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Monday, 24 March 2014

Yellow Fruit

The Pentagon said today that it recently discovered that a secret Army unit disbanded in 1983 had set up a Swiss bank account that may later have been used illegally to finance arms for the Nicaraguan rebels.

A senior Pentagon official said an internal investigation had produced information suggesting that Lieut. Col. Oliver L. North, the dismissed National Security Council aide, and Maj. Gen. Richard V. Secord, who retired from the Air Force in April 1983, were among those who had access to the unauthorized Army account.

They are both under investigation on suspicion of providing military aid to the rebels, known as contras, when Congress had made it illegal for United States Government agencies to do so. Letting Them Use Account

The Pentagon official said evidence suggested that Colonel North and General Secord may have persuaded members of the Army unit to let them use the account for covert aid purposes after the unit had disbanded. He did not name those people.

It is not known if United States Government funds were deposited in the account and later used to aid the contras, or whether the account was used as a conduit for non-Government funds.

The Pentagon's chief spokesman, Robert Sims, said in a statement read to reporters this afternoon that the Defense Department was looking into the matter. He did not go into details in his statement, but the briefing continued on a background basis with an official who refused to be identified by name. $2.5 Million Withdrawn in Day CBS News reported Monday night that bank records showed that $2.5 million was withdrawn from the account in one day in 1985 and that $75,000 of that was used to charter a freighter that carried arms to the contras. The transaction took place when United States officials were prohibited from providing military aid to the rebels.

But the CBS report did not indicate whether the money withdrawn from the Swiss bank account came from United States funds or from other deposits.

The secret Army unit, nicknamed Yellow Fruit, was headed by Lieut. Col. Dale E. Duncan, who was convicted in 1986 of submitting fraudulent expense claims in connection with activities apparently unrelated to aid to the contras. He is serving a 10-year sentence at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.

The Pentagon official who spoke about the case said the Army, which investigated the finances of the secret unit for two years, could not account for all of the unit's money and does not know whether United States Government funds went into the account. He said the Army did not even know about the existence of the Swiss bank account until the CBS News report.

The Pentagon confirmed the existence of the account and has referred the matter to Lawrence E. Walsh, the independent counsel investigating the Iran-contra affair, the official said.

The official also said that top Pentagon officials, including Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger, had no knowledge of the Swiss account and that the Pentagon had no records concerning the account, which was at Credit Suisse in Geneva. A Puzzling Aspect

The activities and finances of the Yellow Fruit unit are not clear, despite the investigations. One puzzling aspect is that the man who uncovered the expense account irregularities involving Colonel Duncan had access to the Swiss account. But he did not tell any officials about the account until very recently.

According to the Pentagon official, the man, Warrant Officer William T. Golden, retired, has told investigators that he was one of the people who signed for the Swiss bank account and that General Secord and Colonel North also had access. Warrant Officer Golden, who was attached to Yellow Fruit, had first raised questions about Colonel Duncan's expenses. Warrant Officer Golden is now an Army civilian working at Fort Huachuca, near Tucson, Ariz. Company Set Up in Virginia

To aid its secret operations, Yellow Fruit set up a company in 1983 in Annandale, Va., called Business Security International and headed by Colonel Duncan. Yellow Fruit was one of several secret Pentagon units involved in ''special operations,'' including intelligence gathering and support for covert activities.

Yellow Fruit was disbanded in December 1983, a year after it was organized, the official said. The only activity in Central America to which it has been publicly linked was the transportation of a satellite dish to an unnamed country, according to an associate of Colonel Duncan.

Although Yellow Fruit is defunct, the Swiss bank account used by Mr. Golden and other unit members still exists,according to the Pentagon official, and the account was not frozen until recently. The official declined to discuss the finances of Yellow Fruit, except to say that most but not all of the money used by the unit had been accounted for. He declined to say whether the money not accounted for could cover the $2.5 million withdrawal cited by CBS News. 'Extraordinary Means'

A Pentagon official said the Army had instituted changes to correct some of the problems uncovered in the investigation of the financing of various covert operations.

Questions have been raised previously about the Army's accountability over covert operations like Yellow Fruit. In a related Army case in 1985, an Army judge, Col. James E. Noble, said, ''The Army chose this extraordinary means to circumvent accountability for money, and it did it for a reason: specifically, to cut off the ability to find the money.''

At that time, Colonel Noble acquitted Master Sgt. Ramon Barron on charges that he had misspent money deriving from an Army covert operation.

Colonel Duncan is serving a 10-year sentence at Fort Leavenworth after conviction in 1986 on various charges in an Army court-martial.

An associate of Colonel Duncan said today that the officer had no knowledge of the Swiss bank account.

Mr. Golden could not be reached for comment. A former Army warrant officer attached to Yellow Fruit, Joel M. Patterson, denied any knowledge of the Swiss account in an interview with CBS News, although the network said Mr. Patterson's name also appeared on the account.

Mr. Patterson could not be reached for comment today.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Challenger, KAL 007 and Oliver North

"If you can get hold of a book by Barry Schiff (he's an aviation writer) written a year before the incident, called Flight 209 is Down, it will explain to you, in part, in this novel form, the real scenario.

What happened, according to Fletcher Prouty's work, Bob Cutler's work, other researchers, is that 007 stayed on course, never deviated. KAL 015 right behind it, saw it, on radar and visible, all the way through. It never left course, kept along R20."

John Judge

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. - A powerful electrical storm created an eerie tapestry of light in the skies near Space Shuttle Launch Complex 39A in the hours preceding the launch of Challenger on mission STS-8 at 2:32 a.m. EDT today. 

Driving rains and the dazzling lightning display ceased after this photograh was taken by a remote camera set up by Sam Walton of United Press International and mission officials were able to proceed with the launch.

Turning on the Heat: KAL Flight 007

The U.S. has Moscow on the defensive over the downed Korean airliner

The static was heavy. The words that sounded above the crackle were an unfamiliar Russian military-aviation jargon. The pilots' voices were unemotional, as if they were reporting to their ground controllers on the progress of the most routine training exercise. All of which made the tape more eloquently horrifying when it was played in excerpt for a national television audience by President Reagan and in full for the United Nations Security Council by U.S. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick. In the translation, the pilot of the Soviet...

Read more: Turning on the Heat: KAL Flight 007 - TIME,9171,954035,00.html#ixzz2vLtbN6UB

“Gerasimenko, cut the horseplay at the command post, what is that noise there? I repeat the combat task: fire missiles, fire on target 60-65.”
“Comply and get Tarasov here. Take control of the MiG-23 from Smirnykh, call sign 163, call sign 163, he is behind the target at the moment. Destroy the target!”
“Task received. Destroy target 60-65 with missile fire, accept control of fighter from Smirnykh.”
“Carry out the task, destroy!”
“Oh, sh*t, how long does it take him to get into attack position, he is already getting out into neutral waters? Engage afterburner immediately. Bring in the MiG 23 as well… While you are wasting time it will fly right out.”
“805, try to destroy the target with cannons.”
“I am dropping back. Now I will try a rocket.”
“Twelve kilometers to the target. I see both.” (this was the trailing MiG-23 reporting that he saw both the airliner and the other Soviet interceptor.)
“805, approach target and destroy target.”
“Roger, I am in lock-on.”
“805, are you closing on the target?”
“I am closing on the target, am in lock-on. Distance to target is 8 kilometers.”
“Afterburner. AFTERBURNER, 805!”
“I have already switched it on.”
“Z.G.” (the fighter plane reports on a low fuel warning light; flying in afterburner uses up fuel very quickly.)
“I have executed the launch.”
“Well, what do you hear there?”
“He has launched.”
“I did not understand.”
“He has launched.”
“He has launched, follow the target, follow the target, withdraw yours from the attack and bring the MiG-23 in there.”
“The target is destroyed.”
“Break off attack to the right, heading 360.”

Audience Member: The guy with the John Birch society, that died in KAL 007?

John Judge: Larry MacDonald.

Audience Member: Was there anything behind.that?

John Judge: Oh, I know the details. Six people got off the plane, it's on the manifest. They're not identified. He warned people that he wasn't going on their plane, because the KGB was going to shoot it down. I guess, friends of his told him? So he stayed for this later flight. And I don't know if he got on the other flight. I mean, death is a good cover. They knew what was happening. Nixon was supposed to be on that flight, and was warned out of it and didn't come, due to a phone call.

And, also not talked about is where they were all going. Why were they all on this flight going into Anchorage, and then into Korea? Do you know? They were going to a meeting celebrating the division of Korea, between South and North, for all those years, from the time of the military occupation of the U.S., hosted by the Asian People's Anti-Communist League, and the World Anti-Communist League, which is General Singlaub's group. They were going to have this big celebration there, and they were on their way to this reactionary meeting.

They definitely knew in advance. Friends of mine were in Washington, DC, on Thursday morning, when the only news was that a plane was in trouble, but had landed safe at Sakhalin. And the families were even called and told that the passengers were OK. They called them. This was eventually found out to be a story generated falsely by the CIA. But they bought time for Oliver North and Jeanne Kirkpatrick to doctor the tapes. North was in charge of the public relations on the incident from the White House. They doctored the tapes, so that they could call the Soviet Union the "Evil Empire" and make everybody believe they just coldly shot down this plane.

That morning, the plane number wasn't known, the passengers certainly weren't being named, because they were presumed safe, and my friends were on their way to work. They work across from the Heritage Foundation, and on the way in, they picked up some bumper stickers, printed by the Richard Viguerie Foundation (right-wing fund raiser) in the gutter, outside of the Heritage. That morning, they didn't know what they meant. They just picked them up and were looking at them, took them in the office. The bumper stickers said "Remember Larry MacDonald and Flight 007." Now, this is before anybody would know the significance of that. So there were people within those right-wing circles that knew, could have warned him. Also, the Atlanta press called his wife the "ice lady" because she had no emotional reaction to the death. She dyed her hair. From the time she heard about it, she dyed her hair, went to a press conference, and spouted this party line.

And there may have been even an earlier version, where MacDonald was to have landed on Sakhalin, put under Soviet arrest, and later escaped the Soviet, "slave camps" and gotten back to "freedom." And, you know, maybe we'll watch and see.

But he had to be taken out of the way, out of the limelight, at that point, because of a suit, out here in California, against his foundation, Western Goals. For stealing the entire national Red Squad files of the Los Angeles Police Department that was collected under COINTELPRO during the 1960s.That affected hundreds of groups, and had the names, not only of the California left, but all the left, because it was the place where the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit was sending every Red Squad file for a centralized operation. And those hundreds and hundreds of boxes, thousands of names, and all that file information, was taken by Jay Paul, an LAPD detective, to his home. And his wife, Mary Love, who worked for Western Goals, put it into their hundred thousand dollar computer system, so that the John Birch Society and the far-right wing, had the goods on the whole structure, at least as far as the police infiltrators knew it, of the left and progressive movement in this country.

But when it was breaking in the news, and the suit threatened to come foreword, it would not only have exposed MacDonald. It would have exposed the LAPD, and eventually, it would have exposed COINTELPRO. And "Watergate West" Which was the Ed Meese/Ronald Reagan operation out here in California, for martial law, and the spying under COINTELPRO for those years.

And that was right before the election. The lawyer who handled the deal, for the LAPD, in order to settle out of court, and pay off the groups instead, was William French Smith. He left the Justice Department right then, and Meese went in, and Turnage came in. French came out and settled matters so it didn't go to court. And then MacDonald, who would have been under the spotlight and threatened the election, disappeared in the KAL 007 flight.

But I think his death, if in fact it happened, or his disappearance and cover, were just one more bonus for that operation. One which not only renewed the Cold War, cut off relations and Detente, slowed down the arms limitation talks, allowed us to scotch bills against nerve gas, (when I say "us'', I'm talking about the US military) allowed them to go foreword with the plans for nuclear warfare and chemical/biological warfare,and nuclear warfare in outer space, and basically put forward the whole Ollie North agenda.

