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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


In the United States of America, 1980-1992.
(Accepting first the characterisation of the U.S. as a "normal country".)

Litvinenko's eyebrows and body hair do not appear to have fallen out - 
The clear and obvious implication being, his head has been shaved.

Nor does his wife display the kind of behaviour expected of a bereaved widow of a murdered husband and father, even one perusing an irrational vendetta against Putin.

She isn't even upset.

It's just an act.
A VicSim of 9/11
The VicSims of MH-17

The Effects of DiOxin (Agent Orange) poisoning during The so-called Orange Revolution of 2004.
Never let it be said that NATO Intelligence and the natural heirs of PERMINDEX have no sense of humour.

"In the late 1980s, under Gorbachev, Generals Bobkov and Kondaurov sponsored several bright young “Russian’ entrepreneurs, and arranged for them to work with a group of consultants out of Switzerland know as Riggs-Valmet. [170] 

This was the very same Riggs operation set up by George Bush in 1988 under the watchful eye of his brother and former National Security Council director. The names of these first generation oligarchs were :

Mikhail Khordokovsky
Alexander Konanykhine
Boris Berezovsky (Berezovskii)
Roman Abramovich

Alexander Konanykhine would be responsible for up to half of the campaign financing for an unknown Russian Congressman from the remote regions of Russia known as Boris Yeltsin. Yeltsin would win the election and become President of Russia. 

Under KGB protection, Konanykhine opened a series of banks used for moving Russian money out of Russia, most notably the Russian Exchange Bank, the European Union Bank and his partnership with Mikhail Khordokovsky in the Bank Menatep. 

The European Union Bank was actually a money laundering operation in Antigua run as an internet bank. The computers used to operate the bank were traced to Val Kulkov, an associate of Konanykhine, at Suite 347, 1429 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. The internet address for the bank belonged to a block of Internet addresses owned by a company called Aegis

Thayer Equity Investors, of 1445 Pennsylvania Avenue, which controlled Aegis at the time, is located on the third floor of the same building. Thayer Equity’s address was also used at one time by the Hohlt Group, which now resides at 1433 Pennsylvania Avenue, virtually right down the hallway. 

Interest is taken in these groups, because the men who control them are major financial power brokers of the U.S. Republican Party: Frederick Malek (Thayer Equity ) and Richard Hohlt (the Hohlt Group). Hohlt is a reported associate of Richard Armitage. 

Oligarch Mikhail Khordokovsky would be responsible for setting up the primary financial organization for taking over Russian oil and gas industries, as well as moving money out of the country: Bank Menatep. Over time, Riggs would reduce its control of Bank Menatep from 51% to a public 4%, although total ownership of the institution remains cloaked by offshore privacy allowances. 

Khordokovsky’s dealings would also involve a takeover of the gas industry: Gazprom, and with it AEB, which had been originally controlled by Palmer and Lauder.

Oligarch Roman Abramovich worked with Valmet-Riggs to buy into the Siberian oil giant Sibneft. [171] Abramovich started with an energy trading company called Runicom which was owned totally by Valmet-Riggs. The true beneficial owners of Runicom were never disclosed. [172] 

Abramovich ran his operations out of the offices of one of the Swiss subsidiaries of Bruce Rappaport, the former BCCI and Iran-Contra banker. Their start-up business was trading oil and gas. As part of his trades, he would soon engage and partner with Oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

Oligarch Boris Berezovsky reportedly received his start as a used car dealer, with strong Mafia connections. He too would be reported to have received guidance from Riggs-Valmet, and would become partners with Roman Abramovich. His role appears to have been providing the ‘muscle’ behind various financial takeovers where there was a reluctance to sell.

The four of them would control the Russian oil and gas industry, and be front men for the hidden beneficiaries set up under the guidance of the consultants of Riggs-Valmet. This report speculates that the hidden beneficiaries, if ever found, would ultimately expose the illegal beneficiaries of the Black Eagle Trust, Project Hammer etc., and would be one and the same as the beneficiaries of the $240 billion security clearance in the aftermath of September 11th.

South of Russia, in Kazakhstan, President Nursultan Nazarbayev was working initially with James Giffen to open the oil flow to western economies. Shortly after Giffen established a foothold, Nazarbayev was working with Shaul Eisenberg, Marc Rich, Dick Cheney and George Soros. 

The FBI investigation into James Giffen’s activities that might have violated the U.S. Corrupt Practices act had its records stored on the 23rd Floor office of the FBI in the World Trade Center. The scope of the Giffen trial was limited by the court to activities from 1994 and forward, against the protests of Giffen’s lawyers. 

