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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Birchwood: The Place Where Tia Sharp Died

WARNING - These woods are haunted.

Witnesses had reported seeing a white van in the area bothering children the day before the disappearance, and earlier in the week, the police had conducted a search of a local wood 400 yards away from the house known as Birchwood.

They had sealed off the entrances with tape and used sniffer dogs and long sticks to probe the undergrowth.

If the body were to be found there, it would explain why she had disappeared so quickly, and the police would have been stuck with a body in an incident that resembled the Soham murders that the 10th anniversary commemorated.

This case consists of an abduction and murder of a schoolchild on the 10th anniversary of the Soham murders, the first since then, and a decomposing body in the loft which had escaped the nostrils of the residents and sniffer dogs, and which was discovered by the police only after they had astonished everyone by turning their search to the house itself.

The only apparent justification that they could have had for this switch was that the girl had disappeared soon after leaving the house and had not yet shown up in CCTV surveillance records.

There was NO CCTV coverage between the Hazell House and the Bus Stop 200 yards away
(half way to Birchwood) or between the Hazell House and either one of three Addington Tram stops (in the other direction).

As of today, there are EIGHT CCTV cameras mounted on the former Hazell House, alone.

Birchwood is a patch of ancient Woodland owned by the Corporation of London, Guildhall.

It is understood to formerly have been part of a hunting park serving the nearby Addington Palace.

Local Historian discovered in 1910 ruins of what appeared to be a the entrance to secret passageways, tunnels linking Birchwood with Addington Palace and the former stately home across the hill.

Birchwood is understood to lie on the Prime Meridian.

And remains of a Masonic altar were also found in the wood in 1910, close to the abandoned tunnel ruins.

Tia Sharp disappeared on Michaelmas Eve, a night of great magical and Pagan significance, the start of Harvest; she disappeared during the Olympics, which were occurring on the site of the ancient Michaelmas Fayre in Lee, built over to create the Olympic Park.

And it was the tenth anniversary of the Double Event at Soham - where screams were her around midnight in the woods bordering the fence of USAF / RAF Lakenheath, right at the spot where Holly Wells' mobile phone was logged as having been finally switched off...

Tia Sharp Appeal - 8 August from Paul Coker on Vimeo.

August 8th is also the anniversary of the Hiroshima Bomb and the Sharon Tate Murders at 10050 Cielo Drive.

As well as being (approximately) Michaelmas Eve (depending on the Moon)

August 8 

Michaelmas Eve - Second most Magickally significant night of the year after Beltane.

Tia's birth Father Steven Carter arrives at the Old Bailey to attend the trial of Stuart Hazell.

90% of all murders occur within the family, between blood relatives.

More than Two Thirds of all child abuse that occurs is incest.

Steven was an absentee father and estranged from Tia's mother, who had remarried.

The most likely, prime suspects in any instance of child sexual murder are the immediate family and blood relatives.

Stuart Hazell was essentailly confined to house arrest at 20, The Lindens for the duration of the week-long Police search of the area.

Steven Carter was only questioned once by Police during this time, for around 20 mins with his lawyer present.

Croydon is well-known and on record as having one of the highest density of Masonic Lodges anywhere within the UK - the guilty parties in the infamous Brinks Matt Roberry Case were all stationed at Croydon Police Station, including the Grand Master of Manor of Bensham Lodge, South Norwood.

Brother Speaks to Brother.

Steven Carter emerges from Court Number 1 of the Old Bailey, having heard the dramatic news of Stuart Hazell's inexplicable change of plea to Guilty "to spare the family any further pain", namely hearing the forensic evidence about to be presented that (police, prosecutors and Hazell's "defence" Q.C., Lord Carlile claim) would have linked him to Tia's body.

Steven Carter does not appear to be suffering any unnecessary pain.

He seems rather ecstatically relieved. 

Be careful what you wish for, Steven....

Once more with feeling there, Steven....

On the 10th anniversary of the Soham murders (actually the day before, on Friday, August 3rd, 2012), and during the national excitement of the London Olympics, 12 year-old schoolgirl Tia Sharp vanished after leaving her grandmother’s house in New Addington in south London to go shopping in nearby Croydon. 

The significance of this particular day is that a TV programme was scheduled to be broadcast that evening marking the 10th anniversary of the Soham murders, which was to feature victim Holly Wells’s father. The timing looked ominously significant and it soon became apparent that another such case was unfolding.

