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Monday, 12 June 2017

Purpose : For No Law Can Unman a Man or Uncall a Calling


We, who are Conscious, must better understand Our Task; Ours is not to teach The People to be Conscious,  but merely to make them conscious of their Unconscious behaviour.

We must understand the difference between Mobilisation and Organisation, because The Enemy will use Mobilisation to DeMobilise US.

If we at not careful, we risk allowing Mobilisation to be EVENTS. Revolutionary Struggle is never an event.

One of the characteristics of Mobilisation is that it is temporary - Organisation is PERMANENT and ETERNAL.

As Revolutionaries, our goal is to obtain POWER.

We don't want Money,
We don't want Fame,
We don't want Women, Sex or Recognition,
Or the respect of our peers or enemies,


And The Revolutionary Struggle, the inner Struggle for Power [of any form or kind] is a FULL TIME VOCATION.

Some are Called, Some are Saved, Most are DOOMED.

That's why I must answer My Calling.

Because if not I, Then Who...?
See, I'm not a woman, and I don't work here.

The women who do are afraid for their jobs. 

They are afraid for their jobs.

What am I afraid of...?

Some are Called, A Few Get Saved - Most are DOOMED

I got Called - and so I answered.


There are 3 sacred things by which the conscience binds itself to truth,—

  • The Name of God
  • The Rod of Him Who Offers Up Prayers to God
  • The Joined Right Hand.

[Thompson, posing as a reporter for The Washington Post, is alone in an airport restroom when the "Candidate" (Richard Nixon) enters and starts using the urinal.]

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: Hi sir, it's Harris from the Post. Can I get you anything sir?

Candidate: How's the family Harris?

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: Oh the family, well that's bad news. The screwheads finally came and took my daughter away. Let me ask you a question sir, what is this country doing for The Doomed? 

There are two kinds of people in this country, The Doomed and The Screwheads. Savage tribal thugs who live off their illegal incomes, burrowed deep out there; no respect for human dignity. They don't know what you and I understand, you know what I mean.

Candidate: You ever play football, Harris?

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: Yes sir, thank you sir. I played in college, and they're gonna get your daughter too sir. I've heard their rallies, they like Julie but Tricia... and they really hate you sir. You know that one and a half of the State Senate of Utah are screwheads. You know I was never really frightened by the bopheads and the potheads with their silliness never really frightened me either, but these goddam screwheads, they terrify me. 

And the poor Doomed, the young, and the silly, the honest, the weak, the Italians ... they're doomed, they're lost, they're helpless, they're somebody else's meal, they're like pigs in the wilderness.

Candidate: Come here Harris, come here. 

Fuck the Doomed!

"Are you employed, Mr. Lebowski..?"

There are 3 sacred things by which the conscience binds itself to truth,—

  • The Name of God
  • The Rod of Him Who Offers Up Prayers to God
  • The Joined Right Hand.

There are 3 orders who are exempt from bearing arms,—

  • The Bard
  • The Judge,
  • The Graduate in Law or Religion. 
These represent God and his peace, and 
no weapon must ever be found in their hand. 

There are 3 persons in a family exempted from all manual or menial work

  • The Little Child, 
  • The Old Man or Woman, and
  • The Family Instructor

There are 3 orders against whom no weapon can be bared

  • The Herald 
  • The Bard 
  • The Head of a Clan

There are 3 of private rank, against whom no weapon can be bared,—

  • A Woman 
  • A Child Under Fifteen, and
  • An Unarmed Man

There are 3 Sons of Captives Who Free Themselves

  • A Bard 
  • A Scholar 
  • A Mechanic

"Learning was greatly respected. Privilege of support was given to rank, to bards or teachers, and to orphans . The free man must support a wife, also a fighting man if he does not fight himself, and a family tutor. The family teacher was exempt from all manual work, bearing arms, or cultivation, like infants and the aged. The privileged arts, that give complete liberty, are bardism, metallurgy, and learning or literature. Those who profess these have an extra five acres of land besides their five acres as free men."