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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nigeria: Gold + Oil + The Most Corrupt Government on Earth.

"Roland was a warrior
From the Land of the Midnight Sun
With a Thompson Gun for hire
Fighting to be done

The deal was made in Denmark
On a dark and stormy day
So he set out for Biafra
To join the bloody fray..."

I quote The Enemy:

"Biafra, officially the Republic of Biafra, was a secessionist state in south-eastern Nigeria that existed from 30 May 1967 to 15 January 1970, taking its name from the Bight of Biafra (the Atlantic bay to its south). 

The inhabitants were mostly the Igbo people who led the secession due to economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions among the various peoples of Nigeria. The creation of the new state that was pushing for recognition was among the causes of the Nigerian Civil War, also known as the Nigerian-Biafran War.

The state was formally recognised by Gabon, Haiti, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania and Zambia. Other nations which did not give official recognition but which did provide support and assistance to Biafra included Israel, France, Portugal, Rhodesia, South Africa and Vatican City.

Biafra also received aid from non-state actors, including Joint Church Aid, Holy Ghost Fathers of Ireland, Caritas International, MarkPress and U.S. Catholic Relief Services.

After two-and-a-half years of war, during which a million civilians had died in fighting and from famine, Biafran forces agreed to a ceasefire with the Nigerian Federal Military Government (FMG), and Biafra was reintegrated into Nigeria."

"Through '66 and 7
They fought the Congo War
With their fingers on their triggers
Knee-deep in gore
The days and nights they battled
The Bantu to their Knees
They killed to earn their living
And to help out the Congolese..."

Friday, 9 May 2014

People Power Colonialism : Hands Off Nigeria!

This is ridiculous.

There are 211 of them.

He is selling them in the local market for £7 each.

The Nigerian government is offering a reward of £300,00.

Buy them back.

Get off your arses, go up country and buy your children back...!

What are the so-called parents doing?

Making signs and demanding that the US invade their country.

Buy them back.

Gold + Oil + The most institutionally corrupt government on Earth.

This has nothing to do with missing girls.

Remember KONY 2012...?

This is a CIA People Power Revolution.

This is an entirely synthetic creation. It's just not true.

And any idiot can see that. Allow me to show you....

Tehran, 2006:

Hong Kong, 2013:

Nigeria, Yesterday:

Notice anything?

What language do they speak in:

A) Iran
B) China
C) Nigeria...?

I'll answer my own question:

A) Farsi
B) Cantonese
C) Yoruba.

This is how this works: You get some young people, who don't know anything - callow youth.

You give them some flags.

You give them some signs (in English)

You give them some drugs/money/whistles.

And they will gather in the capital main square and oppose the government.

The Sphere

The Kaa'ba sphere is intentionally representative of the base or root chakra, the seat of all generative and nuptive energies in the human perineum, also appearing in such a form in the Qabalah, balancing against the two great pillars guarding the entrance to the Temple of Solomon - so, then, these two pillars, or two towers, also appear in Mecca, aligned one on either side of the Kaa'ba, along a precise North-South meridian bisecting the magnetic North and South poles of the Earth.

Super-producer Quincy Jones (the grey eminence behind the career of Michael Jackson) is a known high level Freemason and reputed Satanist and paedophile, who married Nastasja Kinski; he is a senior member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations and produced and choreographed not just Bill Clinton's first inaugural ball, but the Washington DC millennium gala. He is implicated directly in the murders of both Tupac Shakkur (who was dating his daughter when killed), and Biggie Smalls (who was assassinated whilst leaving Quincy's Grammy Afterparty in LA.

It's therefore MASSIVELY significant that we note in the choreographed WTC ritual he produced around the sphere for The Wiz - the adepts and pilgrims to the Emerald City, undergoing the Haj to visit the Wizard, who circle the Kaa'ba stone in the centre of the Austin Tobin Memorial Plaza.... They are circling the sacred stone in the OPPOSITE direction to the Haji in Mecca... The induction process is 180* REVERSED....

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Stop Geldof: Hands Off Nigeria!!

This is Psy-War of the crudest variety.


(Whilst getting them addicted to heroin, presumably...)

