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Friday, 9 June 2017

The Trve Lawe of free Monarchies: Or, The Reciprock and Mvtvall DvtieBetwixt a free King, and his naturall Subiectes

The Reciprocal and Mutual Duty Betwixt a Free King and His Natural Subjects (original Scots title: The Trve Lawe of free Monarchies: Or, The Reciprock and Mvtvall Dvtie Betwixt a free King, and his naturall Subiectes) is a treatise or essay of political theory by James VI of Scotland (later to be crowned James I of England too).1 

It is believed James VI wrote the tract to set forth his idea of kingship, in contrast to the contractarian views espoused by, among others, George Buchanan (in De Jure Regni apud Scotos, 1579). 

James VI had the work published in 1598. It is considered remarkable for setting out the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings in Scotland, and latterly England, for the first time. 

James saw the Divine Right of Kings as an extension of the apostolic succession.

The state of monarchy is the supremest thing upon earth, for kings are not only God's lieutenants upon earth and sit upon God's throne, but even by God himself they are called gods. There be three principal [comparisons] that illustrate the state of monarchy: one taken out of the word of God, and the two other out of the grounds of policy and philosophy. In the Scriptures kings are called gods, and so their power after a certain relation compared to the Divine power. Kings are also compared to fathers of families; for a king is truly parens patriae [parent of the country], the politic father of his people. And lastly, kings are compared to the head of this microcosm of the body of man.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Boston: This is an obviously fake photo.

This is an obviously fake photo.

It looks nothing like him and was clearly taken in studio on a set.

BOSTON (CBS) – A State Police photographer has released new images of the arrest of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Sgt. Sean Murphy, a tactical photographer with the State Police, gave the photos to Boston Magazine on Thursday. Sgt. Murphy says he was furious with Rolling Stone’s decision to “glamorize” an accused terrorist on its cover, so he wanted to offer up the new photos as an alternative.

In a statement, a State Police spokesman said, “the dissemination to Boston Magazine of photographs of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev and police activity related to his capture was not authorized by the Massachusetts State Police.”

Should the photographer have given the Tsarnaev photos to Boston magazine?

Yes -- the public has the right to see them
No -- he may have jeoparidzed the case against Tsarnaev

Sgt. Murphy has been “relieved of his duty for one day” and is the subject of an internal investigation, according to Dave Procopio of the State Police.

John Wolfson, the editor of Boston Magazine, said Sgt. Murphy has also been ordered not to talk to media or anyone else about the events that took place in Watertown on April 19.

Wolfson says Sgt. Murphy’s gun, badge and computer were taken from him.

The photos taken by Sgt. Murphy show the 19-year-old suspect emerging from a boat in the backyard of a Watertown home. He is bloody, slumping and the red laser dot of an officer’s weapon can be seen on his forehead.

Sgt. Murphy wants the world to know how weak the suspected bomber looked when he was taken into custody.

The photos and more will appear in the September issue of Boston Magazine.

A statement from Sgt. Murphy and more pictures can be viewed here.

Dzhokhar, and his brother Tamerlan, allegedly put two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15. Three people were killed and hundreds were injured when the bombs detonated seconds apart.

Authorities also say the Tsarnaevs killed MIT police officer Sean Collier days after the bombings. Tamerlan died after a gunfight with police officers in Watertown and Dzhokhar was later found hiding in a boat.

Tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty to 30 federal charges including using a weapon of mass destruction to kill.

He could face the death penalty if prosecutors choose to pursue it.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Boston: Tsarnaev Indictment Absurdities

Lets start with the really big ones and work out from there:-

Krystale Marie Campbell 

This is the one (allegedly) confirmed kill at the first, most widely photographed alleged bomb site.

This is her:

This is her Facebook Tribute Page:

And this is allegedly her, dead (or dying).

Any questions before we move on...?

That's not a proper bandage/tourniquet and she has suffered NO visible injuries, not even her hair, and is clearly conscious, as she is hanging on to this alleged race steward's thick neck for dear life, and everyone in the immediate vicinity can barely suppress bursting out in uncontrollable laughter.

She also has absolutely no cause of death - try Googling it.

Oh my God - You Killed Krystale Marie

You Bastards.

Let's go through the full bullshit decontamination protocols and try this again - let's all do it together.

As a group, altogether, take a deep breath: -

from Paul Coker on Vimeo.