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Friday, 27 October 2017

After The Rain

In `Five by Five`, Faith comes to Los Angeles and is hired by Wolfram and Hart to kill Angel, which she attempts to do after torturing Wesley. In the end, however, Faith is dealing with bigger issues, and it all culminates—after a street fight—with her collapsing in Angel’s arms, crying. 

Offers Minear, `We knew we wanted to bring Faith back, and I think the episode works on all cylinders. Here’s an interesting behind the scenes item: The writer, Jim Kouf, writes big feature films, and sometimes he writes scenes that are not producible for a TV show because he is used to working with much more money. 

So he wrote this big, huge fight at the end that you actually get to see because we shot it. But he wrote it to take place in the rain, and we decided that we can’t afford the rain. It was going to be too much material to shoot and that’s going to be one extra technical complication that’s going to make it impossible. So we cut the rain from the script. 

If you notice, the big fight at the end, when Faith collapses in Angel’s arms, it’s in the rain. 

That is because it actually rained. 

It poured while we were shooting. It was the first night of a big torrential rain storm that we had for several days. It started that night, on the set of Angel, while Angel and Faith were fighting.`