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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

The Warriorship of Bill Potts

“Warriorship is a basic sense of unshakeability. 
It’s a sense of immovability and self-existing dignity rather than that you are trying to fight with something else.” 

[Bill's house, Bristol]

You know you're my foster mum?
He's like my foster tutor.

Am I going to have to break every bone in his body?

It's not like that.

You need to keep your eye on Men.

BILL: (sotto)
Men aren't where I keep my eye, actually....

I was a hidden treasure, 
and I wished to be known, 
so I created a creation (mankind), 
then made Myself known to them, 
and they recognised Me.


They'll attack on both sides. I'll take the back, yeah?

Yeah. This is it, I'm afraid.
So, if there's anything we ought to be saying?

I can't think of anything. 
Can you?

(thinks) No.

But, hey er, you know how I'm usually all about women and, 
and kind of people my own age.

Glad you knew that.

(She leaves.)

Without Hope. 
Without Witness. 
Without Reward.
(Alit enters.)
Is that it?
(Alit puts down something covered in a rough cloth.)
I really wouldn't harm you, you know.
I know.
(But she still backs away as Bill steps forward and picks it up, then uncovers it and turns it over. It is a mirror, and her reflection reveals that she is really still Cyber-Bill.)
That is not me.
ALIT: I'm sorry.
CYBER-BILL: I am Bill Potts.
ALIT: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
(She runs away and into the Doctor.)
CYBER-BILL: I am Bill Potts!
DOCTOR: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
(Cyber-Bill puts down the mirror.)
DOCTOR: Hello, Bill Potts.
CYBER-BILL: Doc-tor.
ALIT: I'm sorry. I gave her a mirror.
DOCTOR: Oh no, don't be sorry. You were being kind. Nothing wrong with kind. Jelly baby?
ALIT: Thank you.
DOCTOR: You're welcome.
ALIT: Bye.
DOCTOR: Toodle-oo.
(Alit leaves and closes the barn door behind her. We see Bill as her human self again. The Doctor has a bit of a limp.)
BILL: What was that, in the mirror?
DOCTOR: Er, a Cyberman.
BILL: What's a Cyberman?
DOCTOR: A technologically augmented human being, designed to survive in a hostile environment. Perfectly sound idea. Unfortunately all they want to do is to turn everyone else into Cybermen too. They go viral.
BILL: Why?
DOCTOR: They consider themselves to be an improvement, an upgrade.
BILL: No. Why do I see a Cyberman in the mirror?
(Long pause.)
DOCTOR: What do you remember?
BILL: There's quite a lot, you know? I was down there for ten years.
DOCTOR: And then one day, they took you to the Conversion Theatre. Do you remember that?
BILL: No. Bits of it. You turned up.
DOCTOR: Do you remember what they did to you?
BILL: Nothing. Look at me, I'm fine. I'm fine!
(But as she touches her forehead, she sees a Cyber-hand.)
DOCTOR: You are so strong. You're amazing. Your mind has rebelled against the programming. It's built a wall around itself. A castle made of you, and you are standing on the battlements, saying no. No, not me.
BILL: What are you talking about?
DOCTOR: All that time, living under the Monks, you learned to hang on to yourself.
BILL: But I'm, I'm fine. Look at me!
DOCTOR: Bill, what you see is not you. Your mind is acting like a perception filter. You still see yourself as you used to be.
BILL: Used to be?
DOCTOR: It won't last forever.
BILL: What do you mean, used to be?
(She advances, he retreats. Then she sees her shadow cast on the wall.)
DOCTOR: Bill, I'm sorry, but you can't be angry any more. A temper is a luxury you can no longer
BILL: Why can't I? Why can't I be angry?
DOCTOR: Bill, please!
CYBER-BILL: You left me alone for ten
BILL: Years! Don't tell me I can't be angry!
(Her helmet weapon blasts the barn door to firewood. The children scream.)
REXHILL [OC]: Get back! You all right?
DOCTOR: Because of that. That's why. Because you're a Cyberman.
NARDOLE: Right. Everyone, back to work. Nothing to see here. Somebody broke the barn, no biggie. Come on, defences don't build themselves.
(Bill comes outside.)
DOCTOR: It's okay. They're just frightened.
BILL: People are always going to be afraid of me, aren't they? Aren't they?
(He wipes a tear from her Cyber-face.)
BILL: What is that, engine oil?
DOCTOR: No. It's an actual tear. But it shouldn't be.
MASTER: Doctor. Right, while you've been here chatting up Robo-Mop, me and me have been busy. We've found it. (Razor) Oh, hello, my dear. My God, you were so boring for all those years. But it was worth every day of it, for this.
DOCTOR: Bill, don't let him upset you.
MASTER: Though, didn't you used to be a woman? I'm going to be a woman, fairly soon. Any tips? Or, maybe, I dunno, old bras?
CYBER-BILL: I am not upset.
MASTER: Oh. Well, doesn't that take all the fun out of cruelty. Might as well rile a fridge. Come on, this way.
(But inside, Bill is crying.)
BILL: Why are there so many children in that house?
DOCTOR: Small community, several hundred at most. So they keep the children together for their protection.
(He indicates the Cyber-scarecrows.)
DOCTOR: Those things, they make it up here sometimes. They try to take the children.
(He gasps and leans against a tree. Regeneration energy glows briefly in one hand.)
You all right?
Yes, fine.
(He breaks off a dead branch to use as a walking aid.)
What was that?
They target the children because conversion is easier with a younger donor. 
The brains are fresher, and because the bodies are smaller, there's less to er -
Less to what?
MASTER: Less to throw away.
BILL: You said. I remember, you said you could fix this. That you could get me back. Did you say that?
DOCTOR: I did say that, yes.
BILL: Were you lying?
BILL: Were you right?
DOCTOR: No. Bill.
BILL: We're not going to get out of this one, are we.
DOCTOR: Well, I don't know. There are always possibilities.
(Thank you, Mister Spock.)
BILL: No. I can feel it. In my head, the programming. The Cybermen are taking me over, piece by piece. It's like I'm hanging on in a hurricane, and I can't hang on forever.
DOCTOR: Bill, look, whatever it takes
BILL: No, I want you to know, as my friend, I don't want to live if I can't be me anymore. Do you understand?
BILL: And that's not possible, is it?
DOCTOR: Well, I'll tell you what else isn't possible. A Cyberman crying. Where there's tears, there's hope. Come on.