If you can get hold of a book by Barry Schiff (he's an aviation writer) written a year before the incident, called Flight 209 is Down, it will explain to you, in part, in this novel form, the real scenario.

What happened, according to Fletcher Prouty's work, Bob Cutler's work, other researchers, is that 007 stayed on course, never deviated. KAL 015 right behind it, saw it, on radar and visible, all the way through. It never left course, kept along R20. A Ferrett, RC35, also a Boeing plane, same silhouette, flew parallel radar course with it for a while, and then broke into Soviet air space. The first interceptors that went up couldn't find it. Now, that's telling because when planes with radar and ground radar together can't find something, you've got a UFO, or something. Not a modern, full-sized plane. It's not that hard to coordinate those things and go up, its mathematical. The fact that they didn't find something means to me, they were dealing with a test of Stealth. The Soviets were about to test an ICBM missile there, and it lit up their whole defense system. Arching over the route of the R20 and the RC35 at that point, looping over, was our main spy satellite over the Soviet Union. And the person in charge of positioning those satellites was Oliver North. Also going over in those hours, was the space shuttle Challenger, on a military mission.

So they got a good look at how Soviet radar and defense systems worked, along the Soviet coast, and the sea there, and at the Japanese, the interrelation of those countries, and what was happening. They fooled the Soviets into sending up yet another interceptor, which accidentally saw the plane, by accident, winged at it, you know, flapped a wing, and shot a couple of missiles past it, then backed off. They saw the Ferrett. A Soviet interceptor went up, found the RC35 up there, tried to get it to go down, It took evasive action. He backed off, lined up the missile sight with his radar, pushed the button, and veered off, because you don't follow the missile, you'll get blown up by it. And you get out of the way because, what if something fires back? So he veers off, and he says "The target's destroyed," because he did what he believed he had to do, electronically. But he missed the plane, because he's shooting at the Stealth deflection of the radar.

And so that plane's safe, but simultaneous with the Soviet pilot saying, "The target's destroyed," the US intelligence electronic message interceptors detonate a bomb on 007, and blow it up. Over the Kurile trench, so that it's never found, the pieces aren't even found.

Then they've got the Soviets believing that they shot down a plane, by accident. They've got the news media buying into it. They've got Jeanne Kirkpatrick calling them the "Evil Empire," that night; and they're able to extend it into, you know, what ever they want.

Well, this is the theme of Schiff's novel. It's about a Stealth manufacturer, and his son flies the plane in, and they blow up the competing Congressman who's gonna get the Stealth contract for another company.

And Scoop Jackson parallels that person, in the novel. The woman who wrote me about it said that's the guy in the novel. And I took a look at it, in it's particulars, and Scoop Jackson was on the board of Boeing. Which built the KAL planes. And Scoop Jackson died of a heart attack that day. The day of the 007 flight. And who was he replaced by on Boeing? Alexander Haig.

Where else was he? He was on the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. And he was in charge of the Central America Task Force. You know who went in there? [fake German accent] Herr Doctor Kissinger, replaced him there. And his top administrative aide Richard Pipes went into the NSC with Oliver North, Sven Kraemer and the boys.

So, we had a little power shift the day of the KAL 007, internally also. But that's what happened to 007. What happened to MacDonald, I think only history will tell.

Audience Member: Before, you mentioned John J. McCloy, and I just wanted to let everybody know, that he's 80; he's just started the world's largest bank in Washington DC, this last month with seven billion dollars. Him, and William Casey's widow, and a bunch of others. While we see Credit Suisse, and we get used to them, and see their pattern, they're starting another Fascist goal, another Fascist bank.

John Judge: Is that to replace Nugen Hand?

Audience Member: I'm not sure of the name. But it was started. This is all public domain: Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times all reported on it.

But he's alive and well, and completely active in his beliefs, in what he's doing.

He also set up the Pentagon, you didn't mention that. He was the architect and author.

John Judge: Yes, he built the Pentagon. It was called "McCloy's folly" for a while, in fact. Yeah, he set up the building. And I always thought it was interesting, you know, because I don't know of any other reason to take a five-sided figure and point it south, except to call up You-Know-Who. [laughter]

The article "Propaganda and Social Control" is from a booklet entitled *The Fourth Reich in America*, available from Flatland Books. This is an excerpt: 

JOHN JUDGE: The battle, I believe, in the current period, since the time I was born, 1947, or even a little earlier, is for the last frontier that's being explored; it's the one where we have to *do* battle in order to survive; it's for what George Orwell called "the space between our ears." It's that little space, and what's in it, that the government finds the most valuable. 

Believe me, the Defense Department does not sit around in fear of the Soviet Union, who are technologically and militarily well behind us on every critical point. If they plan anything in relation to the Soviet Union, it's full-scale nuclear, biological and chemical warfare attack in the year 2000. They don't sit and quake over the people in Nicaragua, in Central America, in Africa, in the Middle East. They do genocide against them with impunity. The only people that they're afraid of is us. Because if *we* figure out what's happening in this society, if *we* figure out the real politics, if *we* call the lie and open it up, then the gig is up. That's why Oliver North was so careful to shred everything. It didn't matter, as the Committee pointed out, that the Cubans already knew, that the Nicaraguans already knew, and that even the Soviets already knew. The problem was if the American public should get hold of the information on the secret government and its activities. *That's* the danger.

The history of the establishment of privilege in societies probably goes back as far as there was history. Back at least to multiple groups of people trying to cooperate, or live together. In the earliest part, those privileges were established at various points by religious beliefs that were asserted, or held sway, by outright lies, by force and the threat of force, and from time to time by the discovery of new technologies, which allowed a particular group an advantage or privilege over another group. The maintaining of that privilege, once it was held in a few hands, by a particular class, race or sex, was maintained then, by deception; by a distortion of earlier history; and by a method that became more and more effective as history progressed: the implementation of force, the threat of force, and implied violence.

This continued until all of those things became part of the State apparatus. They became centralized as huge functions that didn't rely on a particular fiefdom or how many thugs you could hire to fence off your land, protect it and call it your own, or how many soldiers you could get together under your leadership to die, so that you could take over some other property. The accumulation of wealth and control became centralized not only in a few hands in this country, but by a few societies, a few empires, over time.

We live in one of them. We live in the most advanced one. We live in the most dangerous one, in terms of the future existence of the planet. {1}. Current military and intelligence machinery of this society make the Nazi/Hohenzollern machine look like a rubber band affair.

We're 40 or 50 years down that technological pike from whatever it was that frightened us in the 1940s. And as Thomas Merton said in 1936: "If *we* fight the Nazis, we will become the Nazis."

Under current theory, rather than distorting history it has become the practice, I believe, to destroy history altogether. History, especially after the year 1945, no longer exists. It's not taught in school. When I was in school I was lucky to get up to the end of the Civil War. The furthest you could get in school was, maybe, the *beginnings* of World War II. Then there was something called Current Events that started in 1960. Now the kids in high school have history as an *optional* topic. You know, it's either that or I don't know what... typing... or something else. But even if they go into the history, I don't know if you've picked up an historical text from high schools {2} that mentions at all the 1940s on... It's just so distorted as to be unrecognizable. It's down what Orwell called the "memory hole." So it's more than just changing or distorting the history; it's the destruction of history itself so that history no longer exists.

In World War II, techniques were developed for the deception of the enemy, for the control of the human mind, and for war stress. They did an analysis of soldiers. It was that period, and the period directly following, that marked the massive growth of psychiatry as an industry. And of prisons. And of the whole centralized institutional response to political and social problems, that handed them over to experts in the society and to institutions. And that touted those people who stood up in any way, or fought back against their oppression, into these institutions, under definitions that blamed the victims themselves.

Blaming the victim is what mass psychiatry, militarism, and many of these other forces do. "You end up," as Malcolm X said once, "by reading the newspapers for long enough, loving the people doing the oppressing and hating the people that are being oppressed."

And then add to that, and those factors and those tendencies, the technology of television. As I often say, Goebbels probably would have given his saluting arm for that one. Because that's the ticket, see? We're no longer going to read. We no longer have to do anything except turn on that electronic machine. And as early as 1948, according to my investigation and research, that television was exactly the instrument described in 1939 in Orwell's book *1948*, which was changed here in the U.S. to *1984* in the first Harcourt and Brace edition. But '48 is the year it's talking about. All the technology that Winston faces in Orwell's society was in place, and in the hands of, and functional for, the intelligence agencies; the averrant conditioning, the telescreen that watched him...

By 1948 we had Operation Octopus (in secret), which allowed machinery in a particular neighborhood to cover a 25 mile radius, and any television that had its tubes hot could be listened through and *seen* through by this technology. This is what Hale Boggs' staff was investigating at the time of his disappearance in the middle of Watergate. He was also one of the Warren 
Commission members.

Beyond watching us, the television also controls us. Not only with constant subliminal messages, and the message of the commoditization of all human experience, and the message that cops are our friends, no matter what they do. You know, the overt and the covert propaganda. But just the fact that we spend so much of our time absorbed that we, in a sense, leave the driving 
to them... on the brain circuit.

With the brain itself, the procedures were: drugging, cutting, implanting, microwaving and perfecting control. Whether it was end of memory, lapse of memory temporarily, creation of second personality, training of assassins... whatever control they wanted, first on the individual, and then on the mass level.

Other programs that the CIA, Navy and Army Intelligence called MK/ULTRA, MK/DELTA, and MK/NAOMI, ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, they had a lot of names, Project Often; they were done on prisoners, on veterans... who are *still* being experimented on in those institutions *right* *now*, in ways that won't be seen in the civilian world for several years.

But they took it, obviously, from that individual level to a mass level. As early as 1956, Allen Dulles bought 50 million tabs of LSD from the Sandoz Corporation. Now that's not *experimental* level. They were going to *do* something with it.

And what they did with it, to just give you one example from an article that I found at the time of... you remember the mass murders that were attributed to the Son of Sam (Mae Brussell calls him the "Son of Uncle Sam"), this fellow up there in New York, David Berkowitz. Berkowitz was an army clerk in Korea. I have an article about his military background from his best friend in the unit. He decided he didn't want to be there any more and he applied as a conscientious objector, the friend says. And then he says, interestingly enough, "the brass gave him acid." Does the *brass* give you acid? No, the brass gives you MK/ULTRA.

This fellow Gary Heidens, who was just convicted of the mass murders and torture of the women in the basement in Philadelphia. Did you read about that? He had been part of the MK/ULTRA experimentation in the army. He had 100% medical disability from the V.A. [Veterans Administration]. He had V.A. records so sensitive that the computers sent out a warning beep whenever anybody tried to access the file. His brother was also on 100 disability from the V.A. And when Perutto, his lawyer, tried to introduce any of that, it was quashed by the judge.

These so-called mass murderers not only don't commit all the murders (it's easy for the government to commit a lot of murders and then blame them all on one person), but the murders that they *do* commit are under the influence, not of some purported mental disease, but of *programming* of the mind, and distortion by the government itself.

The print and other media in this country, especially since the period of the Depression, have been in the hands of fewer and fewer people. All you need, really, is the assignment editor and the final copy editor in your pocket. And then you can have as many honest reporters as you want, as long as you've got 2 or 3 CIA reporters and intelligence reporters to cover the right story. And to make sure that nobody else slips into the wrong one.

The wire services are certainly easy enough to control. And now the ownership, which had been secretly held, through interlocking directorates, by the Rockefeller family, for all four major television networks since the 1940s, has passed openly into the hands of General Electric(remember, "what's good for GE is good for the country") for NBC, and to Capital Cities, Bill Casey's stock investment company, ABC is under their auspices. So now we're going to be *open* about the fact that we live in a
corporate world.