The lawyers contended they needed the scope of Giffen’s activities opened as far back as 1991, so that Giffen could show he was working under White House directives. Pulitzer prize winner Seymour Hersh reported that there were thousands of illegal oil swaps made during the early years under President Nazarbayev’s – but none of these ever came to light during the Giffen trial. [173] "

"Putin believes that he has a Fifth Column in Moscow...

Err... Am I allowed to call them "Zionists"...?"

- Gordon Duff, Red Ice Radio, 2104

Ukrainian Military Shootdown (?) of Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 - October 4th 2001 from Spike EP on Vimeo.
Toronto comments, December 4 2001 : "Israeli biological and nuclear scientists are being knocked off one by one and this covert war is going unnoticed. A plane carrying scientists to Russia's biological warfare center at Novosibirsk was blown up over the Black Sea and no one questions that the Ukrainian missile that supposedly did the job was a hundred miles out of range. Then a Swissair Corsair crashes killing the head of Ichilov Hospital's Hematology department, as well as directors of the Hebrew University School Of Medicine and the Tel Aviv Public Health Department and not a word of suspicion is raised. After that, one of the country's most prominent nuclear scientists, Baruch Zinger is assassinated and still, no one is putting the pieces together. Your front line against nuclear and biological attacks is being picked off in a covert murder campaign and your government is taking no security precautions to stop the intellectual slaughter. Or if it is, your public is totally unaware of the daily danger to its most educated citizens."

Ukraine admits it shot down Russian airliner
By Ben Aris in Moscow
12:01AM BST 13 Oct 2001

Ukraine finally admitted yesterday that its military shot down a Russian airliner that crashed into the Black Sea last week, killing all 78 passengers and crew.

Evhen Marchuk, the chairman of Ukraine's security council, conceded that the plane had probably been brought down by "an accidental hit from an S-200 rocket fired during exercises".
Russian investigators believe a missile exploded near the plane, spraying it with shrapnel. Russian and Israeli scientists found metal pellets in the victims and in the fuselage.

Vladimir Rushailo, the chairman of Russia's security council, said: "The investigation has found that the disaster resulted from a strike by a warhead from an anti-aircraft missile."

Although both Russia and Ukraine were almost certainly aware of the cause from the start, it took eight days for Ukraine to accept responsibility.

Last year four people were killed when a Ukrainian rocket hit a block of flats.

"Kondaurov and Alexandre Konanykhine would bring a here-to-fore unknown politician and construction foreman named Boris Yeltsin from the hinterlands of Russia to the forefront of Russian politics through generous campaign financing, providing 50% of Yeltsin’s campaign funding. In the meantime, Riggs Bank was quickly solidifying banking relations with a couple more of the old Iran-Contra scandal participants: Swiss bankers Bruce Rappaport, and Alfred Hartmann. 

It is through this group that George Soros was engaged, who then opened a second front assault on the ruble. Rappaport and Hartmann would also extend their operations network to include of the Bank of New York, and from Israel, The Eisenberg Group. 

It is at this stage of the operation that three more groups would be brought into the plan by Rappaport and Hartmann: The Russian Mafiya, the Israeli Mossad, and the Rothschild family interests represented by Jacob Rothschild.

Soros and Rapport would ensure that the Rothschild financial interests would be the silent backers for a number of the undisclosed deals. By example, ten years later when Vladimir Putin sent Khordokovsky to prison for money laundering and tax evasion, Khordokovsky would identify Jacob Rothschild as his major silent partner, and ‘sign over’ his shares in the oil giant Yukos to Rothschild before he went to prison. [155] 

The Rothschild interests would also been seen on the board of directors of Barrick Gold, which may have been used to launder Russian and Philippines treasury gold, and later on the Board of the mercenary operation Diligence whose Russian arm would be a Russian mercenary operation known as Farwest Ltd. [156] Farwest was controlled by Anton Surikov, another ex KGB/CIA agent sponsored by Bobkov and Kondaurov.

Rappaport would also introduce an American gentleman named “Bob Klein” to the Russians and his Bank of New York partners. Klein worked with the operation for several years, and when the Feds began its inquiries into the Bank of New York money-laundering scandal in the late 1990s, no one could prove Bob Klein ever existed, and he simply vanished. [157] 

No one ever thought to suggest that the presence of this “spook” indicated this was an intelligence operation from the very beginning.

"Officials had previously said he tested positive for traces of polonium-210.

However, his friend Paolo Guzzanti told the BBC that doctors had told Mr Scaramella he was going to die.

Mr Scaramella was one of the last people to meet Mr Litvinenko, a Russian former spy, before his death last month, which is being linked to the discovery of polonium-210.