Three witnesses saw Tia Sharp leave her grandmother’s house at midday, including her grandmother’s boyfriend Stuart Hazell, who lived there. He had told the girl to be back by 6 o’clock, to which she had replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” as she left. The grandmother was not present.

The following Thursday, while the search was still on for Tia Sharp and her abductor, Hazell appeared in a TV interview himself saying that he had not had anything to do with the girl's disappearance, public suspicion having fallen on him because he was the last person known to have had contact with the missing girl.

Then a very strange set of events occurred. 

The police suddenly changed their investigation from that of an abduction and sealed off the house in which he and Tia's grandmother lived, including that of the neighbour, Paul Meehan, who was one of the witnesses that had seen the girl leave her grandmother's house that day.

The police now concentrated their investigation among the bins and surroundings of the house itself, and inside it, despite it having been searched several times before, including with sniffer dogs, and despite the witnesses who had seen her leaving the house.

Then a very strange development happened. 

Having switched their search to the house, the police announced the next day, a week after the disappearance, that a body had been found inside the loft, which supposedly had been lying there decomposing in the August heat for a week.

Among the various odd circumstances of this was that none of the residents of these two houses had smelt anything, including the sniffer dogs earlier in the investigation, and that the body was miraculously discovered after what seemed like a most unlikely and inappropriate change in the investigation.

Media attention having switched to himself, Stuart Hazell was soon recognized by a member of the public buying vodka in a shop in Merton, and he was arrested and charged with murder, while Paul Meehan, the witness who lived next door and had supported Hazell's account of Tia Sharp's exit from the house, was bailed on suspicion of having assisted an offender.

How can he be charged with having Assisted an Offender before Hazell had even been remanded on suspicion?

What if he's NOT an offender?

I'm fairly confident this is not legal - for one thing, this is not "assisting an offender" (plenty of other people also saw Tia leave on her own and said so, he wasn't the only one), this is "confirming an alibi" or "exculpatory evidence", which resulted in Meehan's arrest and detention on charges.

Welcome to Britain.

by Emmanuel Goldstein
Chapter I Ignorance is Strength

Throughout recorded time, and probably since the end of the Neolithic Age, there have been three kinds of people in the world, the High, the Middle, and the Low. They have been subdivided in many ways, they have borne countless different names, and their relative numbers, as well as their attitude towards one another, have varied from age to age: but the essential structure of society has never altered. Even after enormous upheavals and seemingly irrevocable changes, the same pattern has always reasserted itself, just as a gyroscope will always return to equilibrium, however far it is pushed one way or the other.

The aims of these groups are entirely irreconcilable...

Meehan's statement and (subsequently blocked) trial testimony would have definitively put Hazell in the clear.

It was physically impossible for him to have done this.

A point I raised myself to the representatives of the Mainstream Media outside The Old Bailey, but the cognitive dissonance was already kicking in - the appeared not to understand that that kind of thing kind of means that the Police are lying through their teeth...

The best response I got was "Why would the Police want to make it up...?"

Kind of not the point...

He's telling the truth.

Huntley from Paul Coker on Vimeo.

The night before Ian Huntley was arrested, the police broke into his car on the pretence that the two girls were in danger in there (this was two weeks after the girls had disappeared and when the official police view had switched to a belief that the girls were now dead). 

This break-in was a civil rights abuse against Huntley and his property, and it should be illegal. A second such abuse occurred the following morning, when the police arrested him at his father's house at the unseemly hour of four in the morning on suspicion of murder.

Huntley and Carr were taken to separate police stations for questioning, and Huntley was later taken to a psychiatric hospital where he was charged with the murders. 

The police gave as their explanation for this strategy that he didn't seem to understand why he was being charged with the murders, so his "treatment" in that hospital was for symptoms of innocence. He was deemed by the doctors to be unfit to be seen by the magistrates yet.

Huntley was held for questioning until the early hours of Tuesday the 20th, when he was snaffled away to Rampton high security hospital at five-thirty in the morning, and he was charged with the murders at ten o'clock that night. 

The timings of the arrests and the murder charge shows that the police and doctors found his condition to be robust

Ian Huntley's sleep had been ruined at both ends of the day that he was charged, and he was charged at the very point at which the police were legally obliged either to charge him or else to release him. 

