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Friday, 21 March 2014

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 - Where the Plane REALLY Went

It's in San Francisco. 

In bits.

Spot the difference:

First Principles:

You can't lose a Boeing full of iPhones.

That's impossible.

So that didn't happen.

I Quote The Enemy:

"The type's third hull loss and first involving fatalities occurred on July 6, 2013, when Asiana Airlines Flight 214, 777-200ER registered HL7742, crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport after touching down short of the runway.

Surviving passengers and crew evacuated before fire destroyed the aircraft. The crash led to the death of three of the 307 people on board. These were the first fatalities in a crash involving a 777.

An accident investigation by the NTSB is underway; its initial focus is on the aircraft's low landing speed."

Those of us paying at the time can remember that the reporting and photo-evidence concerning the circumstances and condition of Asiana Flight 214 last July were as bent as a 9 bob note.

Firstly, the plane crashed for no reason.

Secondly, it caught fire, for no reason.

Thirdly, three Korean passengers (initially reported as two children) died in the incident (for no reason) even though survivors reported that everyone had evacuated safely, and the condition of the aircraft on the Tarmac was ostensibly un-damaged from the outside.

Fourthly, none of the photos or video correlated to one another.

Fifthly, we were told of the fatalities, two children were run over by rescue equipment on the runway, contradicting the story of the fatalities having occurred as a result of the crash (not the fire)

Sixthly, the decidedly Thermite-like spontaneous secondary fire (or "fire") which melted half the plane, effectively destroy the crime scene inside the plane.

Seventhly, watching in real-time there seemed to be a conscious and conspicuous delay in getting the NTSB Investigators across the continent from Washington for hours and hours, almost as though someone was trying to keep them away from the plane and the crash stir for as long as possible - I recall the leader of the NTSB Team gave his first statement to the press in Washinton before embarking on the flight to the West Coast which makes no sense since he woul have absolutely nothing to say and preservation of the crash scene (assuming you actually care about finding out what happened) is of absolute, paramount importance.

Many of us speculated this whole episode was in some sense a cover for a Korean CIA double assassination.

So far, this thesis remains in concert with the best evidence.

Now: is this-

In any way, shape or form comparable to that:

Because this supposed to be the inside of that.

And if it isn't...

And if you were going to consciously destroy a crime scene like this...

You'd have to fake something.

And if you were going to fake something....

You'd need two Boeing 777-ERs.

But you can't lose a Boeing full of iPhones.

That's impossible.

So that didn't happen.

You can, however, repaint and renumber a Boeing without too many people noticing, relatively easily.

Spot the difference.

The radar blip was probably a military plane shadowing the filed flight plan before dropping below radar or activating Stealth measures and returning to Diego Garcia.

Just as with the "passengers" on the non-existent 9/11 flights - half of them were under Federal Indictments.

Also, count the windows - specifically to the left of the final "A" in "Asiana":

And again:

I think the plan was to nobble the plane's guidance system, make it crash (which is easy), kill everyone aboard to cover an assassination, but it went wrong and the crash was easily survivable by all concerned.

Typically, the intended victim is already dead with a bullet in the skull (or will be, upon survival), so this sent everything seriously tits up and they had to improvise and burn the plan to destroy the crime scene.

Hence the thermite smoke.

Having burnt the plane, they then had to find another plane they could let the investigators play around with, so they could blame the pilots for their instruments going mad and telling them to come in too low.

Which means they now having a missing plane that insurance won't pay out on.

The 777 is entirely fly-by-wire; it's the first major production airliner to have a completely electronic as opposed to a hydraulic flight control system, and there is no manual over-ride of the electronics, since they're not based on direct control inputs.

You could hack into one from anywhere on Earth and pilot it anywhere, without special modifications.

Or tell it that LAX is now 200m below sea-level, which is the Russian method.