The future envisioned by the people that are paying hundreds of millions of dollars of money (NASA and Navy Intelligence) was outlined by Dr. Jose Delgado. A Fascist from Spain, an expert in brain implantation on animals and humans, Delgado suggested to the Congress in 1972 that we could have a society of electronic remote control of workers and laborers in the field, and soldiers out on the front lines. A society run from behind by a group of technocrats at the top, with almost all of us implanted {3} with 
electronic devices to control our brains and human responses. And he told Congress that he didn't see why anyone would feel adverse to having an implant that would make them both happy and productive. He said: "After all, they take their Swine Flu shots, don't they?"

I didn't.

Disinformation is an art developed by us and now blamed on the KGB. To give you just one example of how it works, it distorts history so much from the beginning, that the common left-wing response to the propaganda merely maintains the lie.

KAL 007, for instance, was *not* blown out of the sky by the Russians. Was *not* within 300 nautical *miles* of the stealth plane that actually invaded Soviet air space and escaped that air space because it deflected the radar information to the missile fired by the Soviet pilot. KAL 007 was blown up over the Kurile trench by the U.S. Intelligence agencies simultaneous with 
hearing the Soviet pilot say, "The target is destroyed."

Not only are we not privy to that information, but the KGB and the Soviet Union are blamed for shooting it down. According to the *New York Times*, in those days there was no excuse, under any circumstances at any time, for a sophisticated and developed nation to shoot down a civilian airliner.

Now, we've suddenly changed all that to a situation where there's "nothing else the pilot could do. After all, it was 9 miles away." And it was "ascending," or "descending," or doing something... And so, "we had to knock it out of the sky." [CN -- Here Judge is referring to a different incident, where a U.S. Navy Missile Cruiser shot down a civilian Iranian airliner over the Persian Gulf.]

But if our only criticism rests on the idea that the Soviets blew up the plane, then we can only counter with the fact that we shouldn't have done the same. If we get to [the] *bottom* of history, we're in a different situation.

I used to wear a button that said, "Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when we really need him?" You see, I wanted him to testify... because he could tell the truth to the American public. He was innocent of the crime. He didn't fire a gun that day. But whenever I'd wear it, people thought I wanted to kill the 
President. If I'd wanted to say that, I would have had to wear a button that said, "Where's Jack Ruby when we really need him?" He took the guns up the back of the grassy knoll. But if I wore that button, they'd think I wanted to kill Sirhan Sirhan. So you see, once you distort it, there's almost no way back unless you get to the core of the information and revise it toward truth.

One of the most interesting articles in the last year was in the Boston Globe, outlining five stories supposedly planted in the international press for distribution by KGB disinformation agents. Those stories included the exact research conclusions of Dave Emory, Mae Brussell and myself, and other key researchers in this country. These "KGB disinformation stories": that Jonestown was a CIA mass murder, that the AIDS disease is a chemical/biological warfare weapon, that the deaths in Cameroon resulted from a test of the neutron bomb... were stories that almost no one except the independent American researchers were putting out. So, if anything, the Soviets are *our* dupes. But I doubt it. I suggest that probably the Soviets didn't plant the "disinformation" but that *that* *article* [i.e. in the *Boston Globe*] was the real disinformation.


Western Goals Foundation

See Nelson Bunker Hunt, Larry MacDonald and The John Birch Society and others for links back
to the JFK conundrum... and Roberto d'Aubisson who probably hired Ray S Cline to kill Archbishop Romero
using Robert Emmett Johnson formerly of Interpen.

Also Maj Gen John K. Singlaub, Rev. Gerald L K Smith from The Nazi Silver Shirts and the Giesbrecht Incident etc.

And look at all of Wickliffe Draper's customers and supporters... from the Pioneer Fund and The Draper Corp the worlds
largest maker of automated loom equipment and machinery...

Roger Milliken/Deering-Milliken Corp, and the Chance, Grede, and Ada Hearne foundations. Corporate funders include 
Springdale and Cherokee Mills, Deering-Milliken Research Corporation, Knott's Berry Farm, and the Henry Regnery Company

Payback is a witch...


The Western Goals Foundation was a private domestic intelligence agency which was founded by former Congressman Larry McDonald in 1979. (8) Prior to its dissolution, it was a nonmembership, nonpartisan organization which conducted educational outreach in addition to its intelligence activities. According to Western Goals, the group's objective was to "rebuild and strengthen the political, economic, and social structure of the U.S. and Western Civilization so as to make any merger with the totalitarian world impossible."(11) As part of this effort, the group was formed in order to "fill the critical gap caused by the crippling of the FBI, the disabling of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC) and the destruction of crucial government files."(8)

Though it has been said that Western Goals maintained its own extensive file systems on the leftwing, apparently that is not the case. Chip Berlet, of Political Research Associates and a long-time researcher of the U.S. extreme Right, says that Western Goals never had its own files. Instead it networked among other organizations and people who did maintain such files. Its own records did not contain dossiers on the Left; they simply indicated who to contact or where to look to get such information. (29)

Some observers--placing Western Goals in the context of a worldwide network of rightwing groups--have seen the group as performing a valuable intelligence function for other private organizations. Reporters Jon Lee Anderson and Scott Anderson, for instance, have said that groups like Western Goals allow "the ultra-right [to keep] tabs on its `subversive' domestic opposition..."(10) In Western Goals' case, this service was apparently not performed only for like-minded private groups. Elton Manzione quotes an East Coast police intelligence source as saying that Western Goals had a reputation of acting as a "clearinghouse" for some police departments whose intelligencecollecting functions were restricted by laws such as the Freedom of Information Act. Manzione noted that both the CIA and National Security Agency have received information from John Rees' Information Digest (see below). (8) McDonald headed Western Goals until he was killed in the Soviet downing of the Korean airliner, KAL-007, in 1983. After McDonald's death, Roy Cohn temporarily assumed the leadership of the organization. Cohn was best known as the legal counsel to the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy during the anticommunist Senate investigations of the 1950s. (8) He was succeeded by Linda Guell. (8,29) At the request of Barbara Newington, an important funder of rightwing causes, Carl "Spitz" Channell took over management and control of Western Goals in mid-1986. Channell was later identified as an important private player in the illegal contra-supply network coordinated by former National Security Council aide Oliver North. (27,28)

By the time Channell took over the group, Western Goals was already in its death throes. Within two months of McDonald's death, the organization had undergone an enormous internal split as a result of a power struggle between Guell and John Rees. Rees--who had written most of Western Goals publications--left the group. He had also conducted any political spying on the Left in which the organization was involved. Therefore, upon his departure, the group's intelligence-collection efforts ceased. (29) 

Guell could not get Western Goals back on its feet, and it was just a shell of an organization by the middle of 1986. Channell apparently agreed to take over Western Goals in order to make use of its 501 ©(3) nonprofit status in his contrasupport activities. The Iran-Contra scandal broke open shortly thereafter, though, and Western Goals apparently did not become a very important player in that network. Now the organization is closed down and its offices locked up for back rent. (29) 

McDonald formed a foundation branch in West Germany in 1981. The organization, called the American-European Strategy Research Institute, was set up with a $131,982 injection from the U.S. office. That figure represented more than a third of Western Goals' operating budget at the time. (8)

Funding: According to one source, the organization's funding grew from $16,000 in 1979 to $421,000 in 1980. (8) Other sources do not indicate such rapid growth, however. Investigative reporters Scott Anderson and Jon Lee Anderson say that Western Goal's budget increased over 500 percent from 1980 to 1981. (10) The organization said that 29 percent of its funding for those years came from foundations; another 14 percent came from corporations. Anderson and Anderson cite figures saying that by 1983, the group's operating budget equalled nearly a halfmillion dollars. (10) Contributors have included: Taylor Caldwell, Mrs. Walter Brennan, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Roger Milliken/Deering-Milliken Corp, and the Chance, Grede, and Ada Hearne foundations. (8) Corporate funders include Springdale and Cherokee Mills, Deering-Milliken Research Corporation, Knott's Berry Farm, and the Henry Regnery Company. (8) (Note: In an interview shortly before he died, McDonald acknowledged that Nelson Bunker Hunt had been one of Western Goals' "major contributors." He refused to confirm or deny other contributors, however. He did say that ten contributors gave $20,000 or more per year. )(8)

Activities: According to the organization itself, Western Goals attempted to coordinate the activities of conservative leaders in the United States and internationally. To do this, it conducted national and international cooperative leadership seminars. It also conducted seminars and other educational programs aimed at political, military, economic, and social leaders. In addition, Western Goals sponsored a syndicated radio program--carried on more than 70 U.S. stations--and aired documentaries. Its publications included a quarterly newsletter called the Report and a periodic Reports in Brief. The group has also published books, including Ally Betrayed: Nicaragua, The War Called Peace, and Red Tide Rising in the Carolinas. (10,11) One of its publications, D'Aubuisson on Democracy, boosted Roberto D'Aubuisson, a leader of El Salvador's ARENA party who was identified as an important figure in that country's death squads. (10) In Broken Seals, the group's first book, Western Goals contended that such groups as the Campaign for Political Rights, National Lawyers Guild, American Friends Service Committee, and the Center for National Security Studies were part of a Moscow-backed effort "to destroy the foreign and domestic intelligence capabilities of the United States."(25)

In addition to these educational activities, Western Goals was said to have collected intelligence on individuals and groups it deemed "subversive."(8,10) The organization's computerized files were thought to have contained information on public officials, activists, labor leaders, and entertainers. (8) Western Goals itself said they contained "thousands of documents relating to the internal security of our country and the protection of government and institutions from Communistcontrolled penetration and subversion."(8,10) While he was still in Congress, McDonald kept official files in his office, described by one staff member as "HUAC in exile." Those files-which had been ordered destroyed under Privacy Act provisions-were supposedly transferred by McDonald to Western Goals. (8) As noted above, however, Western Goals apparently did not maintain its own file system on the Left but acted as a networking connection between private spy file "dumps."(29)

In addition to these congressional intelligence records, Western Goals reportedly received police intelligence files from Jay Paul, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Western Goals was said to have received computer tapes from Paul, including one which listed some 5000 to 6000 groups and individuals. (8,10) In California, some 51 plaintiffs brought suit against Western Goals, alleging that the files which the group supposedly maintained had been obtained in violation of their right to privacy. (30) A grand jury investigating the case ordered Linda Guell to turn over the records which Western Goals had reportedly received from Paul. Western Goals appealed the order, but eventually turned over the files after negotiating immunity from prosecution. (10) Nonetheless, both John Rees and Jay Paul have said that many files from the LAPD which were supposed to have been destroyed ended up at Western Goals. (8) In addition to the files which Western Goals received from the LAPD's Public Disorder Intelligence Division, reporter David Lindorff (The Nation, May 5, 1984) refers to courtroom testimony that suggests Western Goals also got information from corporations like Exxon and Security Pacific Bank. (10) In its heyday, Western Goals would share its information for a fee of $150. Requesters were told to submit that fee, plus the social security numbers on the targeted individuals. In exchange, they could receive dossiers on any four individuals. (8)

The Nicaraguan contras also benefited from Western Goals. 

