Saturday, 13 July 2019

Sculley's The Skeptic

Kendrick : 
This girl supposedly has some kinda supernatural powers.

Kate Lockley : 

Kendrick : 
Come on, Kate. 
Everybody knows you've gone all Scully. 
Any time one of these weird cases crosses anyone's desk, you're always there. 
What's goin' on with you?

Kate Lockley : 
Scully’s The skeptic.

Kendrick : 

Kate Lockley : 
Mulder's The Believer. 
Scully's The Skeptic.

Kendrick : 
Scully's The Chick, right?

Kate Lockley : 
Yes. But she's not The One That Wants to Believe.

Kendrick : 
And you wanna believe?

Kate Lockley : 
Oh, I already believe. 
That's The Problem.

Thank merciful God.
The Cavalry's shown up.

I hear you've been worse than usual this morning. 
I didn't think that was possible.
So I've been dispatched as the "Steve Whisperer."
This is a '55 Margaux.

It's 9:00 in the morning.

This is a '55 Margaux.
Is it my imagination or have you started to dress like me?

It was a bad idea to have Markkula open with quarterly reports.
Instead we should have just dropped water on the audience.
You know, just big 10,000-gallon tanks of cold water, dropped from the ceiling.
Save Mike some money on index cards.

Oh, just relax.


I don't know. No one's ever asked me that question.

There you go.
You're the only one who sees The World the same way I do.

No one sees the world the same way you do.

I'm like Julius Caesar, John.
I'm surrounded by enemies.

No, you're not.

The board...

Oh, the board. The board's behind you.

Only because you see to it they are.
I think it's a good board, but if you want me to push them out
one by one, we can talk about that.

I want you to push them out all at once... through a window, if it's the nearest exit.
The look on their faces when we showed them the spot.

I couldn't see their faces, 'cause they were banging their heads on the table.
Yeah, yeah. Yesterday, the day after it airs once, the publisher of Adweek calls it the best commercial of all time.
Of all time! And it is.
And if anyone does one better, it's gonna be Chiat/Day, who the board wanted to replace, and it's gonna be Lee Clow, who the
board thought was out of his mind.

Ladies and gentlemen, "1984."

The first glorious anniversary of the information
purification directives.
We have created for the first time in all history a garden of pure ideology where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests purveying contradictory thoughts.
Our unification of thoughts is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on Earth.
We are one people...

Did we use skinheads as extras?
A couple of people have told me that.


We paid skinheads? I've got skinheads on my payroll?

They had a look you wanted.

The skinheads?


Okay, let's keep that to ourselves.

We shall prevail.
On January 24th, Apple
Computer will introduce Macintosh.

Who else knows?

Who else knows what?

That we paid terrorists to be in our TV commercial.

They were wrong about the ad, but they're a good board. Good people.
Their only problem... 

Their problem is that they're people.
People. The very nature of people is something to be overcome.

When I was running Pepsi, we had a lot of success focusing on 18-to-55-year-olds who weren't members of violent hate groups.

I get it.

You're not surrounded by enemies.

We're almost there.
I'm back and forth on The Dylan.
I might quote a different verse.

What are the choices?

"For the loser now will be later to win,"
which is what we have.

Mm-hmm. Or?

"Come mothers and fathers throughout the land and don't criticize what you can't understand.
Your sons and your daughters"...

"Are beyond your command."
I just lost a hundred bucks to Andy Hertzfeld.
He said you'd change it to that verse.
We got 45 seconds. I want to use it to ask you a question.
Why do people who are adopted feel like they were rejected instead of selected?

That came out of nowhere.

"Your sons and your daughters
are beyond your command.
Your old road is rapidly aging."
So go fuck yourself, because my name is Steve Jobs,
and the times, they are a-changin'.

I don't feel rejected.

You're sure?

Very sure.

'Cause it's not like the baby is born and the parents look and say,
"Nah, we're not interested in this one."
On the other hand, someone did choose you.

It's having no control.
You find out you were out of the loop when the most crucial events in your life were set in motion.
As long as you have control.
I don't understand people who give it up.
What inspired Hertzfeld to make that bet?

He was warning me that being your father figure could be dangerous.

Keep your 100 bucks. 
I'm sticking with the first verse.


What the hell does he mean?


I'm proud of you.

Thank you, boss.

It's my pleasure to introduce my friend and the CEO of Apple,
John Sculley.



Lisa made a painting on the Mac.


Six minutes.
You want to see Sculley?


You know all those times I told you you needed security?
Here's why.

I don't know how it is I've gotten older and you haven't.
Some deal with the devil I was never offered.

So you know what I've been thinking for the last four years?

As it turns out, John, I've never known what you were thinking.

