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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Like a Black Family in a Movie Theatre Watching a Hallowe'en Sequel

I have a small confession to make 
- to myself, mostly.

A Technique of TechnoShamanism I specialise in.


- not often, but sometimes -  

when I am watching a TV Show or a Movie at home that I know and I love well, and characters I know and I love well 
(and I know what will happen to them) 

I sometimes... 

Talk to Them.

Like a Black Family in a Movie Theatre Watching a Hallowe'en Sequel

For example - to repeat a Truism and one of my own personal Mantras :


It was from watching Two Cathedrals, I first taught myself The Art of Necromancy - 

Summoning, Conjouring and Coversing with Ghosts, Shaydes and Spirits of The Dead

Or, Golem

(which is to says, Golem, plural many Golems, not Gollum although I no-doubt could conjur him too (but why would you want to...?))





Really, Palahniuk, seriously - 
What the F**k?!?

=== ++ WARNING ++ ===

Grant Morrison :

"So I wrote this comic book – 

and as I wrote it, it became True. 

Things I would make the characters do became True.

The main character was.. 

I gave him a bald head and a leather jacket, because I thought people would like me when I they read the comic. 

Bald heads were really uncool back in 1992.

And it worked. 

I found that if I put the character through a situation where he’d been tortured; where his lungs had bust and he was being held in captivity; subjected to all these awful things. 

Two months later: 

I’m in hospital, two bust lungs, dying of blood poisoning; 
Facing exactly the same shamanic trial that I put my character through.

So once I figured out that, I thought: the best thing to do is to give this guy an easy time in the future.

So as a result of all this, I’d just split up with my girlfriend. 
And I was like: 

“okay, I want a new one and I want her to look exactly like this chick in the comic, coz she’s cool.” 

So I did a sigil; a month later, the girl turns up. Then another one. Then another one. Then another one; then another one. All aspects of this character. And then [I was like]: “Oh fuck, this is insane. Because it works and I’ve done something ridiculous. Because now I’m dealing with all these women who look like the character, but who I don’t get on with, or I can’t talk to, or I can’t deal with.”

And I began to realise a little bit about how this stuff works.

So beyond that, I decided: 
I won’t just use it to get laid, because it seems a pretty low-grade kind of way of dealing with magic. 
But man, it works! Believe me.

So I thought: how much could you effect reality by writing a comic that mimics reality, but pushed it in weird directions? 

So round about 1997, I decided that I would really seriously turn this thing into a Super-Sigil.

And it was based on the idea that: 

If you look at cave art – the first art was done; the first writing that was done, basically as art. 

And if someone wanted to make something happen; like, if you were in the — like, if you were some fucked up caveman in a cave somewhere, worrying about your dinner. 

What do you do? 
You draw a bison on the wall; stick some spears in it. 
Go out, and the bison dies, filled with spears.

“Hey, man! We can make this happen!”

Slowly, those things become words; they become abstractions – complexes of meaning. 

And you can take that basic idea, and – as we’ve seen – people like Austin Osmond Spare, the magician from the early part of the century, or Crowley, or the chaos magicians of the eighties who were a big influence on me – they used this stuff. 

And like I say, what you can do is this: go home, write down a desire; it’s quite simple, what you can say is: 

It is my desire that my cat wins the Olympics.” 

Take out all the vowels..

Write this down, for fuck’s sake! 
Don’t just listen; do it! Right? -

Take out the vowels, and you’ll be left with a string of consonants. 

Take out all the repeated consonants, and you’ll be left with a string of consonants with no repeats in it. 

X, Y, A, D, whatever. 

Turn that thing into a little image. Take the D, draw a big D. Then you’ve got a T; draw a big T on it.

Keep reducing it down until it looks magickal.

And there are no rules for this thing. 

Do it until it looks magical.

At that point you now have a sigil. 
The sigil will work. 
You can project desire into reality, and change reality. 

It works!

Those must be the people who’ve done it.

So please, I mean, write this down, go home and do it. Check; verify the results.

Because – I was reading this thing in New Scientist this week and it said: the difference between Bad Science and good science is..

