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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Richard Burton - The Greatest Poem in the English Language

I will Teach You Infinities -

I Will Say to You of 
The Greatest Poem in The English Language -

The Present Tense of The Verb "To Be".

Now, One Asks,
"What is the Present Tense of The Verb "To Be"...

Now - I shall speak it for You :-

I am

Thou art

She is...

...He is

We are

You are

They are

Sorry, brother. I should have stayed. 
Had your back. I mean, just turning in this SA tag-- 
I don't know, man-- was just kind of lost in this cartel sh1t. 

I love you, Clay. I do. 

I guess I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around you stepping down. 

I don't know... 
I don't know what I'm gonna look like when that happens, you know? 
(door opens

This is not your fault, baby. Oh, honey. 
(Tig cries) 
It's okay, sweetheart. It's okay. 

(Tig sobbing) 
Oh. He knows you love him. 
It's okay, really. 
(Tig sniffles) 

Yeah. Thanks. 
Ah, sh1t. sh1t. 
How are you? 

I'm fine. 

Where's Jax? TIG: Oh, he's at the clubhouse. 
Uh... give me a minute, yeah? 

Okay. Sorry. 

I've been looking for you. Shut the door. What happened to Piney? 

Clay killed him. 
(Jax sighs

Look, I know Clay and Piney were beefing over this cartel sh1t... 

It wasn't over the cartel. 
It was over these. 

Maureen Ashby put them in your bag before you left Belfast. They're letters from your father. 

-Tara found them before you did. 

Tara had these? 
Why didn't she tell me? 

She knew they would break your heart. 
Same way they did mine. 

When Thomas got sick, your dad stopped going to Belfast... 
started writing to Maureen. 

What does this have to do with Clay? 

JT and Kellan decided to get the MC out of guns, away from the IRA. 

Clay thought it was a mistake. 

He was afraid John would destroy the club. 
So he decided to kill him. 

The first time... he sent John into a Mayan ambush, unprotected. 

Your dad made it out. 
But he knew it was Clay who'd set it up. 
And he knew Clay would try again. 
He predicted it would be mechanical. 

He was right. 

The accident. 

The only person JT ever let work on his bike was Lowell Sr. Clay must have... paid him off or threatened him. 
He had to be the one who sabotaged the Panhead. 

Lowell Sr. was killed by the Mayans a week later. 

Yeah. Clay buried the secret. (sighs)

How do you know all this? 

The letters. The speculation. The Mayan ambush. 
John knew Clay would kill him. 
And Clay knew those letters would prove it. 

Enough to get him voted out, undo everything he'd worked for. 

Piney got ahold of these. 

He must have threatened Clay. 

JAX (quietly): 
Oh, my God. 

That's not all. I found the cover letter Maureen wrote telling you to read them. It was in your house. I knew Tara was the one who'd found them. I... I panicked. I told Clay. 

Clay knew... that Tara had these? 

He tried to kill Tara. That thing that happened in the park, that wasn't the cartel. That was guys Clay hired to kill your wife, Jax. 

How did you get them? 

Tara gave them to me. Don't be upset with her. 
She didn't want you to read them. 
She didn't know what you might do. 

Why are you telling me this, Mom? Why now? 

Because I know how dangerous secrets can be. 
And it's time we all knew the truth. 

Clay Morrow killed your father. 

Stole that seat away from this family. 
Gunned down your father's best friend. 
And he tried to kill your wife. 

He's a murderous traitor. 
And there's only one thing to do now, Jackson. 

For your father, your family and your club. 
It's in you. It's who you are. 

Clay has to die. 

Read 'em. See him in your father's own hand. 
And then you kill him, Jax. 

You kill Clay before he's on his feet and strikes first. 
And when it's done... you take your place at the head of this table... 

Where a Teller belongs. 
Where you belong.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Ideas Cultivate Human Beings

 " Fincher used to toss around the, you know, sort of The Buddhist Thing that :-

You've Gotta Kill Your Parents,
and then

You've Gotta Kill Your God,

and then

You've Gotta Kill Your Teacher
[ If you can...]

I think  Tyler helps Jack reject the Value System of His Parents, and then, at the end, he has to reject Tyler, if Tyler's his Teacher, he has to sort of pull back - 

And y'know, Tyler helps him through the initial steps towards Enlightenment -

But in The End / By The End, he has to pull away from Tyler, even, to define himself as separate from Tyler.... "

- Ed Norton,
Fight Club DVD Commentary Track,

That's Not The Case, at all...

Palinhuk reiterated and really drummed ths point Home in particular over the 10-Issue run of Fight Club 2,
 15 years on :

Ideas are Real,
We are Not.

He is NOT Seperate from Tyler -
He isn't Real -
He Doesn't Exist -


Tyler Durden DOES Exist...