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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Screw Greenpeace

This is an attack on Russia.

Who is scrambling? They own it.

Via Ecoterrorism, Left-Cover, Greenmail and Piracy,

This is an attack on Russia.

And Eskimos.

Most whaling is traditional, subsistence, non-scientific and non-commerical and most whales are hunted by Eskimos. Not the Japanese.

Most fur-trapping and the clubbing of baby seals is done by Russians and Eskimos. Not Canadian WASPs.

In strict divergence of their Neo-Rousseavian doctrine of the Noble Savage, Greenpeace proclaims all indigenous tribal cultures to be more civilised than modern urban man, since they are closer to the State of Nature.

Provided of course that the tribes in question live approximately below the 38th Parallel and subsist in symbiosis with buffalo heards, rather than whaling - in which case, their tribal culture must exterminated.

And they ARE called Eskimos, by the way, I watched (and have used footage from) that documentary series The Empire in Colour, with first-hand eyewitness testimony from the 50s, 60s and 70s in Canada about how we killed all the Eskimos and completelt destroyed, decimated and did not value their tribal culture, by giving them booze, sending them rapist priests and telling them that whaling and clubbing baby seals and fur trapping made them evil people.

And they ALL call themselves Eskimos - you don't hear the word "Inuit" one time....

On the other hand, maybe we actually DID kill all the Eskimos and now the Inuit are the only ones left.......

Notice : in this staged Greenpeace photo of a White Person clubbing a seal, the seal is not a baby, not covered in lovely soft fur, and 

Anyway - so, you like bears, nyet?

Товарищ волк знает, кого кушать. Кушает, и никого не слушает, и слушать, судя по всему, не собирается.

Translation: Comrade wolf knows who to eat. He eats without listening to anybody and it seems he is not ever going to listen.

Comrade Bear knows who to eat.

Comrade Yeti turns his back on you
(Very disappointed...)

The Crimean Yeti
(Also Russian)

The Goodge Street Yeti
(Possible Ties to Scientology)