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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tom Hanks and Public Myth

"[Leo] Strauss believed it was for politicians to assert powerful and inspiring myths that everyone could believe in.
They might not be true, but they were necessary illusions.
One of these was religion; the other was the Myth of the Nation."

Parkland is Tom Hanks' JFK Movie.

Told entirely from the point of view of medical team at Parkland Hospital.

It's been attacked all over the place, so it must be somewhat good - I've been part of a major effort for the last two years, lobbying Tom Hanks via social media - he originally agreed to produce a movie on the subject developed by the elders of the Mormon Church, based on a book written by a world-famous former CIA lawyer.

By which I mean, of course, that he's a former lawyer; not former CIA.

Hank's Character Buys the Farm in the Controversial "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close".

Better Known to Many as "Extremely Bad and Incredibly Nominated"

Hanks' Character's Son Visits a Simulacrum of the Ground Zero Victims Wall.

Of course, this isn't the Ground Zero Victims Wall - it's a set.

Here's what that actual Victims Wall Looked Like - not as good 

I quote the excellent analysis this PsyOp by Phil Jayhan of LetsRollForums:

There are many incredulous things about this 911 victims memorial wall which everyone should be aware of;
  • First, the posters went up in the first 2 days after 911. Most of them were missing posters. If you see so and so, please call,.... This is not even likely, much less believable. Most of the people who allegedly worked at the world trade center did not live anywhere close to it. Secondly, if your wife or sister worked at the WTC and didn't come home, are you going to spend your time calling hospitals and morgues or are you going to put up a missing poster? As if your wife or mother might be bruised, bloodied and injured, covered in dust, bumping around on the walls of new york city, just waiting for someone who has seen one of your missing posters to rescue you?
  • Many of the posters were put up using the same extra wide scotch tape or packing tape. If the memorial wall were real, made by the victims families, there would be all sorts of different tape used to attach the posters to the wall. Hundreds of different people are not going to bring the same type of tape for their "missing 911 victims posters..."
  • Many of these "missing posters" which presumably had phone numbers on them for easy contact in case their loved ones were found wandering the streets of the city ended up being used for the official 9/11 CNN memorial website. Why use a crappy picture of a poster which is weathered and warped, when their is the phone number of a family member to call for a picture, and better yet, a story?
  • It appears that the 9/11 victims memorial wall was put up, not by grieving family members missing their loved ones, but another group of people trying to actually prove the existence of these "missing people" from 9/11. It also appears this was a cheap attempt to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. As they also used the wall in a cynical attempt to degrade the peoples photographs and images even further, by taking 3rd generation photographs of the people listed on the wall from a video camera. Making the peoples images even more unrecognizable. This would normally be considered sacrilege.

Who would have sent any of these pictures to CNN for a lasting memorial photograph? These are pictures taken from a video camera of the weathered and warped pictures on the 911 victims memorial wall. Below is an example of a photograph captured in just this way.

Kind of looks like simply a bad picture, right? Look again using your Exif viewer; It is actually a third or fourth generation and copy, and the final picture you saw in the CNN Memorial was the black and white above,which was cropped from this full photo below; This can be still viewed in the pictures Exif data. Why did not CNN simply call the family and get a picture and a story? This picture, taken from a video camera, from a picture on the wall, was taken or created on 9/14/2001. So,even though there is a phone number on the poster,and it is only 3 days after 9/11, the person from CNN tasked with getting pictures of the victims, stops here? Only 3 days after 9/11? Even though they have the phone number of the family, they do not contact them and obtain a better picture, even a confirmation she is truly dead, and perhaps a story?

***Also note the tape which the pictures are taped with. It is all the same type of tape, probably from the same roll of tape. Who put the first picture up anyway? And why do most of the poor quality missing posters all have the same type of tape holding them up? Most, if not all of these pictures were put up by the same people. One can tell by simply examining them. 

And this technique re-occurs - because it is clearly effective, cheap and hides the perpetrators behind the taboo of challenging the victims and the bereaved.

But here again, we see the first two bunches of flowers laid in Woolwich for "Drummer Lee Rigby":

Same handwriting:

Someone figured out in the early 1990s - America completely trusts Tom Hanks.

He is an important voice in the crafting of Public Myth, which is the ideological underpinning of of the NeoConservative movement and contemporary Zionism.

Hanks makes a lot of films set in the recent past - study them very closely and you will see they are absolutely jam-packed with historical revisionism and the *very* subtle crafting and retooling of rough around the edges or ambiguous events with contradictions and grey areas into sharply defined, bold public myths. 

