Saturday, 20 July 2019

I Make My Own Soap Now

Coulson remember me.
You're the closest thing I have to family.

So, we're both from "The Real World," we're S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, our bodies are being held captive, and this is all a virtual prison, built to keep us sedated.
Am I missing anything? 

No, that's about the gist of it.

[ Chuckles ] 
I knew I wasn't crazy.
Hydra lies about everything.
The news? It's all fake.
Take the Cambridge Incident.
It was a setup.
That girl shouldn't have been at that school in the first place.

Where we're from, she died.
This never happened.
[ Chuckles ] [ Door opens ]

History Student : 
Hey, Mr. Coulson, my homework was done, I swear, but then my dad made me —

Coulson :
Amy, we've been over this.
Until first bell, this is my time.

It's okay.

Hydra used Cambridge to take control, in The Name of Law and Order to justify everything.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.

[ Sighs ] 
I knew if anyone would understand, it'd be you.

Coulson :
I would've figured it out a long time ago if it wasn't for the mind-control soap.


Coulson :
That blue soap everyone uses? 
Hydra loads it up with chemicals.
It seeps into our bloodstream.
Implants false memories into our brains.
They want us to believe this is a magical place.
But don't worry, I'm clear.

I make my own soap now.

No, I think that you're talking about Project TAHITI.
They messed with your head a little bit which is why you probably remember some things, uh –
Why don't we put the soap theories on hold just for one second, okay? 


We got a problem.
[ Sighing ] 
Oh, you have no idea.
Something big's going down over here.
They're sending a unit to pick up your teacher friend.
You're gonna need a substitute.
Come on.
Don't quit on me.
Not now.
Not now.

Coulson :

Simmonds :
Oh, hi.

Coulson :
It's me again, Phil Coulson.
I called Hydra on you.
My bad.

Simmonds :
Water under the proverbial bridge.
I'm so glad to see you, sir.

Coulson :
Apparently, in The Real World, I have a robot hand.
[ Chuckles ] 
Pretty cool, right? 

And here, he makes his own soap.
How about that.

I do.
You should, too.

Coulson :
[Sighs ] 
For the longest time, I just wanted someone to believe me 
and tell me I wasn't crazy.

Simmonds :
You are not crazy.

Coulson :
I live alone and make my own soap.

Simmonds :
I - Uh. It's quaint.
Hipster, even.

Coulson :
That's not how my ex-wife saw it.
Who am I kidding? I'm not remotely qualified to be here.

Simmonds :
I know The Real Coulson, and I believe in you, 
even if you don't just now.
You're exactly Where You're Meant to Be.

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