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Tuesday, 29 January 2019


Grace (gratiaCharis), in general, is a supernatural gift of God to intellectual creatures (men, angels) for their eternal salvation, whether the latter be furthered and attained through salutary acts or a state of holiness.

Supernatural Adoption

"Presents one of the most sublime of mysteriesthe gracious divinization of man, which enables him to partake of the inner life of the Most Blessed Trinity."

The Elder
with no job and no wife.

The Callow Youth
with an Absent Father


The Maid
Who Wants to Do More

The Elder :
Lots of you knew Grace longer than me, 

so I can't stand here and pretend to know everything about her. 
I wasn't her first husband, 
but she said I would do for a second attempt. 
I can only tell you about the Grace I met, 
when I thought I didn't have much time left. 
The... the Grace that showed me life had more to offer, 
And I know if she was here now, she'd tell us not to be so sad. 
You see, I can hear her saying to me, 
'Graham, we had three glorious years, what're you complaining about?' 
I'm complaining because I wanted more
You see, Grace was a better person than I could ever be. 
And I should have gone and... 
Grace should still be here.

 (Latin adoptare, to choose.)

Adoption is the gratuitous taking of a stranger as one's own child and heir. 
According as the adopter is man or God, the adoption is styled human or divine, natural or supernatural. In the present instance there is question only of the divine — that adoption of man by God in virtue of which we become His sons and heirs. 
Is this adoption only a figurative way of speaking? 
Is there substantial authority to vouch for its reality? 
What idea are we to form of its nature and constituents? "

Our Lady: 
What did you mean in your speech, 
you thought you'd run out of time? 

The Elder :

Oh, well, er, I had cancer and er... 

Well, strictly speaking, I'm still in remission, three years gone. 

And Grace was my chemo nurse. 

That's where we met and fell in love. 

So by rights, I shouldn't even be here. 

The Maid :

Have you got family? 

Our Lady

No. Lost them a long time ago. 

The Callow Youth : 

How do you cope with that? 

Our Lady :

I carry them with me. 

What they would've thought and said and done. 
I make them a part of who I am. 

So even though they're gone from The World, 
they're never gone from me.

The Elder : 
That's the sort of thing Grace would have said. 

The Maid :

So everything we saw, 
everything we've lied to people about, 
is this normal for you? 

Our Lady :

I'm just a traveller. 
Sometimes I see things need fixing, I do what I can. 

Except right now, I'm a traveller without a ship. 

I've stayed too long. 
I should get back to finding my TARDIS. 

The Maid : 

Doctor. Can I just say, you really need to get out of those clothes. 

Our Lady : 

Right, yeah. 
It's been a long time since I bought women's clothes. 

[Charity shop]
(Lots of stuff being thrown out from behind the changing room curtain.) 

Our Lady [OC]: 

Not that. Not that, not that. Ah, not that. 
Oh! Yes! Now, that's what I want. 

(She comes out wearing a really weird ensemble of a top with two horizontal stripes across her biggest part, a pair of half-mast flares held up by braces, and a pale grey long coat with hood. Still in the Doc Martens, though.) 

The Maid : 

That's what you're going with?

 Our Lady : 
Yep! Got any cash?
Empty pockets. 

Also, I've been thinking about my TARDIS. 

So you think you guys might be able to help me?

You'll have to learn how to change the hoover bag now. 
And work out where I kept the spares. 
Rubbish collection is every Friday. 
Recycling every other week.

The Elder : 
I know. I know. 
I've got so much to tell you.

The Prophet Sarek :
I must return to Vulcan.
There are evolving details to the plan that must be considered.

Michael :
What evolving details? 

The Prophet Sarek :
I sense you are uneasy.
During my mind-meld with Saru, I learned of your attachment to the Klingon spy and what he did to you.
Such events are clearly troubling.

Michael :
 I'm fine, Sarek.

The Prophet Sarek :
I remain unconvinced.
There is irony here, of course.
The man you fell in love with was a Klingon.
Michael :
He - I don't know what he was.

The Prophet Sarek :
There is also grace.
[ This, coming from you?! ]
For what greater source of peace exists than our ability to love our enemy? 

Michael, Burn 'em :
I've made foolish choices.
Emotional choices.

The Prophet Sarek :
Well, you are human.
As is your mother.
There is no telling what any one of us may do where the heart is concerned.

We are at War.
Logic dictates that each farewell may be our last.

Do not regret loving someone, Michael.

You all right?  


Our Lady : 
Why did you do it?

              I just have to do what I have to do.

Our Lady : 
You don't have to do anything.

Rocky :
No, Adrian, I do.

I have to leave this place too.

Our Lady : 
So where are you going?

They said they would let me train  in Russia.
I just want to go someplace where...
I won't think of nothing except him.

Our Lady :
Give it some time.  
Don't do this.
A lot of people live with hurt.

Rocky :
Adrian, a lot of people don't have the choice
I do.

Our Lady : 
And for that you're willing  to lose everything?

This ain't ‘everything’.
This house and the stuff we have ain't ‘everything’.
There's a lot more than this.

Our Lady : 
Before, there were reasons to fight.  
I could understand...

But I don't understand this.

Even if you win, what have you won?  
Apollo is still gone.
Why can't you change your thinking?  
Everybody else does!

Rocky :
Because I'm a Fighter.
That's the way I'm made.
That's what you married.
We can't change what we are.  

Our Lady : 
Yes, you can.

Rocky :
You can't change anything.
All we can do is just go with what we are.

Our Lady : 
You can't go with What You Are.  
Have you read the papers?
Everybody says it's suicide!
You've seen him.  
You know how strong he is.

You can't win!


Rocky :
Adrian always tells The Truth.

Maybe I can't win.
Maybe the only thing I can do... 
is just take everything he's got.

But to beat me, he'll have to kill me.

And to kill me...
he'll have to have the heart  to stand in front of me.

And to do that...
he has to be willing  to die himself.

I don't know  if he's ready to do that.
I don't know.


Captain, you mind if I say grace?
MAL (which means ‘Bad’) :
Only if you say it out loud.

CROM !!!

I have never prayed to you before. 

I have no tongue for it. 

No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. 

Why we fought, or why we died. 

All that matters is that Two stood against Many. 
That's what's important!