The magistrates were not allowed to see him until he had been conditioned by the doctors at Rampton, when apparently he was no longer able to defend himself. 

If Huntley was fit to be charged with murder he should have been fit to be seen by the magistrates.

There was no inquest into the deaths of Jessica and Holly before the trial. 

This responsibility was left to the prosecution of Ian Huntley. 

The purpose of an inquest is to provide an unbiased overview of the circumstances and witnesses relating to a death, and it is essential for a fair trial. 

An inquest would have called up many witnesses who did not appear at the trial.

The taxi driver, Ian Webster, whose evidence is mentioned above, was not called as a witness.

The evidence of a witness who was reported seeing the two girls in the High Street after they are supposed to have died in Huntley's house (the witness was with her husband and knew the girls), was not used in the trial.

The four witnesses who were reported seeing the two girls at the War Memorial at around the time that they are supposed to have died in Huntley's house did not appear in the trial. Their testimony confirms Huntley's original witness statement.

The witness who was reported seeing a man and a woman in a green car (metallic green?) staring at two girls in the High Street did not appear at the trial. This evidence is important because two kidnappers might well be needed to control two children.

The several witnesses who saw a green car acting suspiciously around Soham at the time were not called to the trial.

Ian Huntley's legal defence was incompetent, and on this ground alone the trial judgment should be scrapped. 

No defence witnesses were used. 

The only defence witnesses that appeared were Maxine Carr, who didn't know anything, and Ian Huntley, who only had the prosecution case to defend himself with. 

The legal defence acted throughout as though Huntley was guilty even while he was protesting his innocence. 

His defence even caused him to accept the charge of perverting the course of justice when he was pleading innocence, and this undermined his Not Guilty plea to the murder charge. 

He did not change this defence until a year later and two weeks before his trial.

The series of murders involving Jessica and Holly began with the victim's body (Sarah Payne) being dumped out in the open in the holiday area that she was taken from (this presumably to throw the police and public off the scent regarding the Cheshire sighting), and it ended with the bodies of Jessica and Holly being dumped out in the open, minus the forensic evidence (the clothes) for the prosecution of Ian Huntley. 

In between, the cases of Milly Dowler and Danielle Jones indicate that the series killer would tend to bury or conceal his victims, which corresponds with the two areas of disturbed ground on Warren Hill outside Newmarket that the jogger reported to the police in the Jessica and Holly case.

The series began with defendant Roy Whiting pleading Not Guilty against a perfect stitch-up in forensic evidence (with hairs and fibres from the victim on the defendant's white van etc, and vice versa), and ends with Ian Huntley pleading Not Guilty (and changing his plea two weeks before his trial) against forensic evidence with which he is supposed to have fitted himself up.

A man who would come here of his own free will...
A man who has come here with the power of a king. By representing the law...
A man who would come here as a virgin...
A man who has come here as a fool!

A Lecture by Ian Crane on the world in which you live as it is.

Rather than how it should be.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Kincora: Justice Denied, Justice Disavowed

Paul Foot 1937 - 2004
(Pulmonary Aneurysm and Pan-AM Flight 103)

Working Class Hero.
(Despite being born a toff)

Sometimes, often, too often, The Innocents and Fools must be sacrificed in public for the good of Guilty Men.

Guilty Men Hide in Plain Sight.

Cloaked in many robes of silk and ermine....

They pass, as though they might be the likes of us.

But they are not Us. Nor do they answer to Us.

Or any Court of Uses.

My heart sank as I began to read this:-

"... Can it any longer be said that the allegations of Colin Wallace are to be believed only by wild men of the Left, such as Ken Livingstone (or the author), who are wedded to notions of conspiracies in the state machine? It's is worth recalling in this context that many of the people in the centre of British politics - Humphrey Berkley, Alex Carlile, Laura Grimind - who have studied the case carefully are inclined to believe what Colin says."

Paul Foot, 
Who Framed Colin Wallace?

Alex Carlile.

Lord Carlile of Berriew, CBE, FRSA, QC

Former Member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire, June 1983 - May 1997 
[Succeeded by the - very odd - Lembit Opik]

Appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire, New Year's Honours List for "services to National Security.

Queens' Counsel.

