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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bob Geldof is Evil

"Saint Bob, and Wild Boy Rock Star. 

You pick the one who people are going to believe. 

One day, the truth will be told.” 

- Michael Hutchance, Final Interview, 1997


I have received a completed police brief into the death of Michael Kelland Hutchence on 22nd November, 1997, at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Double Bay. I am satisfied that the cause of death was "hanging". I am also satisfied that there was no other person involved in causing the death. 

The question of whether the death was a suicide or not has to be considered. The deceased was found at 11.50am naked behind the door to his room. He had apparently hanged himself with his own belt and the buckle broke away and his body was found kneeling on the floor and facing the door. 

It has been suggested that the death resulted from an act of auto eroticism. However, there is no forensic or other evidence to substantiate this suggestion. I therefore, discount that manner of death.

With regard to the question of suicide I have to be satisfied on a strong balance of probabilities before I am able to come to such a conclusion. There is a presumption against suicide. Having considered the extensive brief I am satisfied that the standard required to conclude that this death was a suicide has been reached for the following reasons:

(1) Michelle Bennett, a former de-facto of the deceased, received two telephone calls from him on the morning of the 22nd November. The first was on an answering machine and Mr Hutchence sounded "drunk". During the second call at 9.54am the deceased commenced to cry and according to Ms Bennett sounded "very upset". She was concerned about his demeanour and for his welfare and told him she would come immediately. However, when she arrived at the hotel she was not able to rouse him by knocking loudly on his door nor by ringing him. She wrote a note and left it at reception. Ms Bennett stated that Mr Hutchence never expressed previous inclinations regarding suicide.

(2) The deceased's father, Kelland Hutchence, dined with him the previous night. The deceased was in good spirits, however appeared very worried in regard to the outcome of a custody suit in London. Mr Hutchence could offer no explanation as to why his son would take his own life.

(3) Ms Kym Wilson and Mr Andrew Rayment were with the deceased in his hotel room from sometime after 11pm and left about 5am. According to Ms Wilson the deceased appeared to want both of them to remain with him to offer support if the result of his custody hearing was unfavourable. His mood was described as "elevated, however pensive when discussing court proceedings". All three persons consumed alcohol, including vodka, beer and champagne together with cocktails during this time.

(4) Whilst Ms Wilson and Mr Rayment were in the room (when) Ms Martha Troup, the deceased's personal manager, rang from New York. Then later at 9.38am she received, via voice-mail, a call from Michael Hutchence in which he said: "Marth, Michael here. I had enough." She rang the hotel immediately and the telephone rang out. A further call was received at 9.50am on Ms Troup's telephone answering machine. The deceased sounded as if he was affected by something and was slow and deep. This call worried Ms Troup and (she) spoke to John Martin the tour manager for INXS about her concerns. Mr Martin refers to a note received from the deceased stating that he was "not going to rehearsals today". The rehearsal was to be the last one prior to the start of the tour and was quite important.

(5) Ms Paula Yates provided a statement. She provided background to the custody dispute between her and Sir Robert Geldof. She stated that she rang the deceased at some time prior to 5.38am on the 22nd November and he told her he was going to beg Geldof to let the children come out to Australia. She had told the deceased that the custody matter had not been finalised and was adjourned until the 17th December and she would not be bringing the children out. Ms Yates stated that the deceased sounded "desperate" during the conversation.

(6) Sir Robert Geldof received two telephone calls from the deceased, the first at about 6.30pm London time on (the) evening of 21st November. It was of a short duration and Geldof asked the deceased to call back. The second call was received by Geldof about 5.30am on 22nd November, Sydney time. This call was of some length. Geldof refers to the deceased's demeanour as being "hectoring and abusive and threatening" in nature. He refers to the deceased as "begging" to allow him to let the children come to Australia. He did not sound depressed during the conversation. A friend of both Geldof and Paula Yates, Ms Belinda Brewin, confirms the substance of the conversation between the two. A statement obtained from a Gail Coward, the occupant of the room directly next to the deceased's room, alludes to her hearing a loud male voice and expletives emitting from the deceased's room about 5am that morning. I am satisfied that she was hearing the telephone conversation between the deceased and Geldof.

(7) A statement obtained from the mother of the deceased, Mrs Patricia Glassop, confirms her opinion that the deceased was in a depressed state.