The group advertised in the Washington Times and the newsletter of the Council for Inter-American Security to raise money for contra support. It also sent humanitarian aid such as clothing and medicines directly to the contras. (9,23,24)

A Spring l984 Western Goals report had a cover story which praised Salvadoran rightist Roberto D'Aubuisson. (6) Also in l984, the Western Goals Endowment Fund and several other rightwing groups co-sponsored a dinner to honor D'Aubuisson. They presented him with a plaque thanking him for his "continuing efforts for freedom in the face of communist aggression which is an inspiration to freedom-loving people everywhere."(7)

Government Connections: A diagram on a letter found in Oliver North's safe linked Linda Guell's name to North's intermediary with the contras, Robert Owen. The word "money" was written over Guell's name (for more, see Private Connections). (3,20)

Thomas Moorer was on the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Richard Nixon. (8) Louise Rees is a former member of the House Internal Security Committee. She was also a member of Larry McDonald's staff in the House of Representatives. (8) John Rees published Information Digest through the New York corporation, National Goals, Inc. According to a 1976 investigation by the New York Assembly's Office of Legislative Oversight, Information Digest was supplying information to the FBI, CIA, and the National Security Agency. (8) Taylor Caldwell served from 1924 to 1931 as Secretary of the Board of Special Inquiry of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. This board was responsible for attempting to deport suspected communists. (8) Dan Smoot is a former agent with the FBI. (8) Lt. Gen. Daniel Graham has written pamphlets for Western Goals. Graham is former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. (8) Sherman Unkefer served as an adviser to Chile's regime under Augusto Pinochet. Unkefer reportedly worked closely with Chile's secret police organization, DINA. (8) Dr. Hans Sennholz was a decorated pilot in the Luftwaffe, Adolf Hitler's elite air corps. (8)

The following is a brief summary of John Singlaub's military and intelligence activities. Singlaub was an officer in the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. He became CIA deputy chief in South Korea during the Korean War and served for two years in Vietnam during the 1960s. At that time, he was commander of the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force, known as MACSOG. In that role, he was one of the commanders of Operation Phoenix, although he denies having had a part in that program's infamous assassination and counterterror aspects. In 1978, as chief of staff of the United Nations Command in South Korea, he publicly condemned the decision of President Jimmy Carter to reduce the number of U.S. troops in the country. He was then forced to retire. (8,9,10) In 1984, Singlaub headed a Pentagon panel called to make recommendations on conducting military activities in Central America. The panel's report urged the U.S. to emphasize nonconventional, counterinsurgency warfare strategies. (9,10) Under the Reagan administration, Singlaub received assistance and guidance from White House and National Security Council (NSC) officials for his "private" contra-supply activities. He identified former NSC aide Oliver North as his liaison to the White House. (10,18)

Private Connections: The German affiliate is Western Goals Europe E. V. (5) This German branch is also known as the AmericanEuropean Strategy Institute. It acknowledges working with Reinhard Gehlen, a former Nazi who has been honored by the elite lay Catholic organization, the Knights of Malta (SMOM). (8) SMOM gave its highest award of honor, the Gran Croci Al Merito Conplacca, to Gehlen in l948. Gehlen, who was not a Catholic, was awarded the honor because of his efforts in the "crusade against godless Communism." Gehlen headed Adolf Hitler's spy operations against the Soviet Union during World War II. After the war, he and his spy apparatus--staffed mostly by former Nazis--were recruited by the CIA. He became the first director of the BND, West Germany's intelligence agency. (19,26)

According to investigative reporter Elton Manzione, J. Peter Grace was instrumental in getting John Rees into Western Goals. Grace is chairman of the Knights of Malta in the United States. (19) Grace, head of the W. R. Grace Co. , has (or had) Western Goals funder Roger Milliken on his board of directors. (8)

A diagram found in Oliver North's safe showed Linda Guell's name written above the words "Western Goals." The note on the diagram said that Guell worked with CAUSA (a political arm of the Unification Church) and its head, Bo Hi Pak, and made trips to Germany and South Korea. The word "money" was written over Guell's name, with an arrow pointing to Rob Owen, North's courier to the contras. Arrows were also drawn from Owen's name to Guell's and from Andy Messing--a private contra supporter and head of the National Defense Council Foundation--to Western Goals. The diagram was drawn at the bottom of a letter from Fawn Hall to "Phil [Mabry] and Randy," dated April 18, 1985. (4,20) Guell is now working with John Singlaub at the Singlaub Freedom Foundation. (29)

Larry McDonald, John Rees, and Sherman Unkefer were members of the John Birch Society. (8) Besides supplying intelligence to government agencies, John Rees provided information to the Wackenhut Agency, a private security company. (8) John Rees also worked with the Church League of America, another private intelligence collection group. (25)

During the 1950s, Dan Smoot worked for Facts Forum, a political operation of oil magnate H. L. Hunt. He left Facts Forum in 1955 to set up his own Dan Smoot Report. In that capacity, he worked with rightwing figures such as Merwin K. Hart, Gerald L. K. Smith, and Bryant Bowles. (8)

Helen White, a one-time member of the advisory board of Western Goals and M. Stanton Evans, a radio broadcaster for the group, were members of the Angola "country committee" set up by the Council for the Defense of Freedom in the early 1980s. (10) 

Carl Channell has founded and headed a number of private politically oriented organizations. These include the American Conservative Trust, American Conservative Trust State Election Fund, National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty (NEPL), Sentinel, Anti-Terrorism American Committee, Channell Corporation, American Conservative Foundation, Grow Washington, and Hill Potomac. (28,31) From 1976 to 1982, he worked for the National Conservative Political Action Committee. (31) He helped organize a pro-contra fundraising dinner sponsored by the Nicaraguan Refugee Fund in 1985. (27,31) NEPL became an important fundraising link in the contra-supply network supervised by Oliver North during the period of Boland Amendment restrictions on U.S. contra support. As part of these efforts, NEPL raised funds used to purchase arms for the contras. (27,31)

Lt. Gen. Graham (see Govt Connections) is director of the defense lobby High Frontier. (9,14) He is also a member of the World Anti-Communist League--an organization which until recently was headed by John Singlaub. Graham is a former member of the advisory board of CAUSA USA, the political arm of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. (9,10,12,13)

As of 1983, Edward Teller was a member of the board of directors of the Committee on the Present Danger, an anticommunist organization which advocated strict containment policies vis-a-vis the Soviet Union. Other prominent members of the committee included Ronald Reagan, Jeane Kirkpatrick, and a number of individuals chosen for Reagan's arms control negotiating teams. Altogether some 50 members of the Committee were appointed to positions in the Reagan administration during his first term. (21)

John Singlaub, Daniel Graham, and Mildred Jefferson, are members of the national policy board of the American Freedom Coalition, a political organization with extensive ties to the Unification Church. (14,15,16,17) Singlaub, Graham, and Jefferson are/were members of the board of governors of the Council for National Policy (CNP), a secretive policy-oriented umbrella organization for the rightwing in the United States. Other

Western Goals members who are/were on the Council's board of governors include: Sherman Unkefer, Hans Sennholz, and Robert Stoddard. The group's financial backer Nelson Bunker Hunt is on CNP's board too, as was Larry McDonald. (22)

Connections of Funders: The Chance Foundation was set up by F. Gano Chance, a member of the John Birch Society Executive Council. Both the Grede and Ada Hearne foundations were created by members of the Birch Society as well. (8) Roger Milliken, an industrialist and union-buster, is also a member of the Birch Society. (8)

Misc: When Thomas Moorer was on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he had Naval Intelligence agents tap Henry Kissinger's phone and remove documents from Nixon's desk. (8) John and Louise Rees infiltrated the Washington DC left community during the early 1970s. They were known by the names John Seeley and Sheila O'Conner. Between the two, they joined the National Lawyer's Guild, the Institute for Policy Studies, and Vietnam Veterans Against the War. They formed a group called the "Red House," with rent for the organization paid by the Washington DC police. (8) Edward Teller created the H-bomb. (8) Sidney Korshak and Ruby Kolod, both reputed figures in organized crime, provided funds to Larry McDonald's political campaign. (8) McDonald once referred to Martin Luther King, Jr. as a man "wedded to violence."(10) Because the plane McDonald was flying on was shot down by a Soviet fighter, his supporters have described him as "the first victim of World War Three."(10)

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The Assassination of JFK Jr.

When John F. Kennedy, Jr. died in the crash of a private plane in July of 1999, media pundits ruminated at length about the recklessness of the Kennedys and "the Kennedy curse". This program explores the striking contradictions between the official version of JFK, Jr.'s death and the facts concerning his demise. The available data suggest that JFK, Jr. may have been the victim of foul play.

The program consists of an interview with veteran journalist John Bryan, who worked for the San Francisco Examiner (among other papers). John's experience with the Examiner led him to begin questioning the official version of the story. Familiar with the Examiner's weekend publishing practices, John became convinced that the Examiner (for whatever reason) was deliberately withholding the story. (Kennedy's plane crashed on a Friday evening.) Sensing a possible cover-up, Bryan religiously combed the print and electronic media for the truth about the deaths of Kennedy, his wife and sister-in-law.

Beginning with discussion of Kyle Brady (a veteran pilot who flew from the same airport Kennedy departed from), Bryan relates Brady's observation that JFK, Jr.'s preflight actions indicated that Kennedy seemed to feel that something was wrong with the plane.

Next, Bryan discusses the reality of the conditions around Martha's Vineyard at the time of Kennedy's disappearance. Contrary to news reports at the time, the weather was clear and the visibility was from between two and five miles. Kennedy was about four minutes from the airport, was within visual contact radius of the island and had radioed the airport to get permission to land. He did not broadcast a "Mayday" distress call. Eyewitnesses reported Kennedy's plane approaching the airport at an altitude of less than 100 feet. (This contrasts markedly with the "radar track" which was leaked to the media, showing Kennedy's plane beginning its "graveyard spiral" at an altitude of 1800 ft. It is extraordinarily unlikely that Kennedy would have been at that altitude when coming in for a landing. Contrary to press reports at the time of Kennedy's death, he was an excellent pilot with over 300 hours of flying time. Some reports erroneously said he had as little as 35 hours.)

Mr. Bryan also reports eyewitness reports of seeing a "flash" or explosion over the water when Kennedy's plane disappeared. Most importantly, John recounts numerous observations by media political pundits that Kennedy was going to be offered either the Presidential or, more likely, the Vice-Presidential nomination, in an attempt to assure victory for the Democrats in the election of 2000. His death eliminated that possibility. 

In addition, Mr. Bryan discusses the extraordinary secrecy that surrounded the retrieval and disposal of the plane's wreckage and the bodies of the deceased. 

Reporters were not allowed to view the wreckage or the autopsy. 
No autopsy photographs were taken, in direct contravention of Massachusetts law. The bodies were cremated within 10 hours of discovery and buried at sea. 

John points out that the Kennedys are Catholic and Catholics traditionally bury their dead.

Cremation was completely forbidden by the Catholic Church until 1963, and since then only under certain extraordinary circumstances. 

Scattering ashes at sea is strictly forbidden. 

Bryan questions this extraordinary secrecy and departure from accepted procedure and points out that the tail section of the plane appears to have disappeared.

The discussion features several observations by Mr. Emory, including the fact that the Kennedy assassination was back on the political front burner after Boris Yeltsin publicly gave President Clinton the KGB files on Oswald (which demonstrated that they felt Oswald was probably an American agent). 

Mr. Emory also points out that the Kennedy assassination was part of a lawsuit that was proceeding through the courts in 1999.

The program concludes with a reading of the obituary of Anthony Stanislaus Radziwill, JFK, Jr.'s best friend. (They were best men at each others weddings.) Radziwill died of cancer about three weeks after the death of Kennedy. (The intelligence community has been able to assassinate people via cancer for decades.) 

A broadcast journalist, Radziwill had covered the O.J. Simpson case and had received a Peabody award for his work on the emergence of "neo"-Nazism in America. (There are numerous evidentiary tributaries between the O.J. Simpson case and the intelligence community, including the Kennedy assassination. The killing of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson appears to have been the work of Nazi elements.

"John Hankey is a long-time investigator who has focused much of his attention on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and produced a documentary setting forth his views on that event: JFK II: The Bush Connection.

Hankey has also turned his attention to the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr. in a plane crash off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts on Friday, July 16, 1999. Hankey has produced a 104-minute DVD documentary entitled The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr. 

According to the widely accepted explanation, Kennedy was a reckless pilot whose died because of his own carelessness. But Hankey shows that Kennedy was actually a careful pilot who was most likely the victim of foul play. Persons who are interested in the death of John Kennedy, Jr should watch Hankey's documentary, the basic outline of which I shall summarize here. 

