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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

The Sequence of gunshots (reports) can be heard from around 5 mins 30 seconds

21:00 "The negro gentleman says that there was another man, too..."


Render unto Caesar.... from Spike1138 on Vimeo.

The story of the murder of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, told in music and pictures

Picutres which Life Magazine declined to publish until 2006.

It's a really complete and accurate accounting of that murder - Sirhan Sirhan doesn't feature in it.

Thane Eugene Caser, Michael Wein and the LAPD, however, do.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Render Unto Cesar

The story of the murder of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, told in music and pictures

Picutres which Life Magazine declined to publish until 2006.

It's a really complete and accurate accounting of that murder - Sirhan Sirhan, while in the same room at the time doesn't feature and plays absolutely no part in it.

Thane Eugene Caser, Michael Wein and the LAPD, however, do.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Importance of Fact Checking the Fundamentals - How a Single Error Can Destroy A Lifetime's Research

Michael Wein [Wayne], Palestinian Jew.

Michael Wein [Wayne], Palestinian Jew.

Sirhan B. Sirhan, Palestinian, Not a Jew.

I believe this work is intentionally erroneous, for one specific reason I will come back to towards the end - it MAY be simply poor research, but the level of detail and the 180* directional skew leads me to suspect this may be deliberate Black Propaganda.

But I'm getting ahead of myself;


"The motive for LBJ and Dulles becoming involved in the assassination of RFK was of tremendous importance to both of them. The final enticement came for them to enter the project when the Shah of Iran was willing to foot the bill. (The economics of Iran had really gone from that of very bad to super-great. This rapid change can be attributed to the royalties the country received from their sale of oil to British Petroleum.)

Iran is an oil rich country. The Shah in one of his impetuous moods made the decision for Iran to recognize the state of Israel.

This hasty decision shocked the Arab world which is most of the Middle East. Whether you know it or not, the Arab world is a very close-knit, cohesive group. In order to exonerate both himself and Iran with the Arab world our theory is that the Shah was very much involved in the assassination of RFK. His participation in that project is supported by the following facts:

1) We do know from the evidence submitted that a very good friend of the Shah of Iran (Reza Pahlavi) was with Sirhan on 6/2/1968 at the Robert F. Kennedy campaign headquarters. This good friend was Khaibar Kahn Goodarzian. He was known in Iran as simply Khaibar Kahn with Goodarzian being his adopted American name. Goodzarian emulated the entire Arab world with his stong dislike for Israel along with his daughter, Sirhin Kahn, who outwardly displayed her resentment for the country much more openly than did her father. She actively participated in an anti- Israel protest in front of the United Nations building in New York City. It is our feeling that Goodzarian ,at the Kennedy campaign headquarters, was bolstering Sirhan’s confidence for the latter’s participation in the assassination as well as offering Sirhan logistic information concerning the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

Sirhan has been positively identified by the LAPD as being present at the Kennedy campaign headquarters on 6/2/1968. (video camera). 2) as previously stated we know that the Shah of Iran in the form of Reza Pahlavi had sent Allen Dulles a check for $1,000,000.00. 3) The Shah was an Arab at heart and yet he had his country recognize the Arab’s world most insidious enemy. The state of Israel.

The Shah had to make this decision of recognition in a moment of anger or indecision. He soon recognized that for the Arab world he had made a terrible mistake. Then he began the journey to search for ways he could exonerate both himself and his country. He thus became involved in the assassination of RFK.

Unfortunately for him, Bobby Kennedy had made public the fact that he was very pro-Israeli and would maintain that stance. If elected to the office of president he promised to send Israel 51 Phantom fighter jet aircraft to aid them in their conflict with the Arabs. With Sirhan-Sirhan being a bona fide Arab, can you imagine how well this promise was welcomed by him?

Let us not forget that The Six day war had occurred exactly one year prior to the assassination. This was a war between the Arabs of the Middle East and Israel. The war was basically between Jordon andIsrael. Jordon which represented the Arab world lost the Six Day War and this festered a resentment against Israel within Sirhan-Sirhan. Sirhan was a naturalized citizen of Palestine and Jordon.

More than any other issue facing Lyndon Baines Johnson, victory in the Vietnam war was the obsession of our president and anyone wanting to end the war was his mortal enemy. Once again Bobby Kennedy placed himself in a tenuous position with LBJ by proclaiming that he was morally against the war in Vietnam and would end it if he became president. Covertly Richard Nixon has been said to agree with LBJ to continue the war in Vietnam after he had been elected president in order to maintain friendship."

It may not be the most persuasive of arguments, and it's motivations are somewhat labyrinthine, but it does at least hang together and make logical sense, right?

Of course it does.

Or, it would.... If Iranians were Arabs.

They are not Arabs. They hate the Arabs.

One of the most enduring myths of global Islam is that it's monotlithic and unitary:

In reality, it'd anything but.

Islamic peoples and Islamic nations of the Earth are nearly, if not more diverse than those of Christendom.

Even leaving aside the most well-known and vast Sunni-Shia ecumenical schism, it's a broad Mosque, if nothing else.

And that's just the ecclisastical split, never mind the ethnic, cultural and historical animosity that exists in such intenecine struggles.