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Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Thirteenth Warrior

“It’s not about deserving
It’s about what you believe. 
And I believe in Love.”

Herger the Joyous: 
When they come, we form a circle in the center of the room, backs to one another. 

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: 
I am not a warrior. 

Herger the Joyous: 
Very soon, you will be.

Crom : 
Eye have never prayed 2 U B4. 
Eye have know tongue 4 it. 

No-One, not even U, Will remember if We Were Good Men or Bad. Why We Fought, or Why We Died. 

All that matters is that 2 stood against Many 
When 2 R In Luv.

That's What's Important! 

Valor pleases you, Crom... 

And if You Do Not Listen - 
Then 2HELL With U!

Listen, me and sis are off now, but we were kind of wondering, what's yer plan, Doc?  

Lady-Version : 
Because whatever you've got, you can't save them. 


There's another solar farm five levels above us. 

If I can get all the children up there, and most of the adults...

Then the Cybermen will find them again. 

It's the best I can do, so I'm doing it. 
Do you have a problem with that? 

You can't win. 

Angry-Eyes : 
I know! And?  

Saxon : 
Come on, Lady Version. 
I honestly don't know what you see in him. 

Lady-Version :

(They walk away.

No! No! 
When I say no, you turn back around! 

Hey! I'm going to be dead in a few hours, so before I go, let's have this out, you and me, once and for all. 


Is that what you think it's about? 

I'm not trying to win. 

I'm not doing this because I want to beat someone, or because I hate someone, or because, because I want to blame someone. 

It's not because it's fun and God knows it's not because it's easy. 

It's not even because it works, because it hardly ever does. 

I do what I do, because it's right! 

Because it's decent! 

And above all, it's kind. It's just that. 

Just kind. 

If I run away today, good people will die. 

If I stand and fight, some of them might live. 

Maybe not many, maybe not for long. 

Hey, you know, maybe there's no point in any of this at all, but it's the best I can do, so I'm going to do it. 

And I will stand here doing it till it kills me. 

You're going to die too, some day. 
How will that be? 
Have you thought about it? 

What would you die for? 
Who I am is where I stand. 
Where I stand, is where I fall. 

Stand with me. 

These people are terrified. 
Maybe we can help, a little. 
Why not, just at the end, just be kind? 

See this face? 
Take a good, long look at it. 

This is the face that didn't listen to a word you just said. 

(He walks off

Missy. You've changed. I know you have. 
And I know what you're capable of. 
Stand with me. 

It's all I've ever wanted. 

Lady-Version :
Me too. 

But no. Sorry. 

Just, no. 

(she takes his hand

But thanks for trying. 

(Lady-Version leaves)

How long do I have? 

Oh, I was precise. You'll be able to make it back to your TARDIS, maybe even get a cuppa, although you might leak a little.  

 And then regenerate into you. 

Lady-Version :
Welcome to the sisterhood. 

Missy? Seriously, why? 

Lady-Version :
Oh, because he's right. 
Because it's time to stand with him. 

It's where we've always been going, and it's happening now, today. 

It's time to stand with the Doctor. 

No. Never. 

Missy! I will never stand with the Doctor! 

Lady-Version :
Yes, my dear, you will.  

(So Saxon  zaps her in the back with his triple barrelled sonic whatever.) 

Don't bother trying to regenerate. You got the full blast. 

(They both laugh.

You see, Missy, this is where we've always been going. 

This is our perfect ending. 

We shoot ourselves in the back

The lift doors close and he descends, still chuckling. 

Lady-Version dies amongst the greenery.)

On the morning of 16 October, U.S. athlete Tommie Smith won the 200 metre final with a world-record time of 19.83 seconds.

Peter Norman finished second in a time of 20.06 s, after catching and eventually passing U.S. athlete John Carlos at the finish line. Carlos finished in third place in 20.10 s. Norman's time was his all-time personal best and an Australian record that still stands.

After the race, the three athletes went to the medal podium for their medals to be presented by David Cecil, 6th Marquess of Exeter. On the podium, during the playing of "The Star-Spangled Banner", Smith and Carlos famously joined in a Black Power salute. 

This salute was later clarified in Tommie Smith's autobiography as a Human Rights salute, not a Black Power salute.

Norman wore a badge on the podium in support of the Olympic Project for Human Rights (OPHR).

 After the final, Carlos and Smith had told Norman what they were planning to do during the ceremony. 
As journalist Martin Flanagan wrote; 

"They asked Norman if he believed in human rights. 
He said he did. 

They asked him if he believed in God. 

Norman, who came from a Salvation Army background, said he believed strongly in God. 

We knew that what we were going to do was far greater than any athletic feat. 

He said, 
'I'll stand with you'." 

Carlos said he expected to see fear in Norman's eyes. He didn't; 

"I saw love."

On the way out to the medal ceremony, Norman saw the OPHR badge being worn by Paul Hoffman, a white member of the US Rowing Team, and asked him if he could wear it.

It was Norman who suggested that Smith and Carlos share the black gloves used in their salute, after Carlos left his pair in the Olympic Village.

This is the reason for Smith raising his right fist, while Carlos raised his left.

Later career
After the salute, Norman's career suffered greatly

A 2012 CNN profile noted that "he returned home to Australia a pariah, suffering unofficial sanction and ridicule as the Black Power salute's forgotten man. He never ran in the Olympics again."

He was not selected for the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 despite turning in adequate times, and was not welcomed even three decades later at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Carlos later noted that "If we [Carlos and Smith] were getting beat up, Peter was facing an entire country and suffering alone."