Hankey takes as his point of departure two overlooked pieces of evidence in the official report that the National Transportation Safety Board published one year after the crash. 

First, the radar data describing the path of Kennedy's plane showed that just as Kennedy was making his final approach to the Martha's Vineyard Airport, his plane, in the absence of any explosion or engine malfunction, suddenly plunged headfirst into the ocean, falling 2500 feet in 45 seconds. 

Secondly, the fuel selector valve on Kennedy's plane was found to have been turned to the off position. 

The bizarreness of Kennedy's sudden dive into the ocean is obvious, but the equally bizarre fact that the fuel selector valve had been turned off requires an explanation that the official NTSB report did not provide. 

The fuel selector valve has two functions, one a pilot uses frequently and the other infrequently. 

The first and frequently used function is to tell the engine from which fuel tank to draw its fuel. Kennedy's airplane contained two 51-gallon fuel tanks, one in the right wing and the other in the left wing. 

Inasmuch as fuel is heavy, if the engine uses fuel from only one of the two wings, that wing becomes much lighter than the other wing and the airplane as a whole becomes lopsided. 

To avoid this unsafe weight distribution, a pilot sees to it that as his engine burns fuel, each tank still has approximately the same amount of fuel as the other tank. He does this by moving the switch on the fuel selector valve back and forth between the right tank and the left tank during the course of a flight. 

The second and much less frequently used function of the fuel selector valve is to cut off all fuel to the engine from both tanks. 

It is obvious that a pilot would not ordinarily want to do this in the course of a flight, as it would shut down the engine, but he might have to do it if the engine caught fire. 

By turning the fuel selector valve to the off position and cutting off the flow of inflammable fuel to the engine, a pilot could see to it that the fire burned itself out. A fuel selector valve is constructed in such a way as to prevent a pilot's turning it off by mistake. 

Whoever turned the fuel selector valve off on Kennedy's plane knew what he was doing and did so deliberately. 

The fact that Kennedy's airplane inexplicably dove straight into the ocean together with the fact that somebody turned off the fuel selector valve suggests that someone aboard Kennedy's plane committed suicide. 

Whoever he was, he probably first grabbed the controls and forced the airplane into a headfirst dive at 200 mph. He next turned the fuel selector valve off, not to force any engine fire to burn itself out, as indeed there was no fire, but to make it impossible for anyone else on board to correct the situation. 

With all fuel cut off, the engine stopped working. Without a working engine, no one could redirect the aircraft in time to prevent a crash. 

This scenario may seem fantastic until we realize that only about 100 days later and only about 50 miles away from the site of Kennedy's crash, this is precisely what happened aboard Egypt Air Flight 990. 

On October 31, 1999, not long after takeoff from JFK Airport in New York City, Gamil al-Batouti, a member of the Egyptian Air flight crew with no apparent reason to commit suicide, suddenly forced the Egyptian Air Boeing 757 jet into a headfirst dive and then turned off the fuel selector valve. 

The plane crashed helplessly into the ocean, taking over 200 passengers, including many Egyptian military officers, to their deaths."

American investigators of a plane crash that killed 217 people last year are wrapping up their inquiry and may approve their conclusions without public hearings for fear of exacerbating strained relations with Egypt.

According to the New York Times, experts at the National Transportation Safety Board are more convinced than ever that a suicidal pilot caused the crash of EgyptAir 990 after it left New York last October.

But the Egyptian government is pressing the theory that the plane, a Boeing 767, developed a mechanical fault in its tail.

According to the paper, some of the US investigators are frustrated that the inquiry, which the Egyptian government delegated to the US, has not been completed. One said that in investigations of domestic crashes, each party has a "constituency" because each represents the airline, or the plane manufacturer, but, he added, "usually you want to solve it".

The investigators still believe that the words of the plane's 59-year-old co-pilot on the cockpit voice recorder were those of a man saying a farewell prayer. As the aircraft was heading for the Atlantic, 50 miles off Nantucket Island, Gamil al-Batouti said: "Tawakilt ala Allah" or "I put my faith in God". Then the captain, Ahmed al-Habashi, who is thought to have left the cockpit, returned to say "pull up" or "help me".

Egyptians say that the Americans misunderstood the co-pilot's words, a Muslim prayer. "This prayer would never be said in times of crisis," said a spokesman for the Egyptian government. "It's definitely not to be said by someone who is going to commit suicide because suicide is against Islam."

Frank Wisner, the former US ambassador to Cairo, said: "Egypt has one of the lowest suicide rates in the world. They are not a suicidal people. Egyptian expressions are constantly interposed with communications to the almighty."

But investigators say there is more to support suicide as a motive: 

the flight data recorder does not suggest mechanical failure; 
during the plane's dive someone turned off the engines contrary to any emergency routines; 


at the end of the dive the plane's elevators were pointing in opposite directions, as though the pilot and co-pilot were struggling with each other for control.

The NTSB investigators are thought to have informally rejected the Egyptian theory of mechanical failure. Egyptians "don't care about solving it, they want to cover themselves", said one.

The Federal Aviation Authority has not yet decided on a request from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority to examine a suspect tail part. The Egyptians are working with a team of experts who once worked for the FAA and the safety board.

They say that the disaster might have been caused by a fault in the elevator panels mounted on the Boeing's tail and which point the nose up or down. The panels are controlled by six actuators, four of which have been recovered from the sea.

One of these shows signs of malfunction. If another be haved in the same way, the aircraft's nose would have gone down, say the Egyptians.

But the Americans contend that the marks of failure could have been caused by impact with the ocean and that, in any case, the crew could have rescued the plane even if two actuators did fail.

Family and friends of the EgyptAir co-pilot Gameel al-Batouty, who US investigators suspect may have deliberately brought down flight 990 to commit suicide, rallied yesterday to defend his reputation, painting a picture of a pious, wealthy man who loved his family and five children.

Policemen outside the Batouty home in the affluent Cairo district of Heliopolis are turning away scores of reporters seeking information on his background or any evidence of suicidal tendencies.

Omayma Dahi, Batouty's wife, was pictured in local newspapers yesterday, dressed in black and weeping. She vehemently denied that her husband, who was 59, could have been responsible for the October 31 crash, or had wanted to commit suicide.

"I want to meet President Hosni Mubarak and seek his help to restore the dignity of my dead husband and attempts to distort his image," she told Egypt's government-owned daily Al-Messa. "As if it is not enough that my children became orphans and that my house has been destroyed."

Mohammed al-Batouty, one of the co-pilot's three sons and a policeman, said: "It is impossible that my father would carry out such an act [suicide], because this is a crime that contradicts all religious principles he strongly believed in."

Another son, Karim al-Batouty, a student, said his father had made the pilgrimage to Mecca three times. He said he had worked on the Cairo-Los Angeles route for 14 years, flying Boeing 767s for 10 years.

Mohammed said he had last spoken to his father two days before the crash. "He sounded good and hopeful and asked me to wait for him with my brother at the airport. He also told me he had sent a number of things I asked for with a friend who arrived a day earlier. Then, he spoke to my mother and asked her to cook him a duck for dinner the day he was due to arrive because he liked that meal."

He denied press reports that his father was depressed before his last flight to New York. He said a few days before, the family had spent a week at an Egyptian seaside resort.

Batouty was an air force pilot from 1967 to 1973 and took part in two wars with Israel.

He became an instructor at the civil aviation institute, teaching many EgyptAir pilots, and was known with respect as "captain". He never held that rank, however - a fact some found odd given the length of his career. According to EgyptAir, he had more than 12,000 hours of flying time, 5,000 of them on the Boeing 767.

One colleague described Batouty as a "son of the soil" - a phrase suggesting reliability.

Batouty's family said his financial position was "very reasonable", as he had inherited agricultural land from his father and owned two houses.

An EgyptAir official said the monthly salary of a pilot months away from mandatory retirement, such as Batouty, would be $10,000 (£6,400). The average Egyptian graduate earns $100 a month.

Batouty's wife also said that her husband was very attached to his younger daughter Ayah, 10, who suffers from the auto-immune disorder lupus erythematosus. She said her husband took Ayah regularly to the United States for treatment. His other daughter, Sally, is happily married to an engineer, she added.

News agencies quoting US officials who listened to the flight's voice recorder said Batouty's voice was identified as saying in Arabic: "I made my decision now. I put my faith in God's hands." Seconds later the autopilot was disengaged and the plane started a steep dive into the Atlantic.

Other reports said Batouty uttered the shahada - an Islamic declaration of faith in times of danger.

Many Egyptians were dismayed yesterday by what they saw as an assumption of a terrorist link. US officials say investigations on Batouty and his fellow crew turned up no links with militant groups.

EgyptAir announced yesterday that it was changing the number of its New York-Cairo direct flight from 990 to 984, after passenger cancellations.

The Railroading of James Holmes - Is it Possible to Create a Mind Controlled Robot Assassin? from Spike1138 on Vimeo.