And all the time you have these regular collaborators like Robert Zemmekis or Steven Spielberg in his orbit.

"People with AIDS Often Resemble Clay Shaw"

You could make a very good argument, for example, that Hanks can be single-handedly credited with selling the public myth of the AIDS crisis (as well as gay acceptance) to straight, white America - and a lot of black people.

"People with AIDS Often Wear Hats and Always Have 2 Day Beards"

It's very important that Philidelphia came out in '92 and Denzel Washington was in the lead role, as his attorney - because by 1988, the black community had the documentation on Project Coast the South African Ethnic Weapons program and white doctors in South Africa injecting black children with AIDS - and since the Republic of SA had the State of Israel as an equal partner, rather a lot of those Doctors were American Jews.

"Educated Black Professionals and Gay WASPs with AIDS Will Get On Just Fine if the Blacks Can Just Overcome Their Natural Bigotry Towards Homesexuals. 

And Calm Down."

I was thinking about this - someone in Hollywood determined around 1992 that America implicitly trusts Tom Hanks.

Someone realised that Hanks was the ideal vehicle for the crafting of what Leo Strauss and Philip Zelikow refer to as Public Myth - something which Zelikow himself had done to JFK in Thirteen Days.

That film is slanderous is absolutely slanderous. 

Jack is portrayed as being completely clueless and lost, floundering around, waiting for Kenny O'Donnal to tell him what to do.

McNamara comes out of it looking really good though, you will notice.... Yelling at idiot Admirals and all....

"The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth - it is the truth which conceals that there is none.

The simulacrum is true. "

- Ecclesiastes

"In June 2006, Hanks was inducted as an honorary member of the United States Army Rangers Hall of Fame for his accurate portrayal of a Captain in the movie Saving Private Ryan; Hanks, who was unable to attend the induction ceremony, was the first actor to receive such an honor.

In addition to his role in Saving Private Ryan, Hanks was cited for serving as the national spokesperson for the World War II Memorial Campaign, for being the honorary chairperson of the D-Day Museum Capital Campaign, and for his role in writing and helping to produce the Emmy Award-winning miniseries, Band of Brothers."

"Can you hear me, Major Tom..?"

"In 2006, the Space Foundation awarded Hanks the Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award.

The award is given annually to an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to public awareness of space programs.

Hanks is a member of the National Space Society, serving on the Board of Governors of the nonprofit educational space advocacy organization founded by Dr. Wernher Von Braun."

Werner Von Braun is a Nazi War Criminal.

Tom Hanks very often appears as an American Everyman in films set in the recent past - where his natural credibility is used to prosecute revisionism: 

Example : Apollo 13 - great, iconic Public Myth creation - far more people remember the film than the actual event, when it was probably unclear to most of the country or the world just how badly damaged the craft was.

Apollo 13 acknowledges that NASA was staffed and run at the technical level by Nazi War criminals, and makes a joke of it: 

"Gunter Wendt - I vunder vere Gunter Vent..!"

Hollywood acknowledges that 1960s Texas was heavily populated by Nazi War criminals, SS Doctors and representatives of the Underground Reich, the Bormann Organisation - but not even Oliver Stone was brave enough to raise the spectre of possibility that Nazis killed JFK - even though  one of them was Director of Bell Helicopter, the boss of Oswald's Handler.

Hanks is probably also single-handedly responsible for crafting the image of the AIDS crisis (as well as gay acceptance) in the minds of straight white America; both overtly via Philadelphia, and far more subtly via Forrest Gump - if you can figure out how Jenny caught, and died of AIDS as a legacy of groupie activities in 1973, tell me how.

The number of public myths created, falsified or reinforced by Forrest Gump are far too numerous to do justice to here - but I will say that I do find it rather fascinating to note that that movie goes out of its way to tell you that Arthur Bremmer shot George Wallace, four times, from the front, and there was no second gun.

Robert Zemmekis goes out if his way to dub four loud, distinct gunshots onto the silent film footage of Bremer (or the double) firing blanks at Wallace from the front, through the crowd.

Which is extremely odd, since Wallace was shot five times in the back, from a low angle, with the last shot lodging in his lower spine.

And, to quote Dick Gregory: 

"Bremer had a gun that shoots five times; 
Wallace was shot five times.

So, if I've got a gun that shoots five times, and Wallace was hit five times.....

Who shot the Alabama State Trooper, the Secret Service Agents and the woman...?"