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Friday, 28 July 2017

Collaboration : Working with Others

Jyn, my Stardust, I can't imagine what you think of me. 

When I was taken, I faced some bitter truths. 

I was told that soon enough, Krennic would have you as well. 

As time went by, I knew that you were either dead or so well hidden that he would never find you. 

I knew if I refused to work, if I took my own life, it would only be a matter of time before Krennic realised he no longer needed me to complete the project. 

So I did the one thing that nobody expected: 

I lied. 

I learned to lie

I played the part of a beaten man resigned to the sanctuary of his work.

 I made myself indispensable. 

And all the while I laid the groundwork of my revenge.



"So here’s my version of what happens :

Doing the comic, I set up these characters – the whole thing was set up as an adventure story, where there are some bad guys who live in another dimension, who want to enslave us all. 

And there’s some good guys who live in another dimension, who want us all to have a good time. 
In the middle, there is Us. 

And we are obviously trying to have a good time; everybody wants to have a good time, y’know? 

Hitler wanted to have a good time.

We all want to have a good time. So we’ve got to understand that, as a starter.

The more I set up these dualities – the more I set these people against the opposition – the more it started to seem like a complete crock, and that we’ve been sold this nonsense of opposition.

And I began to find that the closer I got to the end of the series, the whole ‘opposition’ element of it was the least meaningful, least important part of it. And that we’ve actually been deluding ourselves in a lot of ways.

Beyond that, I found we’ve actually been deluding ourselves in the worst way of all by believing in The Individual.

Stay with me on this.

 " "Kafka, Orwell, Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner.. everyone told us The Individual was the most important thing we could be.

Everyone is fucking ‘quirky’ these days; 

Every shit in their window of MTV is ‘quirky’. 

Everyone’s cool; everyone’s smart…

It’s Not True.

What if The Individual was the fake? 

What if The Individual’s the crock? 

And we’ve actually been sold that by “Them”;
by The Man, The Establishment.. 
whatever you want.

Because what occurred to me is that when you talk about The Individual,
and you deal with The Individual,
you find that the end of The Individual is NEUROSIS.

To be individual means that there is “self” and “not self”.

So where I stop..
the boundaries of “me”,
right, this physical body;
the boundaries of me that stretch out..
Things I Believe In... 

I’m sure we’d all be friends if we talked –
but would we be friends with Newt Gingrich?

But that’s The Point:
I stop, where Newt Gingrich starts

Why is that? 

Why do I stop there? 

Why does he define my self-sense?
And I can’t absorb HIM?

Why do these fuckers..
Why does the Skull And Bones Society,
or the CIA...
Why do the 33º Masons –

Why are they different from us?

They’re NOT – 

They want to explain things. 
They want an answer. 

They’ve found an answer that seems to suit them – which seems kind of uncool and cruel to me, because it involves exploiting other people. 

But they’re looking for an answer. 

We’re all looking for the same thing: 

Why. Are. We. Here?