"Sir Bob said social media alone would not solve the problem"

Ah, I see - he wants the US to invade. Of course.

And it's not "Sir Bob". It's "Bob Geldof, KBE".

'I hope the girls are alive and are reunited with their parents': Sir Bob Geldof speaks publicly for the first time since Peaches' death as he addresses plight of Nigerian schoolgirl hostages

  • Sir Bob said social media alone would not solve the problem
  • Celebrities have joined #BringBackOurGirls social media campaign

  • Male stars are also uploading images saying: 'Real men don't buy girls'

  • Campaign to recover the 276 girls kidnapped from their school in Nigeria

  • Girls were kidnapped on April 14 by Islamist militant group Boko Haram

Sir Bob Geldof has spoken publicly for the first time since the death of his daughter Peaches - to address the plight of the Nigerian schoolgirls taken hostage by terrorists. 

The Live Aid campaigner told Channel 5 news that he hoped the girls could be returned to their parents - but added that a celebrity campaign currently flooding social media with posts using the hashtag: #BringBackOurGirls, was unlikely to help.

Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Hillary Clinton, and Amy Poehler are among those lending their support to the social media campaign, which encourages military intervention to recover the girls who were kidnapped from their school by Boko Haram rebels in north-east Nigeria.

Sir Bob Geldof has spoken publicly for the first time since the death of his daughter Peaches - to address the plight of the Nigerian schoolgirls taken hostage by terrorists

But Sir Bob said while people are keen to help, proper counter-terrorism measures now need to be employed.

He said: 'The problem with media like this, is that everyone wants to do something, but sometimes you just can't. There is a great feeling of frustration. 

'The U.S., the UK and several EU states, the Russians - they know about counter terrorism.

The inquest opened in Gravesend, Kent, but after a short statement by the police, was adjourned until July.

Sir Bob spoke in a pre-arranged speech to a selected audience just hours after Peaches' death - but this is the first time he has addressed the wider world since the tragedy. 

Malala Yousafzai told CNN that the kidnapped girls were her 'sisters'. Angelina Jolie also spoke publicly about the kidnapping, which she called 'unthinkable cruelty and evil'.

Michelle Obama shared a photograph on Twitter of herself holding up a sign reading 'Bring back our girls', accompanied by the caption: 'Our prayers are with the missing Nigerian girls and their families. It's time to #BringBackOurGirls. -mo'

The sign-off 'mo' means that the tweet was written by the First Lady herself and not a staffer.

The campaign refers to the kidnapping of 276 girls from their school in Chibok, north-east Nigeria, on April 14. 

The Islamist militant group Boko Haram attacked the school, which had been reopened so that students could take their final exams, despite security concerns. 

Most schools in the state had closed due to fear that Boko Haram, which opposes 'Western' education, including the education of girls, would attack.

On the night of April 14, more than 300 girls were kidnapped at gunpoint, but approximately 50 girls escaped by jumping off the back of the trucks as they drove into the Sambisa forest.
Family members of the kidnapped girls formed makeshift search parties and ventured into the forest to find the girls, armed with homemade weapons, but they have not found the girls, whom they now fear have been sold into slavery.

Militant: The leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, vows to sell the hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped in northern Nigeria for as little as £7 during a video message

It has also emerged that the group had kidnapped another 11 girls from the village of Warabe in Borno yesterday, increasing the international pressure for the extremist group to be stopped and the girls returned.

Nigerian Police are now offering a £300,000 reward to anyone who can help them find the missing children.

Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram said he would sell the remaining captives as slaves for as little as £7.

In a video, Shekau declares: 'I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah.'

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I Know This, Because Tyler Knows This...

Reality - brought to you by Fox, Kissinger & Associates.





(Opened the weekend following the Oklahoma City Bombing)

"Tender Branson sits in the cockpit of a Boeing 747-400, telling his life story to the black box. He is alone in the plane, having hijacked it; he has released all of the plane's passengers and crew prior to this point. He explains the events leading up to the hijacking.