Lecture Series #8 - The Destabilization of the Clinton Administration

Analyzing the Clinton administration’s troubles from the standpoint of covert action, Mr. Emory spoke about the Bush faction of the intelligence community’s probable role in precipitating the scandals besetting the President. Noting that Clinton defeated George Bush (former director of the CIA and, according to one school thought, the real “power behind the throne” during the Reagan administrations), Mr. Emory discusses a number of evidentiary tributaries connecting Clinton’s misfortunes with the world of “black-ops.”
In particular, many intelligence-connected elements in the Clinton scandals overlap the Iran-Contra and Iraqgate scandals. Shortly after George Bush was subpoenaed to testify in the trial of Chrisopher Drogoul (the central figure in the BNL/Iraqgate affair), Vince Foster was found dead. (Mr. Emory is skeptical of the “suicide” verdict in Foster’s death, but considers it probable that, if Foster was murdered, the Bush faction was the most probable author of the crime. Foster’s death may have been a signal to Clinton. Mr. Emory believes allegations that Bill Clinton was the author of the deaths of Vince Foster and others of his associates, to be preposterous.)
The last person to see Vince Foster alive was Linda Tripp, who served him lunch. (A blonde, female hair was found on Foster’s body. Right-wing conspiracy theorists have posited that it was Hillary Clinton’s. Few have considered the possibility that it may have belonged to Tripp.) A Bush administration appointee, Tripp (who, with the aid of Lucy Goldberg, precipitated the Lewinsky imbroglio) had a high security clearance, having worked for the Army’s Secret Intelligence Command at Fort Meade and for the Delta Force at Fort Bragg, N.C. (Note that the Delta Force functions in a counter-terrorist capacity. “Counter-terrorism” is the rubric under which the Bush private intelligence networks operated.)
One of the central elements of discussion involves the Bush administration officials’ decisive presence on-site in Waco. Associated with an inter-agency network administered by then Vice-President (and former CIA director) George Bush, these officials were from the Justice Department and FBI. Having chaired the Vice-President’s Task Force on Counter-Terrorism, Bush oversaw and implemented recommendations issueing from the Task Force. In a series of National Security Decision Directives, Bush was given command of what authors John Loftus and Mark Aarons describe as “His (Bush’s) own private spy agency,” and “a White House within the White House.”
Ostensibly created to provide a rapid, prophylactic response to “international terrorism,” these networks became the primary vehicle for the realization of the ill-fated, illegal, and treasonous Iran-Contra and Iraqgate schemes. Far from being “out of the loop,” as he claimed, George Bush was the primary player in both affairs. His “private spy agency” was the most significant element in their administration. Mr. Emory sets forth the participation in the Waco affair of Justice Department officials, who had previously been involved in retarding investigations into criminal operations that were part of the Iran-Contra and BNL (Iraqgate) affairs. Allegedly involved with the Branch Davidian siege was Mark Richard, a long-time Justice Department official whose career has involved overseeing investigations into the intelligence community. Mr. Emory analyzes Richard’s involvement with frustrating the investigation into some of the drug-related, Iran-Contra shennanigans, as well as the BNL affair. (The arming of Iraq and Hussein’s resulting military power were accomplished, in considerable measure, through an illegal covert operation centered on the Atlanta branch of the BNL, a major Italian commercial bank.) Working with Richard in diverting the BNL investigation, was Ed Dennis, who wrote the final report on the Branch Davidian siege and exonerated the Justice Department of any wrongdoing in the affair. Janet Reno concluded an investigation into BNL that,in turn exonerated the Reagan and Bush administrations of criminal wrongdoing in that affair. Conservative New York Times columnist William Safire referred to this as “one hand whitewashing the other.”
The discussion also highlights former FBI official Jack Revell, and other Bureau pesonnel, and their involvment in the Iran-Contra cover-up. Revell was the chief spokesperson for the Branch Davidian operation. Veteran Washington reporter Sarah MacClendon has reported that Justice Department official Richard Scruggs overlaps the Waco and Iraqgate affairs. The possibility that the Waco operation may have been deliberately conducted, in order to discredit and de-stabilize the Clinton administration and to help obfuscate the Iraqgate affair, is not one that should be too readily cast aside.
The lecture briefly examines the martial law contingency plans which, like the Iran-Contra and Iraqgate affairs, had their genesis with the recommendations stemming from the Vice-President’s Task Force. These plans called for the deputization of para-military right-wingers as federal agents, in the event of the declaration of martial law. Mr. Emory notes that the Waco incident has served to help coalesce the militia movement, creating the very para-military formations that could be utilized in a fascist takeover. Another central element of discussion focuses on a possible link between then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the Republican Party, and a right-wing element of the Mossad (the Israeli Secret Service.) Mr. Emory notes that Lewinsky counsel Ginsburg’s stated that Lewinsky’s support for the President was reinforced by Clinton’s support for Israel. The discussion underscores that, after Gingrich traveled to Israel to undermine American support for the peace process and Hillary repeated her support for a Palestinian state, Lewinsky switched counsel, employing lawyers involved with the defense of people in the Iran-Contra affair. Mr. Emory hypothesized that Lewinsky may have been used (perhaps without her knowledge) as a pawn by a right-wing element of the Mossad, as well as the Republicans.
Bolstering Mr. Emory’s working hypothesis about the possible Gingrich/Lewinsky/Mossad link, a 1999 book recounted an allegation that the Mossad (the Israeli intelligence service) had used wiretaps of the Lewinsky/Clinton conversations to blackmail the United States. After allegedly tapping the White House phone, the Mossad allegedly used damaging information concerning the Clinton-Lewinsky affair to deter an alleged counter-intelligence investigation of “MEGA,” an Israeli spy deep inside the White House. This charge was made in Gideon’s Spies, by Gordon Thomas. The book indicates (among other things) that Benjamin Netanyahu, was close to being indicted for incitement in connection with the assassination of his predecessor, Yitzhak Rabin.
Lecture Highlights Include: Bill Clinton’s connections to the Mena, Arkansas operations of Iran-Contra operative Barry Seal (these are seen by some analysts as compromising Clinton, even before he took office); Newt Gingrich’s use of the operating paradigm of the Wehrmacht as his functional political model; Lucy Goldberg’s role as a political spy in the McGovern campaign; Goldberg’s role as Mark Fuhrman’s literary agent; the link between the shooting outside of CIA headquarters and the Iraqgate cover-up; connections between the Afghan covert operation of the 1980’s and Sheik Rakhman (convicted in the World Trade Center Bombing); an evidentiary tributary connecting the World Trade Center bombing and the Oklahoma City bombing; the suspicious deaths of numerous figures associated with Clinton (as with Foster’s death, Mr. Emory feels that, if any or all of these deaths were unnatural, that they were intended to weaken Clinton.) (Delivered in October of 1998.)

Lecture Series #10 - The Electoral Coup of the Year 2000

Prussian military theoretician Karl Von Clausewitz observed that "war is the continuation of politics by other means." By the same token, politics could be seen as "the continuation of war by other means." This lecture analyzes the election of the year 2000 as constituting a coup d'etat and highlights a number of different aspects of the political landscape in 1999 and 2000. The discussion details what was, in effect, a military-style operation. In that context, a number of violent actions (some of them lethal) were conducted in combination with a strategic program of political and psychological warfare. These elements can be understood in the context of a military paradigm and, together, they doomed the Gore campaign.

The talk begins with brief discussion of the destabilization of President Clinton's administration. This destabilization fractured the ranks of the Democratic Party and made it extremely difficult for Gore to politically exploit the economic success of the Clinton years.

The substantive part of the lecture begins with the probable murder of JFK, Jr. and the effect his death may have had on the campaign. The available evidence suggests the distinct possibility that the crash that took his life was not an accident. Contrary to news reports at the time, the weather was clear and the visibility was from between two and five miles. Kennedy was about four minutes from the airport, was within visual contact radius of the island and had radioed the airport to get permission to land. He did not broadcast a "Mayday" distress call. Eyewitnesses reported Kennedy's plane approaching the airport at an altitude of less than 100 feet. (This contrasts markedly with the "radar track" which was leaked to the media, showing Kennedy's plane beginning its "graveyard spiral" at an altitude of 1800 ft. It is extraordinarily unlikely that Kennedy would have been at that altitude when coming in for a landing. Contrary to press reports at the time of Kennedy's death, he was an excellent pilot with over 300 hours of flying time. Some reports erroneously said he had as little as 35 hours.) Eyewitnesses reported seeing a "flash" or explosion over the water when Kennedy's plane disappeared. Most importantly, numerous media political pundits reported that Kennedy was going to be offered either the Presidential or (as is most likely) Vice-Presidential nomination, in an attempt to assure victory for the Democrats in the 2000 election! His death eliminated that possibility.

Mr. Emory also noted that, at the time of the death of JFK, Jr., his father's assassination was once again on the front burner. Boris Yeltsin publicly gave President Clinton the KGB files on Oswald (which demonstrated that they felt Oswald was probably an American agent.) (Tabloids reported, perhaps incorrectly, that JFK, Jr. was interested in investigating his father's murder.)

The lecture highlights the phony "oil shortage" of the late 1970s against the background of the allegedly real "oil shortage" of the year 2000. (The Secret War Against the Jews; pp. 333-335.) In The Secret War Against the Jews, the authors draw on veteran American and British intelligence officers in order to document collusion among elements of George Bush's CIA, the petroleum industry and the government of Saudi Arabia. Together, these elements fabricated an alleged Soviet petroleum shortfall, as well as a phony "decline" in Saudi oil production. Career oil industry professional George Bush gave Jimmy Carter a CIA report that falsely forecast a world-wide oil shortage. (Idem.) The report also ruminated about the possibility that the Soviets might invade the Middle East in order to augment allegedly failing domestic production. The goal of the report was to influence Jimmy Carter to increase oil production and sell weapons to Saudi Arabia in order to "defend against the Soviet menace". (Idem.) Carter and Energy Secretary James Schlesinger instead responded with a program of conservation. This enraged the petroleum interests, which then responded with the phony "gas shortage" of 1979. This gas shortage helped to propel Jimmy Carter from office. (Schlesinger had resigned his post earlier in Carter's administration.)

Former CIA director Bush became Vice-President under Reagan and (according to some sources) became "power behind the throne." Eventually, it became evident that the CIA report was false, and that the Middle East was swimming in oil. Nonetheless, the CIA/Saudi/petroleum industry fraud was successful in conning consumers into accepting dramatically higher gasoline prices. Those rising prices destabilized the Carter administration, and persuaded Congress and the President to authorize a Saudi military buildup. That Saudi build-up tipped the military balance of power in favor of the Arabs. Most importantly, the phony oil shortage set the stage for an unprecedented military build-up during the Reagan administrations. That military build-up tripled the U.S. national debt in eight years.

The talk highlights the manner in which the Reagan-Bush campaign conspired with the Muslim fundamentalist forces in Iran in order to assure Carter's defeat--the "October Surprise" of 1980. Mr. Emory speculates that the rise in petroleum prices in the year 2000 was deliberately contrived to drive up oil prices, aggravate voters, weaken the economy and pave the way for the accession of George W. Bush.

In this very close Presidential race, the small percentage of the vote garnered by Green Party candidate Ralph Nader did, as some critics had warned, prove to have decisive impact. Mr. Emory presents the Nader candidacy as constituting, in effect, one part of a "pincers movement." (This is a military strategy, in which an attacking force simultaneously strikes at both of the enemy's flanks.) The Nader candidacy pinned down the Gore campaign by attacking it from the ideological left, as Bush was attacking the Vice President from the ideological right. By limiting Gore's populist appeal and attacking his environmental record, Nader denied vital strategic ground to the Gore campaign. (More than any other mainstream politician, Gore was identified with environmental causes.) A vote for Nader was indeed a vote for Bush, particularly in Florida. (Nader got more than 90,000 votes in Florida.) Note that the "Green Movement" (although progressive for the most part) has surprising historical links with fascism.

In addition to analyzing the Nader campaign from a strategic perspective, Mr. Emory detailed some aspects of Nader's financial and professional history that have escaped popular attention. In particular, the discussion highlights the hypocritical investment policy that Ralph Nader has executed. ("How Nader Profits While He Preaches" by Jeff McMahon;; 10/27/2000.) Nader owns up to $250,000 worth of shares of Fidelity Magellan Fund, a firm that is heavily invested in many of the corporations that Nader has been most vocal in criticizing. (Idem.) Among those firms that Fidelity invests in are Halliburton Oil, headed by Dick Cheney until shortly after his nomination as Bush's running mate. Fidelity also invests in Occidental Petroleum, a firm that has been criticized by environmentalists.

Al Gore's mother's trust owns a significant block of Occidental stock. Gore's populist credentials have been impugned by Nader Vice-Presidential candidate Winona La Duke because of that stock. (Idem.) The lecture underscores disturbing aspects of Nader's anti-labor activities, and his avoidance of social issues. Multi-millionaire Nader has fiercely resisted attempts at unionization by the underpaid employees of his organizations. ("1.75 Cheers for Ralph" by Doug Henwood; Left Business Observer; 10/1996 [#74].) Mr. Emory sets forth Nader's refusal to permit publication of CIA/corporate collusion in his Multinational Monitor (Idem.)

Another effective element of political and psychological warfare that worked against Gore was the Wen Ho Lee case. A Taiwanese American citizen who had been employed as a nuclear scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lee was falsely charged with espionage in 1999, triggering a Republican-led congressional investigation. That investigation hinted that Lee's alleged espionage on behalf of the People's Republic of China was linked to "Chinese" campaign donations to the Clinton administration. The case garnered much journalistic attention, and cast a pall of suspicion on Asian Americans employed in sensitive national security-related jobs. Most importantly, it figured in the criticism that the Republicans directed toward the Democrats during the 2000 campaign. Al Gore's appearance at the much-ballyhooed Buddhist Temple fundraiser was utilized by the Republicans to race bait the Gore campaign by associating it with "the yellow peril."

In this lecture, Mr. Emory sets forth the details of one of the arms deals that Oliver North's Iran-Contra operatives arranged - a missile sale from the People's Republic of China to the Contras. The American-supplied Contra guerillas were looking for weapons with which to effectively combat the Sandinistas' Soviet-supplied attack helicopters. North arranged for a shipment of SA-7 surface-to-air missiles to be sent to the Contras. The documented sharing of nuclear weapons information with the PRC during the Reagan administration was characteristic of the type of quid pro quo arrangement that Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh found to be commonplace during the course of the Iran-Contra operations. Like other nations that supplied weapons to the Contras for the Reagan Administration, the Chinese expected favors in return for their efforts. Since the alleged theft of nuclear secrets took place during the Reagan and Bush years, they cannot be blamed on Clinton. The "theft" may well have been an outgrowth of the SA-7 deal.