Scientific Procedure has 3 criteria. 

And the criteria are: 
  • That you can verify results; you can talk to other people who’ve done the thing and make sure that, you know, it works out.
  • You can duplicate results. 
  • And also.. some other thing * - I’ve forgotten. 

* FALSIFIABILITY :- For a Theory to be Scientifically valid, it must specifiy within it the variance in data observations in future experimentation that would invalidate the theortical postulates and demonstrate the theorum to have been false.

This is why both  Evolution by Means of Natural Selection and Anthopogenic Climate Change are not Theories  - You cannot disprove Natural Selection, because it makes no specific claims, it just proposes a speculative process by which variance in observable data (Cheetahs, Octopuses and Icthyosaurs) may occur, without describing a mechanism or stating mathematical or quantitative paramaters for it's own failure (unlike, say, the laws of  classical "Newtonian" Physics or Geometry); and Anthopogenic Climate Change is not a Theory with any scientific basis because all if it's "proofs" [you cannot "prove" a theory, ever only validate it or disprove it, that is what they are for] fall within the stated Margin of Error and when they don't exceed those, they just alter the failure criterion for the next decade-long tranche of "research" to [try to] guarantee it will be validated during that time [ which it never has been - it never  has been. ]

But yeah, two things is pretty good, innit?

 Two outta.. yeah.

This is verifiable. 

People have been telling us about this for thousands of years. 

The Tibetans have been telling us about this. 
The Mesopotamians have been telling us about this. 
And why has it been made ‘occult’?

Because: Coca-Cola have got the secret.

What you do is you create a sigil.
Coca-Cola is a sigil. The McDonalds “M” is a sigil.
These people are basically turning the world into themselves, using sigils.

And if we don’t reverse that process, and turn the world into *us* using sigils, we’re going to be living in fucking McDonalds.

But McDonalds have no more power than us, apart from the fact – like what Doug [Rushkoff] said earlier – they’ve got some money.

Fuck it - who cares?

At the top levels of this stuff, 
no one’s using money anyway.
You think Rupert Murdoch, or the Queen, or Bill Clinton, or any of these fuckers use money? 
Of course they don’t.

They’ve realised that money is only useful to sell to the middle classes – the people in the middle who make things happen; who make things run.

We’ve been sold a fiction. 
There’s no such thing as money. 
Ignore it. 

At the higher levels..


There is no money. 
These fuckers don’t use money. 
If Rupert Murdoch wants a Rolls Royce, they give him one. 
Because he’s Rupert Murdoch. 

And if they see him in a Rolls Royce, 
it means they get some status out of it.

So you’ve gotta understand :
These people on the higher levels are operating on a 
Hierarchy of Exchange and Barter.

On the lower levels – where I lived in Glasgow, which is one of the poorest cities in Europe – people are operating on a hierarchy of exchange that’s quite different: 

they steal shit, and 
then they sell it back, and they have their own little money.. 
And they have this complete black market economy.

There’s only us in the middle who think money’s worth anything – and we chase it until we drop.

So forget it.

Where was I?

(And the other thing is: I hate talking at people, so if anyone wants to join in just put your hand up. Coz I fucking hate just talking at people.)

So… having figured these weird things out, having thought about this and having been through this experience, which was exactly the experience I’d been promised by Wilson, McKenna, Philip K. Dick – everyone, they promised this thing, and it works. 

You can get the experience. 
Do what they told you to do, and it will happen – I promise you. 
You will meet the aliens; they will talk to you. 

The Golden Dawn called this 
“Knowledge & Conversation Of The Holy Guardian Angel”.

So it’s been around for a while; it’s accessible to everyone. 

Magick is accessible to everyone. 

The means of altering reality are accessible to everyone.

And when everyone starts doing it, we’re going to start to get to see desire manifest on a gigantic scale. 

Everyone’s desire. 

What happens when everyone’s desire becomes manifest? 

Does the universe have to split up into a billion to accommodate it?

Do we all have to suddenly understand that we’re all in the same place, and that we can all share in each others’ desires?

I don’t know. I’m just here to talk about this stuff.