(8) In December 1995, Michael Hutchence was first prescribed Prozac by Dr J. Borham, a London medical practitioner, to treat a pre-existing depressive problem. He was last so prescribed on 1st November, 1997. A London psychiatrist, Mr Mark Collins, was consulted by the deceased on 17th October, 1997 in regard to a minor depression being experienced by him. According to the doctor there was no hint of suicidal thinking by the deceased.

(9) An analysis report of the deceased's blood indicates the presence of alcohol, cocaine, Prozac and other prescription drugs. On consideration of the entirety of the evidence gathered I am satisfied that the deceased was in a severe depressed state on the morning of the 22nd November, 1997, due to a number of factors, including the relationship with Paula Yates and the pressure of the on-going dispute with Sir Robert Geldof, combined with the effects of the substances that he had ingested at that time. As indicated I am satisfied that the deceased intended and did take his own life.

I am also satisfied that this death is one in which nothing will be gained by holding a formal Inquest. The identity of the deceased, the date and place of death and the manner and cause of death are clearly set out and the time and expense of holding an Inquest is not warranted and therefore such will be dispensed with. May I offer to the family of Michael Hutchence my sincere condolences on their sad loss.


Glebe. 6th February, 1998

"On Sunday morning the 17th [September 2000], a friend called Paula. Little Tiger Lily answered the phone. She said that she couldn't wake her mother. 

They found heroin, pot, and a ton of tiny vodka bottles around her. Her body was taken away for an autopsy. 

Their results were inconclusive."

"Just sprinkle some crack on'em and let's get outta here!"

Friday, November 29, 2013

Threat of prosecution forces an apology from Peaches Geldof after exposing baby abusers

Peaches Geldof apologises for tweeting names in Ian Watkins case

Peaches Geldof said 'lesson learned'

Peaches Geldof has apologised for tweeting the names of the two mothers whose babies were abused by rock star Ian Watkins.

Lostprophets frontman Watkins admitted attempted rape of a baby on Tuesday.The daughter of Band Aid founder Bob Geldof posted a series of tweets explaining she had assumed the names were already "public knowledge".
South Wales Police said it was discussing the tweeting issue with the Crown Prosecution Service.
Peaches Geldof is understood to have tweeted the women's names to her 160,000 followers after reportedly reading them on a US-based website.
"I deleted my tweets, however, and apologise for any offence caused," she said.
Geldof said at the time of tweeting she had "assumed" the names she saw on tweets were also published on news websites.

I think he may have been diddling her....

Michael Hutchence, Paula Yates and their daughter Tiger Lily

As 1,974,000 Australian’s tuned in to watch the first episode of the telemovie INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, last Sunday night, many were left wondering about Michael Hutchence’s daughter Tiger Lily, now 17, and what she’d make of the movie based on the father she’s never known.

Here’s a glimpse into the private life of Michael Hutchence’s only child.

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily was just 16-months-old when her famous father Michael Hutchence was found dead at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Double Bay. The rocker died under tragic circumstances that day in November 1997. Tragically her mother Paula Yates died a short time later in September 2000 when Tiger Lily was just four. She was then controversially adopted by her mother’s ex husband and father of her three sisters, Bob Geldof, despite Hutchence’s mother and sister wanted her to live with them in Australia.

So how did this little girl who lost both her her fast-living parents at such a vulnerable age turn out? What does she know of her real dad and her Australian background?

By all accounts Tiger Lily has grown into a self-assured, confident young women who is incredibly close to the family that raised her and calls Bob Geldof ‘Dad’. Geldof has gone to great lengths to protect his adopted daughter from the media spotlight, even keeping her away from the funeral of her grandmother, Hutchence’s mother Patricia Glassop in 2010. She attends a private school in south London close to her home in Battersea where she lives with Geldof and his partner of 16 years, French actress Jeanne Marine. She and Jeanne-Marine are reportedly very close. She is the only child still living at home but is still very close to her three older sisters who have all moved out but live close by. Tiger Lily features prominently on the Instagram account of sister Peaches Geldof.

According to, Tiger Lily likes drama class, singing and playing guitar. It’s been reported that once while Geldof was singing a Hutchence song she said, ‘my real dad’s a better singer than you, Dad’. We’re sure that went down well.

Tiger Lily now 17 and father Michael Hutchence

It was just two years ago that rare pictures of her were released on Instagram by her sister Peaches and boy, does she look like her father.