Nonetheless, the Republicans have attempted to pin the blame on the Clinton administration, campaigning on the falsehood that the Democrats compromised American nuclear security in exchange for campaign contributions. Among the most vocal of those pinning the blame for the Lee affair on the Clinton administration was Judge James Parker, a Reagan appointee. (The New York Times; 9/14/2000; p. A1.) The program highlights the fact that Lee and his wife had cooperated with the CIA in connection with his Chinese contacts. (San Jose Mercury News; 8/11/2000; p. 10A.) Mr. Emory also notes that Energy Secretary Bill Richardson was savaged by Judge Parker and the Republicans, and speculates about the possible use of the Lee/PRC contacts as a campaign dirty trick. (The New York Times; 9/14/2000; p. A1.) Richardson at one time was considered a possible Vice Presidential running mate for Al Gore. In addition, the Lee case helped to discredit the Department of Energy and made it difficult for that Department to follow Clinton's directive to help hold down the price of oil. This added to the effectiveness of what Mr. Emory believes was a replay of the oil price gambit of 1979-80.

The discussion then turns to the death of Missourri Governor Mel Carnahan. The New York Times noted that the Democrats had a slim chance to retain control of the Senate. ("Democrats Have Outside Chance to Wrest Senate" by David E. Rosenbaum; New York Times; 10/16/2000; p.1.) One of the races that offered the possibility of a Democratic victory was the crucial race for the Senate seat held by John Ashcroft (R-Missouri.) (Idem.)

The day after that observation was printed, Ashcroft's Democratic opponent, Governor Mel Carnahan, was killed in the crash of a private plane. ("Governor, 2 Others Flying in Bad Weather" by Jim Salter; San Francisco Examiner; 10/17/2000; ppA-1, A-12.) An investigator noted that the wreckage was found in " very small pieces spread over a large area," more characteristic of a bomb explosion than the accidental crash of an aircraft. (Idem.) The crash came too late for the Democrats to nominate an alternative candidate. (Idem.) The lecture underscores contradictions in the official account of the tragedy. The plane was initially reported to have crashed in very bad weather and (possibly) to have been struck by lightning. (Idem.) Subsequent accounts indicate that the weather was not particularly bad for flying and that the pilot had reported gyroscope trouble. ("Doomed Plane Apparently Had Instrument Trouble" by John W. Fountain; New York Times; 10/18/2000; p. A20.)

Analysis of Carnahan's death suggested that his demise would lessen the Democrats' chances of winning control of the Senate and reduce Gore's chances of winning Missouri, a crucial swing state. ("Equation Changed by a Fatal Crash" by James Dao; New York Times; 10/18/2000; pp. A1, A20.) The state Democratic infrastructure also was pessimistic about the outcome for the Senate race. ("Governor Mourned as Public Servant" by Stephanie Simon; San Jose Mercury News; 10/18/2000; p. 15A.) One should not fail to note the superficial similarity to the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Although Ashcroft's widow took his seat when he was posthumously elected, Bush carried Missourri (a key swing state.) The role of Carnahan's death in this campaign should not be discounted. Note, also, that John Ashcroft became Attorney General in the Bush administration and presided over the implementation of many of the draconian, unconstitutional legal revisions instituted by Dubya.

As discussed above, the "oil shortage" of 1979-80 combined with the humiliation of the United States at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists in Iran to assure Jimmy Carter's election defeat. An "oil shortage" and "Middle Eastern terrorism" were front and center during the 2000 campaign, as well. Tensions in the Middle East were heightened by the bomb attack on the destroyer U.S.S. Cole. Al Qaeda and the combatants of Osama bin Laden were behind the attack. ("U.S. Says Yemen Attackers Used Inside Information" by David A. Vise and Vernon Loeb; San Francisco Chronicle; 10/13/2000; p. A6.) The lecture reviews information about the probable role of the Bin Laden family in supplying a portion of the investment capital that was used to establish George W. Bush's first oil company. The possibility that petroleum-related elements of U.S. intelligence and what Mr. Emory calls "the Underground Reich" may have been behind the attack on the Cole should not be too readily cast aside.

The attack was used by the Bush campaign to attack the Democrats. Once again, Mr. Emory underscored the significance of the increase in oil prices for the economy, the stock market and the Gore campaign. Oil price increases have historically led to recessions and a falling Dow Jones Industrial average and, during Presidential election years, this has led to the incumbent being voted out of office. ("Can Al Gore Survive Rising Oil Prices and Falling Stocks?" by Floyd Norris; New York Times; 9/22/2000; p. C1.) Once again, the fact that Dubya's father was the head of the CIA and the presence in the political process of elements intimately involved with the Agency's covert operations establishment is not to be overlooked.

Much of the lecture sets forth information about the role in the 2000 electoral coup played by the CIA-linked, anti-Castro Cuban milieu in Florida. The angry crowd that menaced (and consequently affected) the Miami-Dade election officials was summoned by Radio Mambi, closely connected to the Anti-Castro Cuban community in Miami. ("Miami's Cuban Americans May Get the Last Word" by Peter Dale Scott; Pacific News Service;; 12/4/2000.) The political milieu that generated the furor over Elian Gonzalez is identical to that involved with intimidating the Miami election officials, and has historical links to the Bush faction of the CIA. (Idem.)

Highlighting these connections in more detail, the discussion highlights the role of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) and its founder Jorge Mas Canosa in setting up Radio Mambi. ("Miami-Dade Reversal÷A Cuban terrorist Payback to Bush Family?" by Peter Dale Scott; Pacific News Service;; 12/7/2000.) Mr. Emory relates informed speculation that the CIA (under William Casey) precipitated the founding of CANF in 1981. (Idem.) Two of Mas Canosa's proteges in CANF were the brothers Guillermo and Ignacio Novo, both implicated in the assassination of former Chilean Ambassador Orlando Letelier. (Idem.) The elder George Bush was closely connected to this milieu, and deflected inquiries into the Letelier assassination that led in the direction of the CIA supported coup in Chile. (Idem.)

The broadcast also details the connections of this milieu to Cuban-Americans involved in the Contra support effort in the 1980's. (Idem.) Next, the discussion illuminates the role of a Cuban-American splinter group (Vigilia Mambisa) in the agitation that forced the halting of the recount. (Unpublished update by Professor Scott to "Miami's Cuban Americans May Get the Last Word" by Peter Dale Scott; Pacific News Service;; 12/4/2000; made available to Mr. Emory by a kind listener.)

The talk also sets forth links between Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the CANF milieu, the Contra support effort, and the failure of the Broward Federal Savings & Loan Association. (Unpublished update by Professor Scott to "Miami-Dade Reversal÷A Cuban terrorist Payback to Bush Family?" by Peter Dale Scott; Pacific News Service;; 12/7/2000.)

An "ex" CIA officer (Charles Kane) allegedly participated in a scheme to deliver some of the fraudulent absentee ballots that helped tip Florida to Bush. ("Absentee Ballot Fraud in 5 Florida Counties" by David E. Scheim; Associated Press; 12/7/2000; at The lecture highlighted the deliberate and fraudulent exclusion of African American voters in Florida was discussed. Many of them were labeled as "felons" and consequently prevented from voting.

In addition, it turns out that the head of the political desk at Fox News (who led the media stampede to reassign Florida from Gore to Bush) was Jeb and "W's" cousin John Ellis. ("One More election Embarrassment for the Press: Bush Cousin" by Tom Rosenstiel; The Los Angeles Times; 11/15/2000; p. B9.) Ellis was in close telephone contact with Jeb and "W" on election night, apparently feeding them political intelligence on the election. ("News Executive Called Races, and Bush" by Bill Carter; The New York Times; 11/14/2000; p. A17.) Ellis' call led the media charge to reverse the call of Florida as being won by Gore. This was critical to Bush's success, because it created the impression that Gore was a "sore loser" and facilitated the capitulation of the Democrats. The lecture also points out that Theodore Olson, the new Solicitor General, was one of the lead attorneys for the Bush campaign in Florida. (The Solicitor General is often referred to as "the tenth Supreme Court Justice.")

Olson was heavily involved in the campaign to discredit Bill Clinton, as well. The ascent of Olson and Ashcroft to two of the most important positions in the Department of Justice could be said to complete the electoral coup of the year 2000. The lecture concludes with analysis of the "energy crisis" in California as a deliberately structured destabilization of the California Democratic electoral base. California went heavily for Gore in 2000 and Gray Davis has been discussed as a possible opponent for Bush in 2004. The California "energy crisis" may well be setting the stage for "the electoral coup of the year 2004." (Recorded on 2/24/2001.)

Lecture Series #9 - What Does the "W" in George W. Bush Stand For? 

 With George W. Bush running for President, this lecture sets forth information about the political heritage of Bush and the Bush family. The discussion begins with the elite Skull and Bones society at Yale. Dubya, his father and grandfather belonged to this elite society. Two of George H.W. Bush's fellow "bonesmen (Howard Weaver and Samuel Sloan Walker Jr) both worked with Allen Dulles' "Freedom Fighters" program. (The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People, by John Loftus and Mark Aarons; St. Martin's Press; copyright 1994; ISBN 0-312-11057-X; pp. 592-3.) It should be noted that George H.W. Bush was deeply involved with the "fascist freedom fighters" network.

The program discusses some of the mythology about, and substance of, the Skull and Bones society. (The New York Observer; 3/27/2000; pp. 15-16.) The discussion touches on the occult origins of the group's initiation rituals, some of the influential men who had belonged to the group, the group's on-going contacts with the elder George, and a circular letter instructing "bonesmen" to avoid discussion of the group (presumably because of the candidacy of George W. (Idem.) The discussion then highlights allegations that Prescott Bush (Sr) helped to rob Geronimo's grave, as well as related charges that the Apache warrior's remains were then taken back to the "Tomb" (the insider's nickname for the Skull and Bones headquarters.)

Next, the lecture answers the question posed in the title. The "W" in George Junior's name stands for Walker, the last name of Bush's great grandfather, one of Hitler's most powerful American financial backers.) The lecture highlights the profound involvement of George Herbert Walker and his son-in-law Prescott Bush (Senior) in financing of the German industrial concerns that financed and propelled the Third Reich. (Prescott Bush Sr. is the father of the former President and CIA Director and the grandfather of "W.") The discussion touches on the Hamburg-Amerika line, one of the Bush-connected companies that played a key role in Nazi espionage before, and during, World War II. In addition to helping to fund the operations of the SS, the Hamburg-Amerika line also played a significant role in the Bormann flight capital program. The discussion underscores the strong connections between Walker, Prescott Bush Sr. and Fritz Thyssen, the German steelmaker and one of Hitler's earliest and most prominent financial backers. The Union Banking Corporation was a Bush business that was, in essence, a front for the Thyssen interests.

The genesis of the Walker-Thyssen relationship was in 1924, the year after Thyssen began to develop the long relationship with Martin Bormann, a familial relationship that has spanned the generations. (Mr. Emory speculates that the Bush family may very well be deeply involved with the Bormann group.)

The discussion highlights George Sr.'s involvement with the Nazi emigre milieu that spawned the Republican Ethnic Heritage Organization, literally a Nazi wing of the Republican party. (This milieu had its genesis with the Crusade For Freedom, the centerpiece of Allen Dulles' fascist freedom fighters program, involving Bush's fellow bonesmen Weaver and Sloan Walker. This was an illegal domestic intelligence operation, which entailed the importation of Nazis and fascists into the United States for political purposes. A close political ally of Richard Nixon, George Bush midwived the formal inclusion of the Nazi "ethnics" in the GOP, utilizing his position as chairman of the Republican National Committee. Bush later used this same Nazi emigre network in his 1988 presidential campaign.

