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Monday, 16 January 2017

We Accept That

There actually, is a Law invoked with alla' this, which is higher  than Man Law.

" For the people that are in this Core of Negativity,

We have accepted responsibility to put pressure on Them. 

that maybe They perceive themselves to be Goliath, but We are always reminding Them that David is within their reach -

We don't ever want Them to think that what They regard as so absolute, so evil, so grand, so royal, that can never be defeated contradicts The Law of what goes on.

And if We can accept the principle of

You Reap What You Sow "

and if "Reap What You Sow" is True;
And one compiles years of ugly sowing...

Then, somewhere, The Seed is gonna come due -

" Through Whom? " and " When? " will it manifest..?

And if you believe that it will never happen, then What You Believe has a crack in it.

Do you have faith, that when people fail in their opportunity to rule fairly and equitably that They will be robbed of that opportunity, when others who seek to be  - 

It's a dangerous word 

- Responsible arise to accept this responsibilty, to replace Those Who Lost Their Right to Rule..?

The Muslims say 
" An Eye for an Eye "
And the principle is sound.

Even an atheist say,
" What Go Around, Come Around "