No newborn baby has control.
Do you know what I'm talking about?
In '84, before the Mac launch. You said...


You said that being adopted meant you didn't have control.

We're starting in a minute, so...

Why do people think I fired you?

It's fine, John. It's all behind us.

Is it? Hmm?
Don't play stupid. You can't pull it off.

You came here to ask me why people think you fired me?

Why do people think I fired you?

Just confirm something for me, okay?
You liked the ad, right?
The commercial... "1984." You liked it.

When are you gonna get furniture?

It's not an easy process.

It is. You buy a couch, take it from there.

I'd be really surprised if you came here to talk about interior decorating.

I liked the ad very much.

You did?

You know I did.

You're a lying son of a bitch. You tried to kill it.

It's time to take a hard look at the Mac.

It's past time.
It's overpriced. We need to drop it to 1,995.
We need to double the marketing budget, put more bodies on an internal hard drive and invest in FileServer.

Where the hell did you get the idea I tried to kill...

Lee Clow.

Lee's wrong.

He's lying?

He's... mistaken.

Where would the money come from?

It would come from finally getting rid of the Apple II.
The Apple II is the only thing making money.

You agreed with the board.
- I understood the board's concerns, but I...
The board's concerns that
we didn't show the product?
- Among other things, but my question was...
- What other things?
I'm asking because I'm curious.
You said "among other things."
Among other things, it was
set in a dystopian galaxy.
It took place on a planet
where we don't live.
It was dark and the opposite of our brand.
And we didn't show the product.
People talked about the ad but most of
them didn't know what we were selling.
The Mac needs to sell for 1,995.
There is no market research telling us
the Mac is failing because it's overpriced.
It's telling us that people don't like it
because they think it doesn't do anything.
It's closed,
We didn't know it wasn't what
people wanted, but it isn't.
They want slots, they want
choices, they want options.
The way we buy stereos...
mix and match components.
John, listen to me. Whoever
said the customer is always right
was, I promise you, a customer.
- It had skinheads in it.
- She was liberating them.
- Liberating the skinheads.
- The ad didn't have anything to do with fucking skinheads.
We used them as fucking extras.
Nobody even knows they were skinheads.
I'm just saying the board had concerns...
You invented lifestyle advertising.
And our brand was my brand.
My job is to make a
recommendation to the board.
We showed a lot of happy
people drinking Pepsi.
We didn't say the world was going
to end if you bought a Dr. Pepper.
Recommend that we drop the price
and double the marketing budget.
- I can't.
- And we showed the product.
We showed it being opened, we showed
it being poured, being consumed.
What are you gonna do,
recommend that we kill the Mac?
I already have, Steve.
What? When?
You think the secret to your success
was not assuming people knew
what to do with a can of soda?
I didn't kill the ad, Steve! I'm the
only reason it made it on the air.
Just now. An hour ago.
I'm coming from Markkula's house.
What did he say?
- What did he say?
- Invent something new.
I'll give you a team. You can sit in Maui.
The resorts come with couches.
Wait a minute. Are you saying you
recommended terminating the Mac
or you recommended taking
me off the Mac team?
We bought three spots in the
Super Bowl. Two 30's and a 60.
After we screened it, the
board wanted that money back
and they asked me to sell off the spots.
Chiat/Day sold off the
two 30's but not the 60,
and I let it be known to Lee Clow
that if he didn't try very
hard to sell the last spot,
I wouldn't be unhappy.
If we drop the price
and double the budget...
Drop the price or double
the budget.
The only way to do that is to
take money out of the Apple II.
The Apple II should embarrass
you. It embarrasses me.
It doesn't embarrass the shareholders.
I don't give a shit about the shareholders.
That's why I hired you, so I don't
have to hear about shareholders.
The shareholders are my problem, and
the board represents the shareholders.
That's how it works.
You sure it wasn't Lee Clow who
dragged his feet selling the 60?
At my direction, Steve.
You think he would have done that
on his own, taken it on himself?
Yeah. I think he would've done
what it took to save it from you.
- I was the only thing protecting it.
- You didn't want the ad
because you were trying to kill the
Mac two months before it launched.
You are fucking delusional.
- Can I mention something to you?
- Sure.
I have no earthly idea why you're here.
The story of why and how you left Apple,
which is quickly becoming
mythologized, isn't true.
- I'm gonna take this to the board myself.
- Don't do that.
- I am doing that.
- You can't.
They believe you're no longer
necessary to this company.
I get hate mail, death threats.
I get death threats.
My kids are getting taunted.
Why do people think I fired you?
