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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The Destiny Spear

Pirate” means “Man of Fire” —

That’s why they run away To Sea.

He said, "Brandy, you're a fine girl" (you're a fine girl)
"What a good wife you would be" (such a fine girl)
"But my life, my lover, my lady is The Sea"

That’s actually Wrong — Destiny has absolutely nothing to do with conscious desire...

Indeed, if you want to Do something, the chances and likelihood that it is What You Are Meant to Do is practically zero.

Donnie Darko’s Father is Jehovah — a Father God of pure desires and passions, outside of Time and History.

This becomes yet another instance of 
Fate vs. Destiny

Thor doesn’t WANT to Battle Thanos (Twice), but He chooses to —

And Thor is Right.

Thanos Doesn’t WANT to Wipe Out Half of All Life in The Universe (not really),  He just sees that task as necessary, essential and unavoidable — and since he is the only one with the requisite Strength and Will to Act, nobody else can do it, it therefore becomes 

The Thing He Was Always Destined to Do.

And Thanos is right — 
Seers, Fortune Tellers, Mystics, Time Travellers, and indeed 

The Fates
in the person’s of 
The Norns

CANNOT See Past Thanos’ finger-click —
So it HAS to occur.

It’s a Fixed Point in Time.


But Then Again — 

Thanos is The MAD Titan....

Or is he....?
I rather suspect He is just merely very misunderstood.....

Like Thor, Donnie Darko is a mag

Heretic —
A Son of God Who Chooses

Against his own personal interests, wellfare and petty mortal desires.

And Dies Laughing, Kim

Ego, The Living Narcissist
Ego, The Living Narcissist :
For the first time in my existence,
(beats chest)

I am Truly NOT ALONE!!!

(Peter, Son of Ego looks crestfallen)

Ego, The Living Narcissist :
What is it, Son?

Peter, Son of Ego :
My Friends...

Ego, The Living Narcissist :
Ah — Well, y’see, 
That’s... The Mortal in you, Peter.

Quill, Son of Ego :

Ego, The Living Narcissist :
We are... Beyond such things

Peter, Son of Ego :
(More firmly)

Ego, The Living Narcissist :
Now, -

Quill, Son of Ego :
But My Mother -
You said you loved My Mother.

Ego, The Living Narcissist :
And that I did -

My River-Lilly, 
Who Knew All The Words to Every Song 
That Came Over The Radio

I returned to Earth to see her 3 Times -

And I knew that if I returned a fourth, well...

I'd never leave.

The Expansion - The Reason for My Very Existence 
would be over,
so I did What I Had to Do.

But -

It Broke My Heart to Put That Tumour in Her Head.

Peter, Son of Ego :


Ego, The Living Narcissist :
Now, I know that sounds bad....


Ego, The Living Narcissist :
(mouth reforming and regenerating)
....ho THE HELL Do You Think You ARE?!?

(Not a Question - Telling, Not-Asking.)

Thursday, 6 December 2018


“You can underestimate it, but — Life is nothing but a Series of Riddles, which are forcing you to cancel  them, and gain The Right to take your Natural Place.

— Bro. Steve Cokely

Mr. Jehovah  Darko :
Look what The Cat Dragged In —

The Raffled-off Bride from The Graduate : 
Has he ever told you about his friend Frank?

Mrs. Darko :

The Raffled-off Bride from The Graduate :
Yes. The Giant Bunny Rabbit.