Deputy High Court Judge

Chairman of the Competition Appeals Tribunal

President of the Howard League for Penal Reform


Defence Counsel for Royal Butler Paul Burrell 

Chairman of the Chartered Security Professionals Registration Authority

Archetect of Control Orders, Ravager of Habeas Corpus

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Trustee of the White Ensign Association (he is happy to provide service and relief for tired old sailors)

President of the Security Institute

Founder and Director of Living and Dying Well Ltd.

Member of the Athenaeum Club (see previous alum)


Master of the Bench, Grays' Inn

Welshman, champion of Devolution 

Defence Counsel for Stuart Hazzell in the Tia Sharp Murder trial, architect of the shameful plea bargain.

State White-washer of Child Abuse Scandals

Savile Associate

Free and accepted Mason of the Blue Levels (?)


I read on with further dismay:

"In July of 1987, on the prompting of Humphrey Berkley, a formidable trio of politicians decided to set themselves up as an informal committee of inquiry into what Fred and Colin were saying. They were Roy Jenkins of the SDP [Athenaeum], a former Home Secretary, Merlyn Reese from the Labour Party, a former Home Secretary [Secretary of State for Northern Ireland at the time of the alleged epidemic of Child Abuse, Member of Parliament for Leeds South - assuming the seat upon the (mysterious, untimely) death of Hugh Gaitskel - and Home Secretary 1976 - 1979, during the Salad Days of the Yorkshire Ripper "investigation" fiasco by West Yorkshire's Plod Bretheren], and the former Prime Minister, Edward Heath. [...!]

Colin Wallace (second from right) in the company of PM Ted Heath at Kincora childrens home

Heath, out!! Heath, out!! Heath, out!!

If only he COULD have bloody come out, several hundred lives might have been saved from ruin, trauma and torment... Indeed, saved outright, seems more likely the case....

There's the rub.

At school, there was a clichéd (and not very funny, even then) euphemistic description used of a particularly uncomfortable, warm, close day that went "I'm sweating worse than a nonce in Toys R' Us.

As crass, insensitive and obnoxious as the imagary of that simile goes, it doesn't begin to cover the sheer depths of corrupt depravity implicit in putting Heath in charge of such an investigative tribunal, unofficial as though it may be.

To say the lunatics have taken over the asylum does short shrift to lunacy.

As bitter experience, many times bitten forever shy has taught the student of the politics of the Deep State and Shadow Government over and over again, as Barbara Honnigar once so eloquently distill this bitter truth:

"The Iran Contra Committee Hearrings, like the Tower Commison  before them, IN AND OF THEMSELVES  was a Cover-up"

Jinkies! Former Reagan White House staffer and truthteller Barbara Honegger vs. The Casey Family

Jimmy Savile, star of children's television favourite Jim'll Fix-It, sued the Sun in 2008 over a series of articles linking him to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children's home where human remains were found and children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused. 

He initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. 

Savile's reaction was to slap an injunction on The Sun who had to withdraw the picture. 

This was followed with a series of articles. 

One asserted that Savile was unwilling to assist with the police investigation and another that he admitted having visited the home. 

But then it brings in Edward Heath:

One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath, the former prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garenne among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called 'Morning Cloud', or as his bodyguards referred to it, 'Morning Sickness'.

The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. 

He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heath's yacht The Morning Cloud when they were at party conference. 

Allegedly Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP's with children for them to sexually abuse.

As a writer on Fortean Times notes:

"The sites which carried the Jersey picture usually segue into a very lurid mythos which has Savile pimping boys to Edward Heath for orgies on his yacht. 

We are just a few yards from the Twilight Zone of pedophile lizards . . ."

[Yeah - funny, that...]

The Disclosure Project site, which also has the same allegations about Heath, also notes:

"Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London's lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys. 

Nonetheless, he quickly fell prone blackmailers who insisted he dress up in a ridiculous Gestapo uniform in which he was photographed. 

Under threat of exposure Heath was forced to enter Britain into the Common Market, now the European Union, under very unfavourable conditions. 

It is still a bone of contention among scholars how he became PM in front of the immensely popular and scholarly Enoch Powell who to all intents and purposes should have been Prime Minister. 

We are drifting very far from credible truth here, and I think the notion that Edward Heath had a hidden private life, dressed up in a Gestapo Uniform (and no photos have come to light) and was blackmailed into joining the Common Market is a complete fantasy. 

