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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Kali-Ma - The Divine Feminine Rage

"There is very little difference between the capacity for Mayhem and Destructionintegrateand Strength of Character"

"There is very little difference between the capacity for Mayhem and Destruction, integrated and Strength of Character"

" Sometimes people are bullied because they can’t fight back. This can happen to people who are weaker, physically, than their opponents. This is one of the most common reasons for the bullying experienced by children. Even the toughest of six-year-olds is no match for someone who is nine. A lot of that power differential disappears in adulthood, however, with the rough stabilization and matching of physical size (with the exception of that pertaining to men and women, with the former typically larger and stronger, particularly in the upper body) as well as the increased penalties generally applied in adulthood to those who insist upon continuing with physical intimidation. 

...But just as often, people are bullied because they won't fight back. This happens not infrequently to people who are by temperament compassionate and self-sacrificing—particularly if they are also high in negative emotion, and make a lot of gratifying noises of suffering when someone sadistic confronts them (children who cry more easily, for example, are more frequently bullied).

It also happens to people who have decided, for one reason or another, that all forms of aggression, including even feelings of anger, are morally wrong. I have seen people with a particularly acute sensitivity to petty tyranny and overaggressive competitiveness restrict within themselves all the emotions that might give rise to such things. Often they are people whose fathers who were excessively angry and controlling. 

Psychological forces are never unidimensional in their value, however, and the truly appalling potential of anger and aggression to produce cruelty and mayhem are balanced by the ability of those primordial forces to push back against oppression, speak Truth, and motivate resolute movement forward in times of strife, uncertainty and danger."


When invoking Kali within, we must do so with care for what may emerge upon her calling. 

Unholy structures must fall, beliefs and language which are only self-serving and do not include the collective of compassionate humanity must go. 

She is the housecleaner who dances through the battlefields of life and calls out the false matrixes at play. 

She is the one who would shut down the factories making a fortune off of child-labor or animal cruelty. 

She is the muddied feet dancing over the tables of Congress to bring shame to the unrighteous laws being passed there. 

She is the part of us who both feels that Earth is our home and we must protect her—while at the same time feeling “not from here,” in an off-planet, unattached to the outcome of her actions sort of way. She is the part of us who cares only for the results of her rage…that those things which should no longer stand due to their ignorance do not stand.

I have never felt a more important time in reality for Kali to emerge in all women (at the very least). Right now this earth is a giant home in chaos. Women have been shut down and taught, in so many cultures worldwide, to stand back or keep their opinions to themselves or to follow the lead; this can no longer be the case if we are to evolve as a species. Kali must come forth in all of us. We must not be okay looking away from what is discordant to us all. We must not fear our inner rage and what will come of it if we let it out in alignment with truth and compassion.

In order to call forth Kali within we could use words like this:

“I now choose to invoke the aspect within me which can no longer look away from the ignorance, which can no longer tolerate intolerance, which can no longer watch the atrocities of this reality, against children, against women, against people of color, against animals, against the Earth herself. 

I invoke Kali in me to bring forth the Divine Rage which cuts through the illusions of ignorance, which slices through the illusions of false truths and false safety, to the heart of this reality. 

I call forth my Divine Feminine Mother self, full of fierce loving rage so that I may take back for the Earth what is hers, for the Children what is theirs, and for the beating Human heart what is the Divine Birthright of all humanity. 

I call forth the part of me who fears nothing, who knows that my Divine Consort and Beloved—the Consciousness in me which is Shiva-mind—still pointed, calm, and resolute—is standing ground under me and for me. I now choose to activate the Divine Rage of the Mother of us all—in form—so that I may begin to participate in the great change which must now come at this stage in Human Evolution. 

I choose to allow the incineration of the old, the death of the old ways and the removal of a paradigm of regret and sorrow in order to usher in a great transformation of the Ages…which is the role of the Kali in me. 

And so it is. 

As the Butterfly bursts forth from the Cocoon, so too does Kali—in me—burst the fabric of Creation in order to reveal the next cycle. “

When asked about PTSD, Complex PTSD, Schizophrenia and  Borderline Personality Disorder Teal gives her mind about The Current Mental Health System and how Diagnosing can injure people.  Diagnosing in Mental Health creates negative patterns within ourselves.  

For More views on Teal's perspective of different mental health conditions simply search them in Youtube.

This is an excerpt from the March 4th 2018 Online Synchronization Workshop.  To view the rest of the workshop please visit 

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