Despite her seemingly happy home life, her father’s family wishes they were closer to his only child. Younger brother Rhett sided with Geldof when he asked to adopt Tiger Lily. Hutchence’s mother Patricia Glassop wanted to raise Tiger Lily alongside Michael’s sister Tina.

Right up until her death Glassop accused Geldof of doing all he could to erase Hutchence’s memory from his daughter. It is understood the young girl has only been to Australia once in 2006 when she met her father’s family. In an interview at the time of the custody request Glassop said, ”I think he is Satan. I think he is cruel, very cruel to keep her from her family. I am not allowed to speak to her on the phone. He’s even changed the phone number.”

In his defence, Geldof said he only changed the phone number after Glassop allegedly rang the home several times a day. Shortly before her death Glassop said in a interview, ”I’ve begged and pleaded with him to let me see Tiger Lily again, but he’s turned a deaf ear. He’s treated me shabbily.”

Tina Glassop now lives in the US and has no contact with her niece.

The movie INXS: Never Tear Us Apart was in part inspired by manager Chris Murphy and the remaining members of the band who wanted to leave Tiger Lily with a record of just how amazing her father was, of a reminder of his talent and just how much he achieved. She is also said to be the recipient of her father’s royalties from the movie which could in fact set her up for life.

This is certainly Murphy’s intention. He is currently negotiating to sell the rights to the movie internationally.

INXS guitarist Tim Farris consulted alongside Murphy on the making of the movie. Murphy told the Telegraph:

“Both Tim and I made a lot of decisions about [the script] on behalf of Michael… this was about restoring Michael’s dignity and remembering there’s a teenage girl at the end of all this.’ Now, instead of going into the dark, unknown story of her dad and her dad’s death… To see Michael at 25, as Luke Arnold portrays him, she’s just going to go “wow” and have such a great perspective on who he really was.”

From Europe, Murphy will then fly on to the U.S. where he hopes to drum up support for a Hollywood movie or a Broadway musical.

The second and final instalment of INXS: Never tear us apart airs tonight at 8.30 on Channel 7.

Agent Provocateur's Occult Campaign - Featuring Peaches Geldof

"POLICE are probing claims that disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile was filmed cavorting naked in a Satanic sex club.

"Operation Yewtree detectives investigating the shamed star’s sordid antics are hunting for the footage which is said to have been preserved on DVD.

"The sleazy film is said to show other celebrities and civic bigwigs taking part in naked Satanic rituals at a secret club called The Chamber.

"The meeting place in Whitby, North Yorks, had a ceremonial whipping post in the centre of the room. Occult symbols including pentagrams and goat’s heads adorned the walls."

And again, it comes down to this - if she didn't overdose, and she didn't intend to kill herself (as the evidence suggests), then this begs the obvious questions which everyone is trying to ignore.

1) Who got hold of her phone?
2) Who tweeted this?
3) And why?

A source close to the family... told The Sun: 

'The hope is that Phaedra was so young he wasn't aware of what was going on. The most important thing is that he's OK.

'It is devastating for Tom that he wasn't there but it couldn't have been avoided.'

Unattributed quotes. Gotta love 'em.

So... No-one has any clue or any idea why it is that she's dead, exactly; "but it couldn't have been avoided."

Not as though anyone had decided that she had to die, or anything. And again, where was he?

Yesterday the nanny who became a surrogate mother to Peaches in the wake of Paula Yates's death paid tribute to her 'brave and beautiful girl'.

Anita Debney was employed by Sir Bob Geldof and Paula Yates to care for their children when Peaches was a toddler.

Speaking of her shock at the 25-year-old's sudden death on Monday, Ms Debney said. 'She has been the greatest joy, the greatest blessing, the most tender part of my heart and soul. "

'I loved her through the good times and the bad. We struggled and survived the darkest of times.

'She overcame so much and my love and appreciation of her indomitable spirit never wavered.

'The joy we shared in her beautiful babies was so deep and meaningful and filled both of our hearts with love and devotion,' she told The Mirror. 'She blossomed in motherhood and excelled at raising the sweetest, happiest babies in the world... You almost made it.'"

"You almost made it"...?

That's an extremely weird thing to say, even in a prepared statement.

Also, this person first worked for Bob and Paula as a Nanny, then worked for Paula, then worked for Bob again, and is now expected to continue working for Bob, raising Peaches' children.

Classy, Daily Mail. Real classy.