David Ike's site goes one step further, and has Heath not only involved in Satanic rituals, but also - according to an eyewitness - shape-shifting into a reptilian, during a ritual. 

But the Heath story is interesting, because Heath is also linked to sexual abuse scandals regarding the Kincora boys' home in Ireland.

The earliest version of this in my lifetime was the Kincora boys' home affair in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. 

Then, three gay men working there had abused the boys in their care for almost 20 years. 

They had survived complaints from the boys, parents and other care workers, because one of them, the late William McGrath, was not only a senior figure in the Orange Order and a friend of the Reverend Ian Paisley, but also an informant for MI5. 

Rumours spread of boys being taken to big country houses to be used by public figures, including Lord Mountbatten, the former head of MI6, Maurice Oldfield, and Edward Heath. These rumours are still circulating on the Internet.' 

Where did these rumours come from? 

Colin Wallace, a former MI5 officer, revealed that they were part of a plan by MI5 to discredit Heath, so that he would have to give way to a Prime Minister more in keeping with a stronger security service. 

Colin Wallace, was an army intelligence officer attached to MI5 who resigned in 1976 protesting about MI5's anti-Wilson activities, but he says they also extended to Heath:

Wallace claims part of these covert psychological operations (known as 'psyops') were designed to prevent the election and re-election of a Labour regime. 

'We also had a campaign going against Edward Heath and other prominent Tory MPs thought to be too liberal', says Wallace.

'The aim was to discredit them politically by planting smear stories against them in the press. ' 

For example, Heath and other bachelor politicians were wrongly 'linked' to homosexual scandals, such as the Kincora boys' home affair in Ulster. 

The ultimate aim, Wallace says, was to remove Heath as leader of the Conservative Party and replace him with someone of a more resolute approach to political and industrial unrest.

Footy, you buried the lead - this is Big News!!!

This WAS big news...

It IS Big News, still..!!

"Meanwhile, Colin was making some headway in the political world... Lady Grimond took the papers to  Alex Carlile, MP, legal affairs spokesman for the Alliance, as the Liberals and SDP then called themselves. Colin was summoned to the House of Commons for a long meeting with Carlile, which resulted in an extraordinary press release on  2 March [1987]:

"It is clear that Collin Wallace, a principled man, knew too much about the Kincora Boys' Home scandal. Since his trial and conviction in 1981 for manslaughter of antique dealer Johnathan Lewis, facts have emerged which suggest Mr. Lewis may well have been killed by some person or persons other than Colin Wallace, in a successful attempt to frame Wallace.

These facts suggest a link may exist between the Kincora affair and the fate of both Wallace and Lewis. I have asked the Home Secretary to refer Mr. Wallace's conviction to the Court of Appeal. This is a case in which justice may have been foiled by intruige."

The release was printed in the small-circulation Today newspaper (3rd March 1987) but nowhere else in the British media. Carlile put down his question to the Home Secretary, which was deflected, and asked for an adjournment debate, which was refused because the House was about to rise for Easter. Two and a half months later, Mr. Carlile made another even more extraordinary statement in Sunday Today (17 May 1987) :

"I believe there are many people in high laces and within the security services who feel I'll-will towards Wallace for exposing their activities. The question is that if MI5 was prepared to kill to get even with Wallace, why not kill him? 

It may be that Wallace's allegations about MI5 Officers involved him in activities verging on the treasonable were widely known -  so if any harm came to him the finger would point directly to them. 

I have tried repeatedly in the House to get an adjournment in the conviction and will continue to do so."

The Right Honourable Alex Carlile was the Liberal MP for Montgomeryshire in the Welsh borders from 1983 to 1997, whereupon he was succeeded in his parliamentary seat by Lembit Opik and elevated to The Lords.

If you're the age I am, you view the Liberal Democratic Party of the UK through the lens of turncoat also-rans (Clegg), quirky eccentrics (Huhne), morose Whiskey-soaked alcoholics that couldn't make the cut in a major party (Kennedy), true Mavericks (Menzies-Campbell)... And, in their highest aspiration, true statesmen that transcend partisan politics possessing of gravitas, experience tempered with true humility.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many of those, and they have always been in short supply.

It's just a shame there's only ever going to be one Paddy Ashdowne in the world, because it makes you truly forget just truly how many real weirdos, freaks and headcases third party politics attracts like moths to it's flame.