Mr Litvinenko's wife Marina is also said to have been "very slightly contaminated" but is not ill.

The polonium trail:  - Key locations

The trail of radioactive contamination following the murder of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko in November 2006 has taken detectives all over London, as well as to locations in Hamburg and Moscow.

Here are the key sites that have formed the major part of the investigation, where radioactive substances have been found. 

  • University College Hospital: Where Mr Litvinenko died on 23 November - cleared for public use
  • 1 Cavendish Place: Remediation work completed - cleared for public use
  • 25 and 58 Grosvenor Street: 25 - cleared for public use, 58 - cleared for public use
  • Best Western Hotel: Rooms isolated for remediation work - cleared for public use
  • Millennium Hotel: Where Mr Litvinenko met associates shortly before he became ill - cleared after work
  • Pescatori restaurant: Cleared for public use
  • Itsu sushi bar: Where Mr Litvinenko dined - remediation work completed - cleared
  • 7 Down Street: Part of office isolated - cleared for public use
  • Sheraton Park Lane Hotel: One room cleared after remediation work; other awaiting formal clearance
  • Parkes Hotel: Remediation work carried out - cleared for public use
  • Hey Jo/Abracadabra: Contamination found on cushions and seating at this lap-dancing bar - cleared
  • Dar Marrakesh restaurant: Contaminated shisha pipe handle and cushion cover removed - cleared
  • Barnet Hospital: Where Mr Litvinenko was first taken after being taken ill - cleared for public use
  • 140 Osier Crescent: Litvinenko's home - sealed off for contamination survey and subsequently cleared
  • Litvinenko's Mercedes car: High levels of contamination found and reduced to safe levels
  • Emirates Stadium: Arsenal ground visited by ex-KGB man who stayed at Millennium Hotel - cleared
  • Royal London Hospital: Scene of Mr Litvinenko's post-mortem examination - cleared for public use Other locations: 
  • Ashdown Park Hotel, E Sussex: Where an associate is thought to have stayed - cleared for public use
  • Heathrow airport: Traces of radioactive material found on three aircraft; given all-clear in Dec 2006
  • Lambeth - Mercedes taxi: Bag of waste removed and taxi cleaned - declared safe
  • Moscow: Traces on a Finnish plane and at British Embassy - since cleared
  • Hamburg: Flat of the ex-wife of Litvinenko contact Dmitry Kovtun and his mother-in-law's home *Remediation work involves sealing or removing contaminated material, reducing activity to "safe" levels.
    Source: HPA/Westminster City Council/Haringey Council/CAA/BA 
  • --END--

    Published: 2006/12/02 13:18:47 GMT

    Spyfinder Scaramella in spotlight
    Italian Mario Scaramella, 36, has been a significant figure in an Italian espionage probe.

    He has advised the Italian Senate's Guzzanti committee, examining claims by Soviet defector Alexander Mitrokhin about KGB operations in the country.

    As consultant to the committee the former environmentalist came into contact with Mr Litvinenko.

    The pair would exchange information about Soviet-era activities in Italy.

    Mr Litvinenko would also pass on information about what he thought his former spying colleagues were up to nowadays in Western Europe.

    Mr Scaramella headed a body called the Environmental Crime Prevention Programme (ECPP), an organisation which tracked dumped nuclear waste, including Soviet nuclear missiles left over from the Cold War.

    Between 2000 and 2002, Mr Scaramella was secretary general of that body.

    Sensational tales

    In 2003 he made the unusual move from environmentalist to KGB expert for the Guzzanti committee's probe into post-World War II Soviet spying in Italy.

    Many of his claims have been headline grabbing - including one in March 2005 when he said 20 Soviet nuclear warheads had been dumped by a USSR submarine in the Bay of Naples during the Cold War.

    And last year he tipped off Italian police after saying he had been offered a suitcase of nuclear material for sale by a Ukrainian national.

    “ The Scaramella file resembles a story from a spy novel ” 

    BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner
    At the time Mr Scaramella said he was investigating the activities of former KGB officers in the tiny Adriatic coast republic of San Marino.

    He said he had been passed a document saying there were former KGB men in San Marino looking at selling nuclear military material. A garage in Rimini was raided and four men arrested.

    He also said a tip-off from Mr Litvinenko helped prevent a potential attempt on the life of Paolo Guzzanti, a member of Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia party who is heading the probe into the Mitrokhin material.

    The BBC's security expert Frank Gardner said: "The Scaramella file resembles a story from a spy novel.

    "He is a 'self-styled' security expert - a change from being an environmentalist. He has been specialising in investigating the Russian intelligence service in Italy."

    The Italian government has officially denied that Mr Scaramella works for Italy's secret service SISMI.