blackshirt membership for Limehouse, which was just one part of Stepney, stood at 1,700. 

(One of their agents had broken into the British Union Limehouse District Headquarters in Essian Street at night and read the membership ledger).


'There is abundant evidence that the Fascist movement has been steadily gaining in many parts of East London and has strong support in Stepney, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Hackney and Bow…the British Union conducted the most successful series of meetings since the beginning of the Movement…crowds estimated at several thousands of people assembled and accorded the speakers an enthusiastic reception…

In contrast much opposition has been displayed at meetings held by the Communists…

Briefly, a definite pro-fascist feeling has manifested itself throughout the districts mentioned since 4th October…it is reliably reported that the London membership has been increased by 2,000.’

Special Branch reported in MEPOL/3043

You Know - all the sensible, responsible people.

Not a bunch of hackneyed, worn-out Left-Liberal Foundation-Funded Anti-Democrats

Statement of Purpose

To call out Donald Trump for his hatred, misogyny, Islamaphobia, and racism and to give platform for the voices of the silent majority of Americans who do not and will not stand for it.
[ No, please, I beg of you - DON'T DO THAT. ]

Please, just rise above it,bite your tongue and keep a tight hold on your rage just for a short little while longer, PLEASE don't try and shout down his Warm-Up Act, stir up ruckus and bring Black Bloc Squaddists to his meetings with the intention of jamming him and his message, whilst challenging his People.

To put the media and political institutions on notice that they are accountable for normalising Trump’s extremism by treating it as entertainment, by giving it inordinate and unequal air time and by refusing to interrogate it or condemn it.
To inspire a collective awakening of people across all spectrums of the US to speak out and create actions to end hatred and inject values of respect inclusion, love and equality back into our national politics and to join and support the many existing groups already doing this work each and every day.
To let people across the world know there is another America that Trump does not represent or speak for and we will not be silent anymore.

" As I briefly noted last week, the Unison women’s conference overwhelmingly passed a motion calling for a ‘no platform’ policy towards rape deniers. It is a tissue of hoary feminist clichés: “rape culture is endemic in the UK”, apparently - “yet some men on the left continue to reinforce negative attitudes about rape survivors, and to prop up sexism and misogyny by contributing to a blame culture that holds women responsible for the crimes of rape and sexual violence committed against them”.

The issue at hand is the Julian Assange rape allegations, and infamous comments made about them by George Galloway and the like. What is the logic here? Galloway denies that Assange raped two women; therefore he “reinforces negative attitudes about rape survivors”; therefore he indirectly reinforces this “blame culture”; therefore he (presumably) emboldens rapists; and therefore, finally, giving him a platform 

“contribute[s] to rape culture”. 


The wording, in fact, is so vague that a good deal of people could come under this purview. Which is why the motion - though no doubt well-intentioned, as most disastrous errors are - is a gift to the Unison bureaucracy. This is the same union, remember, that witch-hunted four Socialist Party in England and Wales comrades for distributing a leaflet with a ‘three wise monkeys’ picture on the front, which was ludicrously deemed to be racist. They are going to have all kinds of fun with this policy - and no mistake. "

Liberty of Conscience : That condition of living in which any given individual exercises sufficient and sole agency required to make moral decisions freely, having recognised right from wrong, good from evil, God or Lucifer, absent any external pressure or coercion.