Another major focal point of the lecture is the involvement of George H.W. Bush in the assassination of President Kennedy. The lecture documents a number of connections between the milieu of "vice" Presidents George Bush Sr., Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and V.P. candidate Dick Cheney and the assassination of President Kennedy. One of the acquisitions of Halliburton Oil (headed by Dick Cheney) was Dresser industries. (Wall Street Journal, 7/26/2000, p. B4.) The program recapitulates an excerpt from RFA-37, that documents Bush Sr.'s employment with Dresser industries, the firm's connections to the intelligence community and to Prescott Bush Sr. (George Sr.'s father), the firm's connections to the Skull and Bones society, to which both Bushes (and George W.) belong; the probability that Dresser served as a cover for George Sr.'s work for the CIA, and George Sr.'s close connections to Oswald handler and probable Nazi spy George de Mohrenschildt. ("In the Company of Friends", by Anthony L. Kimmery, Covert Action Information Bulletin, Issue #41, Summer 1992.) The lecture highlights the close relationship between Richard Nixon and George Bush, Sr. Nixon appointed Bush Sr. as head of the Republican National Committee during the Watergate scandal, just as he appointed Gerald Ford as Vice-President. Ford then succeeded Nixon, pardoned him, and appointed Bush as director of the CIA. Bush then helped to obstruct the House Select Committee on Assassinations' investigation of the Kennedy assassination. It should be noted that George Sr.'s name crops up in connection with the Kennedy assassination in several different different ways.

The talk details the links of George Bush Senior to the shooting of President Reagan. At the time Reagan was shot, former Director of Central Intelligence Bush was Vice-President.) John Hinckley was a former member of the National Socialist Party of America. (San Francisco Examiner, 3/31/81.) He was expelled for being so violent that his fellow Nazis suspected him of being a government agent. (Idem.) In October of 1980, Hinckley had been arrested at the Nashville (Tennessee) airport as then President Jimmy Carter was due to arrive. (Idem.) At the time, he had a .38 caliber pistol and two .22 caliber handguns in his possession, along with 50 rounds of ammunition. (Idem.) Interestingly, this former resident of Dallas, Texas, had purchased the weapons at Rocky's Pawn Shop, on the very street on which President Kennedy had been assassinated. (Idem.) One wonders to what extent some of these "coincidences" were intended to send a message. The Nazi party to which Hinckley belonged had been founded by George Lincoln Rockwell, whose Arlington (Virginia) name and address were in Lee Harvey Oswald's address book at the time of his (Oswald's) arrest. Hinckley had attended a memorial march to commemorate Rockwell. (San Francisco Chronicle, 4/1/81.)

The lecture sets forth evidence that Hinckley's father, John Hinckley Sr., had been a significant contributor to George Bush's primary campaign (when Bush Sr. was challenging Ronald Reagan for the nomination.) (Idem.) The night after the shooting, John Jr.'s brother, Scott Hinckley, was scheduled to have dinner with Neil Bush (George W.'s brother and, like "Dubya" and George Sr, a petroleum industry professional.) (San Francisco Chronicle, 4/1/81.) Scott was, at the time, an executive with the Hinckley family's independent oil company, Vanderbilt Energy. (San Jose Mercury, 4/1/81, p. 24A, San Francisco Chronicle, 4/1/81.) Hinckley Sr.'s participation in a Christian Evangelical organization called World Vision is of more than passing interest. (San Francisco Examiner, 3/31/81.) World Vision had served as a front for U.S. intelligence in Central America, employing former members of Anastazio Somoza's National Guard to inform on El Salvadorian refugees in Costa Rica. (National Catholic Reporter, 4/23/82.) A number of the refugees were liquidated, after being identified as guerilla sympathizers by World Vision operatives. (Idem.) World Vision had also functioned as a front for U.S. intelligence in Southeast Asia dring the Vietnam War. (Christian Century Magazine, 7/4-7/11/1979.) Hinckley Sr.'s participation in World Vision, the latter's connections to U.S. intelligence, and the closeness of the Bush and Hinckley families should be evaluated in light of the fact that George Sr. had been head of the CIA. Hinckley Jr. was eventually represented by the law firm of Edward Bennett Williams, one of the most powerful law firms in Washington D.C. (San Francisco Examiner, 4/1/81, p. A12.) The Williams firm's previous clients included former CIA director Richard Helms, Robert Vesco (also connected to U.S. intelligence), Jimmy Hoffa and John Connally. With the assistance of the Williams law firm's representation (and a pliant media establishment) Hinckley's documented Nazi connections were magically transformed into "delusions" of this "lone nut." (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/18/82.)

The lecture highlights the phony "oil shortage" of the late 1970's against the background of the allegedly real "oil shortage" of the year 2000. (The Secret War Against the Jews; pp. 333-335.) In this important and extensively-footnoted volume, the authors draw on veteran American and British intelligence officers in order to document collusion among elements of George Bush's CIA, the petroleum industry and the government of Saudi Arabia. Together, these elements fabricated an alleged Soviet petroleum shortfall, as well as a phony "decline" in Saudi oil production. Career oil industry professional George Bush gave Jimmy Carter a CIA report that falsely maintained forecast a world-wide oil shortage. (Idem.) The report also ruminated about the possibility that the Soviets might invade the Middle East in order to augment allegedly failing domestic production. The goal of the report was to influence Jimmy Carter to increase oil production and to mandate weapons sales to Saudi Arabia in order to "defend against the Soviet menace". (Idem.) Carter and Energy Secretary James Schlesinger instead responded with a program of conservation. This enraged the petroleum interests, which then responded with the phony "gas shortage" of 1979. This gas shortage helped to propel Jimmy Carter from office. (Schlesinger had resigned his post earlier in Carter's administration.)

Former CIA director Bush became Vice-President under Reagan and (according to some sources.) became "power behind the throne." Eventually, it became evident that the CIA report was false, and that the Middle East was swimming in oil. Nonetheless, the CIA/Saudi/petroleum industry fraud was successful in conning consumers into accepting dramatically higher gasoline prices, destabilizing the Carter administration, and persuading Congress and the President to authorize a Saudi military buildup. That Saudi build-up tipped the military balance of power in favor of the Arabs. Most importantly, the phony oil shortage set the stage for an unprecedented military build-up during the Reagan administrations. That military build-up tripled the U.S. national debt in eight years.

The talk highlights the manner in which the Reagan-Bush campaign conspired with the Muslim fundamentalist forces in Iran in order to assure Carter's defeat. Mr. Emory speculates that the rise in petroleum prices in the year 2000 was deliberately contrived to drive up oil prices, aggravate voters, weaken the economy and pave the way for the accession of George W. Bush. It was during the phony oil shortage of Ã979-80 that George W's first business venture took shape.

The genesis of his first oil company involved many of the conspiratorial forces that overlapped his father's tenure as CIA director (and, later, as Vice-President.) Bush's Arbusto Energy company was begun, in part, with money from one James R. Bath. Bath's reputed associations run from the Central Intelligence Agency to the failed BCCI. The latter was a financial institution involved in drug-dealing, terrorism and arms trafficking. (It was used by Oliver North for some of his Iran-Contra machinations.) Bath was the Texas business representative for Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden's family and the money he used to help start Arbusto may very well have come, in part, from the Bin Laden family. (Bath appears to have had little or no capital of his own at this time.) Bath told a business associate that he had been personally recruited into the CIA by George H.W. Bush, when he was director of the Agency. Bath also claimed that his involvement with his Saudi clients was undertaken at the specific request of the senior Bush. (Presumably, this would have included his work on behalf of the Bin Laden family.)

Next, the lecture focuses on George H.W. Bush's pivotal role in the Iran-Contra and "Iraqgate" scandals. After discussion of his pardoning of several key participants in the affair, the talk turns to his involvement in the events themselves. (The Los Angeles Times; 8/28/2000; p. A13.) The discussion focuses on Bush and the world of "international terrorism." (The Secret War Against the Jews; pp. 407-409; p. 429.) Having chaired the Vice-President's Task Force on Counter-Terrorism, George H.W. Bush oversaw and implemented recommendations issueing from that Task Force. In a series of National Security Decision Directives, Bush was given command of what authors John Loftus and Mark Aarons describe as "His (Bush's) own private spy agency," and "a White House within the White House." Ostensibly created to provide a rapid, prophylactic response to "international terrorism," these networks became the primary vehicle for the realization of the ill-fated, illegal and treasonous Iran-Contra and Iraqgate schemes.

Far from being "out of the loop," as he claimed, George Bush was the primary player in both affairs. (Idem.) His "private spy agency" was the most significant element in the both the administration and implementation of the operations. (Idem.) The name of George W's brother Neil also surfaced in connection with the S & L scandal. Neil Bush approved many of the bad loans that collapsed Denver's Silverado Savings and Loan. (The Houston Post, 2/4/1990.) (It should be noted that George H.W. Bush chaired the task force that crafted the "reforms" under which the looting of the S & L's took place. It should also be noted that Neil Bush's name also figures in the scenario surrounding the shooting of President Reagan.) Neil Bush's name also surfaced in connection with the Sun-Flo case in Colorado. ("Dealer's Choice: A Colorado Invention Was Supposed to End World Hunger, but Instead Left Investors High and Dry" by Bryan Abas; Westword; 7/13-19/1988.) Bush's name was used to help raise money for a dehydration device designed to preserve produce in Third World areas. (Idem.) It appears that the enterprise was a scam to raise money for cocaine trafficking, possibly in connection with the Contra support effort in Central America. (Idem.)

Neil and W's brother Jeb (currently governor of Florida) also assisted with the prosecution of the Contra War in Nicaragua. Jeb Bush served as his father's liaison to the anti-Castro Cuban community in Florida. ("The Family That Preys Together" by Jack Calhoun; Covert Action Information Bulletin #41; Summer 1992.) The anti-Castro Cubans were deeply involved in the Contra support effort. Jeb Bush also maintined contacts with figures from the Miami underworld milieu. (Idem.)

The discussion outlines forth a Byzantine series of machinations, through which an airplane purchased for smuggling operations by drug smuggler, DEA informant and Iran-Contra lynchpin Barry Seal wound up being Texas Governor George Bush's favorite aircraft. Barry Seal's expertise as a drug pilot par excellence, his aircraft, as well as his bases of operations were tailor-made for the Reagan adminsitration's clandestine wars in Central America, particularly the Contra support effort. Moreover, the winding path followed by "Zero-Eight Foxtrot" from Seal to the Governor's mansion is an excellent vantage point for examining the myriad and overlapping criminal conspiracies that helped to support the Contra war. (The plane's nickname is derived from its registration number.) Following the aircraft's trail, one will come across drug-smuggling, the savings and loan scandal, insurance scams and other "bust-out" operations, the proceeds from which went to finance the Contras.

The talk also details the probable murder of JFK, Jr. and the effect his death may have had on the campaign. The available evidence suggests the distinct possibility that the crash was not an accident. Contrary to news reports at the time, the weather was clear and the visibility was from between two and five miles. Kennedy was about four minutes from the airport, was within visual contact radius of the island and had radioed the airport to get permission to land. He did not broadcast a "Mayday" distress call. Eyewitnesses reported Kennedy's plane aproaching the airport at an altitude of less than 100 feet. (This contrasts markedly with the "radar track" which was leaked to the media, showing Kennedy's plane beginning its "graveyard spiral" at an altitude of 1800 ft. It is extraordinarily unlikely that Kennedy would have been at that altitude when coming in for a landing. Contrary to press reports at the time of Kennedy's death, he was an excellent pilot with over 300 hours of flying time. Some reports erroneously said he had as little as 35 hours.) Eyewitnesses reported seeing a "flash" or explosion over the water when Kennedy's plane disappeared. Most importantly, numerous media political pundits reported that Kennedy was going to be offered either the Presidential or (as is most likely) Vice-Presidential nomination, in an attempt to assure victory for the Democrats in the 2000 election! His death eliminated that possibility. 

(Recorded on 10/14/2000 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.)