Tender is a member of the fanatical Creedish cult, which engaged in a mass suicide ten years previously. He is one of the Creedish members who was sent out into the world to work as a servant, and send his income back to the Creedish community. Creedish members have been steadily killing themselves since the mass suicide, in keeping with their belief that the deliverance is at hand. At the start of his story, Tender works as the housekeeper for a rich couple he never sees in Oregon. They issue directions via a daily planner and a speaker phone. At his dingy apartment, he gets phone calls from people who want to kill themselves - the result of a newspaper misprint which printed his phone number as the number for a suicide prevention hotline. Tender, enjoying the thrill of passing divine judgment on these people tells them to kill themselves as often as not, and sees this as an act of mercy. Although the newspaper prints a retraction, the calls keep coming, and when they dwindle, Tender prints up fliers for a fake crisis hotline with his number on them so the calls will continue.

One of the calls comes from a Trevor Hollis, a man who wants to kill himself because of the nightmares he has been having about disasters, like plane crashes or fires. Tender tells Trevor to kill himself, and soon after, reads his obituary in the paper. One day, Tender goes to the mausoleum to steal fake flowers for his employer's garden (a common pastime), and decides to visit Trevor's tomb while he is there. At the tomb, he meets Trevor's sister, Fertility, and they talk. Later that night, Tender has his weekly meeting with his caseworker from the Federal Survivor Retention Program, a government agency that keeps tabs on the survivors of suicide cults. 

As usual, he asks how many survivors of the Creedish faith there are remaining, and she tells him, 

"One hundred and fifty-seven survivors. Nationwide."

Monday, 5 May 2014

Hollywood Accredits the Memes





(Opened the weekend following the Oklahoma City Bombing)


GCHQ from Spike EP on Vimeo.

"On the eve of this year’s Bilderberg meeting, the Anglo-French intelligence bosses have clearly shown their hand with two high-profile attacks on Obama. Wednesday, June 5 marked the liberation of Qusayr, the great Stalingrad of the Syrian terrorist death squads deployed by NATO against Assad. With the rout of these terrorists, the main units of the self-styled Free Syrian Army, along with the Nusra branch of al Qaeda, are likely to face annihilation in the short to medium term.

On the same day that Qusayr fell, the British and French governments hysterically demanded that Obama undertake a total bombing campaign against Syria, whatever the consequences in regard to Russia and other powers. To his credit, Obama is continuing to say no to this lunatic Anglo-French neocolonial adventure. 

On that same June 5, the London-based daily The Guardian, in an article by the expatriate American Glenn Greenwald, hyped a court order from the secret FISA panel of federal judges showing that the US National Security Agency was routinely monitoring the telephone records (including time, locations, call duration, and unique identifiers, but not the contents of the conversations) of possibly unlimited millions of Verizon phone subscribers. Back in the US, reactionary talk show hosts began screaming 

“Obama taps your phones!”

On June 6, again in advance of every other newspaper in the world, The Guardian published another article by Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill revealing that the National Security Agency, under a program called Prism, had obtained direct access to the servers of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, Youtube, Skype, AOL, and Microsoft, and was busily monitoring the content of e-mails, file transfers, and live conversations. Back in the US, reactionary talk show hosts began screaming, 

“Obama reads your e-mail!”

Under George Bush, warrantless wiretaps and similar illegal programs were revealed by various media organs. These revelations had minimal impact on Bush, whose base was indifferent to civil liberties. 

Obama’s base, by contrast, cares very much, and has been visibly upset by these new reports. 

While strongly condemning these totalitarian programs, we must also not lose sight of who is putting these reports into circulation, and why. 

Phone taps are bad, but a general war in the Middle East leading to a possible Third World War is far worse.

The British and French defense and intelligence establishment (they have virtually merged) want Obama and the American people to take the lead and shoulder the risk in a perilous attack on Syria, in time to preserve the death squads so they can fight another day in another country. 

London and Paris, of course, see themselves as the principal beneficiaries of the breakup of Syria. 

Since Obama is currently blocking their plans, they are bringing up their big guns of scandal, with the center-leftGuardian evidently chosen to take the point, doubtless to obtain more attention among Obama’s leftist supporters. 