Q: How do you get three Liberal MPs to sit on the same small milking stool?

A: Just turn it upside down

This is Carlile's old parliamentary constituency, Montgomeryshire:

Guess where the Bryn Estyn Care Home is....?

If you were to have said "Wrexham[Wrecsam], Mortimershire", you would have been correct.

Welsh care home investigation: Police findings published today

Detectives leading Operation Pallial will give an update on their probe later today

Detectives probing historic allegations of abuse in Welsh care homes will reveal their findings today after more than one hundred victims came forward.

Operation Pallial led by Director General of the National Crime Agency Keith Bristow will give an update on its progress after beginning its investigation in early November.

So far the probe, supported by the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), has resulted in just one arrest made over the allegations centring on North Wales care homes in the 1970s and 1980s.

The man, taken into custody in Ipswich, has been released on bail after being accused of “a number of serious sexual offences against a number of individuals”.

Tony Gregory, who says he suffered physical abuse in Wrexham care home Bryn Estyn between 1977 and 1978, wants culprits who have escaped justice for decades jailed.

Mr Gregory, 51, from Wrexham, who has suffered with depression all his adult life and struggled to hold down a job, said: “People are still walking free that should have been jailed years ago.”

Mr Gregory, who says he was sectioned for several months when the abused scandal re-emerged late last year, added: “Nobody has ever admitted any liability. We’ve been told it was a farce and we were telling lies because we were all after making a bit of money.”

Mr Gregory’s, brother Keith, 55, a Wrexham councillor, has said he was also abused during his time in the care system in the early 1970s.

The Gregory brothers suggest the abuse went much wider than the Waterhouse Inquiry, which published its report Lost in Care in 2000, found.

In line with its remit, this £13m inquiry focused on abuse in care homes in the former North 

Wales counties of Clwyd and Gwynedd.

The report dealt with more than 650 cases of child abuse in 40 care homes over a 20-year period.

The team involved in Operation Pallial has said some of the recent allegations are new and have never been reported or investigated previously.

But as well as investigating fresh allegations Pallial is also reviewing the historic police probes.
Pallial was one of two investigations announced by Prime Minister David Cameron after abuse victim Steve Meesham wrongly claimed Lord McAlpine had abused him.

Mr Meesham was interviewed on the BBC’s Newsnight programme and the segment began with the words “this man says a leading Conservative from the time was one of his abusers”.

Former Tory treasurer Lord McAlpine’s name was not mentioned on the programme, but it quickly began appearing on websites before Mr Meesham apologised and said it was a case of mistaken identity.

Alongside the SOCA probe Mrs Justice Macur will consider whether the Waterhouse tribunal’s terms of reference were too ‘narrow’.

But the investigations have been criticised as knee-jerk reactions after Mr Messham’s apology.
Also the BBC was accused of going back to Mr Meesham years after an original interview in order to deflect attention from its own mishandling of the Jimmy Savile affair.

The programme’s editors had earlier decided against airing a report linking the TV personality to child abuse.

Retired Bryn Estyn teacher Gwen Hurst says while she would never deny children were abused at the Wrexham home the scale has been exaggerated to maximise compensation payments.

Among former Bryn Estyn staff convicted of offences was house master Peter Howarth, locked up for 10 years in 1994 for violating boys as young as 12. He died behind bars.

Steven Norris, another senior member of staff at Bryn Estyn, pleaded guilty to three offences of buggery, one of attempted buggery and three of indecent assault.

Mrs Hurst, who worked at Bryn Estyn between 1975 and 1983, said: “All I know is that Waterhouse cost the country about £13m investigating all these things and spent considerable time over it.

“What he was doing was well publicised and everybody had the opportunity to come forward then and some of them did. Then why all of a sudden should it all appear again?”

If you are a victim of historic child abuse in North Wales, a witness or have any information, contact the Operation Pallial team 9am to 5pm weekdays on  0800 118 1199. A message can be left outside these times.

For his part, Lembit Opik is well-known for nurturing a constantly rotating, fine selection of beards over the years in public.

Cheeky, cheeky.
But not even a coachload of Transylvanian pop starlets can make those not look like the kind of glasses a Child Molester would war and that creepy crooked smile NOT be horribly, awfully reminiscent f pop impressario Johnathan King's creepy, crooked smile.