(During the initial Clinton scandals of Whitewatergate and Troopergate, the flagship of scandal was the reactionary London-based Daily Telegraph, especially through its columnists Peregrine Worthshorne and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.)

Coming as they do on the eve of the yearly Bilderberg conference, these scandals stamped Made in England suggest that the majority of this elitist cabal have maintained their anti-Obama line already evident in last year’s meeting, and are using the current gathering to further their plans.

Burrowing NeoCons and Isolating Russia

It's not the Obama administration's decision, it's not their policy, it's the State Department's policy, which means it's Kagans' policy.

There is a Kagan handing out doughnuts on the Euromaidan to protesters and deciding the composition of the Ukrainian "Government" comprised of the Kiev Criminals.

"The thing about NeoCons is that they are extremely good at burrowing."

And there is a fruit-loop NeoCon Kagan, ex-NATO Ambassador running Ukraine policy.

Even Brezezinksi, who hates Russia more than life itself has always said, all the time, in ALL his books - how can you isolate Russia?

He then answers his own question - you have to break the Russian-Chinese Shanghai Cooperation Agreement and their bloc in the Security Council against the three NATO States - which I strongly suspect is what all the business with the plane is all about, since Murodch IMMEDITATELY blamed Chinese Jihadis (which means Wegurs, Turkmen, Uzbekhs etc., and the Transhimalayan Highway into Pakistan (which actually ends in Abbatobad, if you can believe that)) and suggested it would be a great opportunity to split China off from Russia "while Russia bullies" over Crimea.

"Henceforth, the United States may have to determine how to cope with regional coalitions that seek to push America out of Eurasia, thereby threatening America's status as a global power." (p.55)

"Moreover, they [the Central Asian Republics] are of importance from the standpoint of security and historical ambitions to at least three of their most immediate and more powerful neighbors, namely Russia, Turkey and Iran, with China also signaling an increasing political interest in the region. But the Eurasian Balkans are infinitely more important as a potential economic prize: an enormous concentration of natural gas and oil reserves is located in the region, in addition to important minerals, including gold." (p.124)

And don't EVER forget the Hotline conversation between Bush and Putin on the Day of 9/11, around 5pm when Bush served notice that NATO and the Pentagon were taking Afghanistan and formally setting up shop with bases in the soft-underbelly of the former Soviet Republics of Russia's Near Abroad.

Putin could have said "Nyet".

At which point, conduited in by way of Global Guardian and Apollo Guardian, the Kremlin may well have received a full-scale thermonuclear first strike in the face.

But fortunately for humanity, and for the world, Putin is a shrewd and clever man.

Someone had to be....

This is NATO Sphere of Influence Terrorism.

Brzezinski: "According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979.

But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise.

Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.

Q: Despite this risk, you were an advocate of this covert action. But perhaps you yourself desired this Soviet entry into war and looked to provoke it?

B: It isn't quite that. We didn't push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.

Q: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people didn't believe them. However, there was a basis of truth. You don't regret anything today?

B: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea.

It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter. 'We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. '

Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire."

Monday, 17 March 2014

The Jonestown Banks - by John Judge

The assets of Jim Jones' People's Temple have yet to be fully accounted, but early research in the press and by independent investigators put the total between $26 million and $2 billion. Following the money leads down a twisted trail of international banks, dummy fronts, real estate investments and conflicting government reports. Various sources estimate a total of at least $17-$20 million in foreign investments, and property worth $2.5 million that passed through deed, sale and ownership from 1976 to 1979. Some $12 million dollars was deposited in mysterious accounts in Panama. During the recent scandal involving the Vatican Bank, Bank Ambrosiana and deceased Italian financier Roberto Calvi, information surfaced indicating that some of the siphoned millions went to Panamanian banks. Timemagazine noted in a July 26 issue this year that Archbishop Paul Marcinkus of the Vatican Bank set up twelve ghost companies in Panama for the movement of funds. A short five days later, on July 31, 1982, the New York Times carried an AP wire story that the President of Panama was resigning, and all high officials were soon to be replaced there. A review of the holdings known to the public in the Jonestown affair may reveal to serious researchers what connections exist between the financial operations.
A Chart of Financial Holdings 


$711,000Barclay's Bank Int. Ltd.Georgetown, Guyana         LAT 1/5/79
$100,000Bank of Montreal (CA)San Francisco, CALAT 1/5/79
$21,000Bank of Montreal (CA)San Francisco, CALAT 1/5/79
UnknownUnited California BankSan Francisco, CALAT 1/5/79
UnknownBank of AmericaLos Angeles, CALAT 1/5/79
$10,000*Bank of America (personal)San Francisco, CASFE 1/9/79
UnknownWells FargoUkiah, CASFE 1/9/79
$2,043,000Swiss Banking Corp.Panama CitySFE 1/9/79
$5,231,536Union Bank of SwitzerlandPanama CitySFE 1/9/79
$5,173,000Union Bank of SwitzerlandPanama CitySFE 1/9/79
$206.396Bank of Nova ScotiaNassau,BahamasSFE 1/9/79
UnknownNo name givenCuracaoSFE 1/9/79
UnknownNo name givenVirgin IslandsSFE 1/9/79
$76,000*Grenada National BankGrenadaSFE 1/9/79
$560,000Barclay's Bank (supplies)Pt.-Au-Spain, Trin.SFE 1/9/79
$200,000National Cooperative BankGeorgetown, Guy.SFE 1/9/79
$33,757Banco Union de Venezuelas         Caracas, Ven.SFE 1/9/79
$2,000,000No name givenCaracas. Ven.SFE 1/9/79
UnknownNo name givenParis, FranceSFE 1/9/79
$1,000,000Union Bank of SwitzerlandZurich, Switz.SFE 1/9/79
Safe Deposit*Union Bank of SwitzerlandZurich, Switz.SFE 1/9/79
$11,000,000*         "Treasure Chest" (1974)Redwood Valley, CASFE 1/9/79
$2,000,000Jonestown site totalGuyanaSFE 1/9/79
$1,000,000*Bank of Nova ScotiaSan Francisco, CASFE 1/9/79
UnknownWells FargoLos Angeles, CASFE 1/9/79
*These were the assets revealed shortly after the massacre. Jones' personal account at Bank of America was reported to have dwindled from "hundreds of thousands," the Grenada account may have been part of an initial reported investment of $200,000 in 1977 to pave the way for a colony there. The contents of the Zurich bank's safe deposit box may have been as much as $2,000,000 by some reports, but later claims that the Swiss accounts were "emptied" into Panamanian banks don't gibe with these figures for Union Bank of Switzerland accounts. Naturally, the Redwood Valley "Treasure Chest" of $11 million may not be an addition to the later totals, but it should be considered in context. The Bank of Nova Scotia account was reportedly "closed out" and may or may not have become the same bank's account in the Bahamas. But it certainly shrank in size. Despite the possibility of some overlap, these totals do not match the final tally of $10,000,000 given out by court receiver Fabian.
Terri Buford, one of Jones' top lieutenants, was often responsible for setting up the international accounts. For instance, both she and Debbie Layton Blakey were reported to have carried out a "mysterious financial mission" from Panama to London, where they were alleged to have "studied Socialist and Communist banks," then on to France and Switzerland. Terri repeatedly instructed the bank clerk in Switzerland not to "discuss anything" during their visit, but he did mention a $2,000,000 account in passing, perhaps the one in the safe deposit box (San Francisco Examiner, 1/9/79). Accounts were secured in many names besides Jones' and People's Temple. Terri Buford, Carolyn Layton, Maria Katsaris and others from Jones' entourage were used. In addition, dummy organizations like Bridget, S.A., Angelique, and others, disguised the accounts. Terri Buford reportedly gave the Grand Jury investigators records of deposits in Panamanian banks totalling $7.5 million, while press reports suggested that more money was residing in Swiss and Guyanese banks. Following the massacre, Buford and Mark Lane traveled in Europe, leading to speculation that they had been instrumental in removing money from the Swiss accounts, a charge (LAT, 1/20/79) Lane was to vehemently deny in print. Lane was simultaneously the attorney for People's Temple and accused assassin James Earl Ray. Lane and Buford also lived with and cared for a key witness in the Ray case, Grace Walden Stevens. According to some reports in theNew York Times (2/4/79), Jones offered Mark Lane money to help free James Earl Ray. Later stories suggest that Buford and Lane were in collusion to bring Grace Stevens into Jonestown under an illegal passport (NYT, 12/8/79).
Buford's Panama visit may have been connected to a "few banking trips to Caracas, Panama City and the San Francisco suburb of Belmont" (Miami Herald, 3/27/79) made by Jones' confidant, Maria Katsaris, in 1978. Clearly, three numbered accounts were in place there by 1978. Court-appointed receiver Fabian finally admits in November of 1979 that there were two accounts. One in the name of Annie McGowan at the Union Bank of Switzerland in Panama, a follower of Jones who died in the carnage. The two accounts described there by the San Francisco Examiner could both meet the description in terms of cash balance. They are, respectively, accounts #121-00-191A and #121-00135A (seechart above). In addition, Fabian notes the existence of a $2,000,000 balance in the Swiss Banking Corporation of Panama in the name of a "dummy front." This is account #3357 (see chart above) (LAT, 11/18/79).
Michael Prokes and Tim Carter, two of the camp guards who survived, claim that Maria Katsaris instructed them to take a chest with $500,000 to the Soviet Embassy. On their return to the United States, they claimed contact with Soviet Embassy officials in Guyana. They said they knew Valerly Koval (reportedly a Major in the KGB and a top operative in Latin America), and Feodor Timofeyev (a KGB Deputy, allegedly). Timofeyev's name appeared on letters addressed to the Soviets instructing them on access to $7 million in a Panamanian account at the Union Bank of Switzerland (San Francisco Chronicle, 1/21/79). This story is most likely an elaborate ruse to cover the real money flow, or an excessive trap to lure Soviet "involvement" with Jones' camp after the massacre. Jones was not in any way disposed to give money to the Soviet Union. But let's take a closer look at the real development of the Panama money cache.
In January, 1979, the Department of Justice released its intention to bring a $4.2 million suit against People's Temple funds to recover the cost of body removal by the U.S. military. Defendants named at that point included the Asociacion Religiosa Pro San Pedro, S.A. of Panama. The following day, the presiding magistrate, Judge Brown, sent a "lawyer to Panama," and the suit claimed that the "Panama affiliate" was "organized to handle the assets of People's Temple" (Oakland Times, 1/23/79). The San Francisco Chronicle had estimated a financial empire of at least $26 million (SFC1/9/79), but when Judge Brown moved to dissolve the People's Temple on January 24, State Attorney General Appalas placed the total much lower. "Contrary to previous press reports, Appalas said, total Temple assets approached only $12 million and were located in Grenada, Venezuela, the Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad," said the San Francisco Chronicle(1/24/79). No mention of Panama. The same day, Guyanese official Kit Nascimento attempted to absolve Guyanese government officials, including President Burnham's wife, of any wrongdoing in the removal of a reported half million dollars by plane from the Jonestown site, claiming it was all deposited in the Bank of Guyana in Georgetown. It is not clear how this claim, which involves an account totaling $700,000 relates to the reported money in Guyana after the deaths (see chart above) (Washington Post, 1/24/79). A few days later, Jim Jones' mother-in-law, Charlotte Baldwin in Richmond, Indiana, denied that he left a large estate, and recounted his daughter Suzanne's claim that there was only property and "$17,000 in a Nassau account," presumably not a reference to the Bank of Nova Scotia deposit (WP, 1/29/79).
Not until a Newsweek story on March 12, months later, did Robert Fabian confirm that the Temple had a safe deposit box in Switzerland, and bank accounts in "Panama and Guyana." However, his claim at that point was that the three sources together could account for only an additional $6 million. The following day, in Berne, Switzerland, the Swiss government blocked access to funds and information on the Swiss accounts under a 1973 U.S.-Swiss Legal Assistance Treaty. They were only willing to give further information if the FBI could prove the funds were gotten by criminal means. U.S. officials were still estimating the Swiss accounts topped $10 million (WP, 3/13/79). The following day, March 14, Michael Prokes held a press conference, revealed the phony tapes that suggested the Jonestown suicides were not coerced, then shot himself in the head. Finally, in August, conflicting stories began to emerge from Switzerland. An official announcement of August 3 established that three bank accounts had been held since 1976, and that money was suddenly transferred to the U.S. and to Panama around the time of the killings. The statement also seemed to involve the release of $2 million and the papers from the safe deposit box to U.S. authorities. These authorities were now saying that assets totalled more than $10 million, "most" in Panama City branches of Swiss Bank Corporation and Union Bank of Switzerland. No reason was given for the transfer and names of the depositors and exact dates were not released. Other reports and rumors persisted: Jones had ordered $7 million sent to the Soviet Union in December, 1978. Swiss accounts numbered from six to a dozen. Money was held in dummy fronts in Guyana. Some even suggested funds were being sent to the PLO. (SFC 8/3/79). Another story suggested that the amount suddenly shifted to Panama had been $2,000,000, and Justice Department officials were surprised and skeptical that money had come into the U.S. without their knowledge (WP 8/3/79).
Suddenly, court-appointed receiver Fabian announced in October that he had "found" $7.2 million in Panama. "We've gotten word from Panama that there's $5.2 million in one bank and another $2 million in another." However, Fabian said this was not new money, and total assets were still in the $10 million range, because "part of the money in Panama" was transferred there in 1978 from Swiss banks whose accounts were now "empty."
How does this story match the rest of the evidence about the Swiss and Panamanian accounts? Does it belie the Swiss government claims, the U.S. authorities, or Mark Lane? Fabian also claimed that there was another $3,000,000 in Guyana, but said we were unlikely to ever see it in the U.S. due to Guyanese government claims. The only claim at that point was Nasciemento's plea that the money taken from the site was held in anticipation of U.S. claims, and in good faith. Another $200,000 was located in the Caribbean banks, and $1.7 billion was outstanding in claims, said Fabian (WP 10/6/82). The government claims held steady from this point on. Ten million total, $3 million in Guyana and $7 million in Panama (SFC, 11/17/79), usually split into two accounts of $5.2 million and $2 million (SFC 10/26/82) coming by way of Switzerland. Charles Touchette, a Temple officer, was to claim hidden accounts totaling $66 million, but Fabian scoffed at it (SFC 11/17/79). What, then had become of the additional $5 million account in Panama, and the mysterious Asociacion Religiosa Pro San Pedro, S.A. (referred to later as "Asociacion Pro Religiosa do San Pedro")? Was it the "dummy front" for Jones, or for other interests? Was it one of the operations set up by Robert Calvi to hide Vatican investments?
Fabian dissolved the assets. Of the Asociacion he said, "We'll have to dissolve that one and get it in the name of People's Temple, the California Corporation" (SFC, 11/17/79). He managed to sell the church building in San Francisco to a Kraft Company employee, Ho Deuk Bae, for $300,000, who in turn said he would establish there the Korean Central Christian Church and the Korean Presbyterian Evangelical Reformed Church, reportedly not connected to the vast Unification Church of Rev. Moon. (OT, 3/15/79). At one point, he threatened to sell the Albatross, the 400-ton shipping vessel out on a supply run to Trinidad when the murders came down. Top Jones aide, Phillip Blakey made a reported "last call" to his father-in-law, Dr. Lawrence Layton, from Panama. About ten followers stayed on the boat, setting up a community in Trinidad at first, while one Nigel Slingger, a Grenada businessman and insurance broker for Jonestown, repaired the vessel. Charles Touchette set up an open house in Grenada for Temple members, and Paul McCann, Phillip Blakey, Steven Jones (son), and others continued to live together. McCann indicated on KPIX-TV that they wanted to set up a shipping company to "finance the continued works of the original Temple." That financing, and those works, continue to elude scrutiny. There was no later record of the sale of the Albatross. The Jonestown accounts, as they were, have been divided. But the reality of the horror, like the money that backed it up, continues to flow in unseen channels.
The unanswered question remains. Was the Jonestown empire built with the same dirty money that came from the Banco Ambrosiano, the Nugan-Hand Bank and other international conduits of cash for the men who trade in narcotics, espionage, human flesh and death?

The role of Mark Lane, who served as attorney for Jim Jones, is even more clearly intertwined.[230] Lane had co-authored a book with Dick Gregory, claiming FBI complicity in the King murder.[231] He was hired as the attorney for James Earl Ray, accused assassin, when Ray testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations about King.[232] Prior to this testimony, Ray was involved in an unusual escape plot at Brushy Mountain State Prison.[233] The prisoner who had helped engineer the escape plot was later inexplicably offered an early, parole by members of the Tennessee Governor's office. These officials, and Governor Blanton himself, were to come under close public scrutiny and face legal charges in regard to bribes taken to arrange illegal early pardons for prisoners.[234]

One of the people living at Jonestown was ex-FBI agent Wesley Swearington, who at least publicly condemned the COINTELPRO operations and other abuses, based on stolen classified documents, at the Jonestown site. Lane had reportedly met with him there at least a year before the massacre. Terri Buford said the documents were passed on to Charles Garry. Lane used information from Swearingen in his thesis on the FBI and King's murder. Swearingen later served as a key witness in suits against the Justice Department brought by the Socialist Workers Party.[235] When Larry Flynt, the flamboyant publisher of Hustler magazine, offered a, $1 million reward leading to the capture and conviction of the John F. Kennedy killers, the long distance number listed to collect information and leads was being answered by Mark Lane and Wesley Swearingen.[236]

With help from officials in Tennessee, Governor Blanton's office, Lane managed to get legal custody of a woman who had been incarcerated in the Tennessee state psychiatric system for nearly eight years.[237] This woman, Grace Walden Stephens, had been a witness in the King murder.[238] She was living at the time in Memphis in a rooming house across from the hotel when Martin Luther King was shot.[239] The official version of events had Ray located in the common bathroom of the rooming house, and claimed he used a rifle to murder King from that window.[240] Grace Stephens did, indeed, see a man run from the bathroom, past her door and down to the street below.[241] A rifle, later linked circumstantially to James Earl Ray, was found inside a bundle at the base of the rooming house stairs, and identified as the murder weapon.[242] But Grace, who saw the man clearly, refused to identify him as Ray when shown photographs by the FBI.[243] Her testimony was never introduced at the trial. The FBI relied, instead, on the word of her common law husband, Charles Stephens, who was drunk and unconscious at the time of the incident.[244] Her persistence in saying that it was not James Earl Ray was used at her mental competency hearings as evidence against her, and she disappeared into the psychiatric system.[245]

Grace Walden Stephens took up residence in Memphis with Lane, her custodian, and Terri Buford, a key Temple member who had returned to the U.S. before the killings to live with Lane.[246] While arranging for her to testify before the Select Committee on Ray's behalf, Lane and Buford were plotting another fate for Grace Stephens. Notes from Buford to Jones, found in the aftermath of the killings, discussed arrangements with Lane to move Grace Stephens to Jonestown.[247] The problem that remained was lack of a passport, but Buford suggested either getting a passport on the black market, or using the passport of former Temple member Maxine Swaney.[248] Swaney, dead for nearly 2-1/2 years since her departure from the Ukiah camp, was in no position to argue and Jones apparently kept her passport with him.[249] Whether Grace ever arrived at Jonestown is unclear.

Lane was also forced to leave Ray in the midst of testimony to the Select Committee when he got word that Ryan was planning to visit. Lane had attempted to discourage the trip earlier in a vaguely threatening letter.[250] Now he rushed to be sure he arrived with the group.[251] At the scene, he failed to warn Ryan and others, knowing that the sandwiches and other food might be drugged, but refrained from eating it himself.[252] Later, claiming that he and Charles Garry would write the official history of the "revolutionary suicide," Lane was allowed to leave the pieces of underwear to mark their way back to Georgetown.[253] If true, it seems an unlikely method if they were in any fear of pursuit. They had heard gunfire and screams back at the camp.

Lane was reportedly well aware of the forced drugging and suicide drills at Jonestown before Ryan arrived.