Joanna's gonna call my name in a second.
- Steve?
- That was unrehearsed.
Yeah, I'll be there in just a second.
I gave you your day in court.
- You gave me?
- I gave the board a clear choice.
I said, "Do you want to invest in the Apple
II or the Mac?" They chose the Apple II.
The same people who wanted
to dump the Super Bowl spot.
And then I got on a plane to China.
Mr. Sculley. There's a
call for you on Line One.
Or I almost got on a plane,
because I got a call in the lounge.
- Who made that call?
- Doesn't matter.
It matters to
me. Who made the call?
John Sculley.
John? If
you get on that plane,
you'll have lost your
job by the time it lands.
Steve's been calling the
board. He wants you out.
I left my bags on the plane.
My shit's still somewhere in Beijing.
I took a car back to Cupertino in
the middle of the fucking night.
I know what time it is. I need a quorum
here in one hour and I want Steve here too.
You took me off the
Mac, and it was bad business.
- The quorum call was a homicide.
- Right there! Right there.
That's the part that's bullshit, my friend.
It was a suicide.
Because you knew your
cards and I showed you mine.
I showed you mine, and you did it anyway.
What did you think I was gonna do?
I'm okay losing, but I'm not gonna forfeit.
I'm not okay losing.
We're losing market share,
and the Mac is losing money.
Our only hope is the Apple II, which is stagnating
because of its soon-to-be-obsolete DOS.
Users are already rigging their machines
to run with a CP/M operating system
that's been built to run on Intel.
I can't put it more simply than this.
We need to put our resources
into updating the Apple II.
By taking
resources from the Mac.
It's failing. That's a fact.
- It's overpriced.
- There's no evidence that it's...
I'm the evidence!
I'm the world's leading expert on
the Mac, John. What's your rsum?
You're issuing contradictory instructions,
you're insubordinate,
you make people miserable.
Our top engineers are
fleeing to Sun, Dell, HP.
Wall Street doesn't know
who's driving the bus.
We've lost hundreds of millions in value.
And I'm the CEO of Apple,
Steve. That's my rsum.
But before that, you sold
carbonated sugar water, right?
I sat in a fucking garage with
Wozniak and invented the future.
Because artists lead and
hacks ask for a show of hands.
All right.
Well, this guy's out of control.
I'm perfectly willing to hand
in my resignation tonight,
but if you want me to
stay, you can't have Steve.
Settle him out.
He can keep a share of stock
so he gets our newsletter.
He'll have to sever his
connection to Apple.
I'm dead serious. I want the
secretary to call for a vote.
I fucking dare you.
You have done an outstanding job over
the years of cultivating the press.
And by that, I mean manipulating them.
Because none of them, none of their
editors, none of their editors' publishers
to this day know that you forced it,
that you forced the board.
Even after I told you
exactly what they'd do,
which is exactly what they did.
I don't have any trouble
remembering that, John,
because of it being the
worst night of my life.
And I forced the vote because
I believed I was right.
I still believe I'm right. And I'm right.
Now I bled that night.
And I don't bleed.
But time's done its thing,
and I really haven't
thought about it in a while.
Now, I absolutely
understand why you're upset.
And I want people to
know the truth too.
It's time.
Got it.
You're gonna end me, aren't you?
You're being ridiculous.
I'm gonna sit center court
and watch you do it yourself.
Then I'm gonna order a nice meal with
a '55 Margaux and sign some autographs.
- Jesus Christ.
- You want some advice, Pepsi Generation?
Don't send Woz out to slap
me around in the press.
Anybody else... you, Markkula, Arthur Rock.
Anyone but Rain Man.
Don't manipulate him like that.
Whatever you may think, I'm
always gonna protect him.
Come on, Steve.
That's what men do.
We can't start late.

Come on in, honey.
- It's not "honey."
- John.
Get in. Get in. Get out of the hall.
I was taken in a side entrance.
I'll go out the same
way. No one will see me.
- How are you, Joanna?
- I'm good, John.
I'm just surprised to see you.
Everyone here really appreciates
the quote you gave to Forbes.
- You didn't have to do that.
- My pleasure.
If you want, I can slip you in
the back once the house lights go out.
- I'm just here to say "good luck."
- Okay.
You just have a couple of minutes.
- Would you try to find...
- Yeah.
You're a good man, John.
So I brought you a present.
A Newton.
Don't take it out of the box, you'll be able
to sell it, which is more than I can say.
Everything all right there?
Uh, no...
Just something Joanna pointed out to me.
I missed something so obvious about...
Doesn't matter.
Look, Wall Street's gonna sit back
and wait to see how you do as CEO,
so don't let any fluctuation
bother you for the first 12 months.
Day traders are gonna respond.
I don't need to school you.
This your way of telling me I
shouldn't have killed the Newton?
The most efficient animal
on the planet is the condor.
The most inefficient animals
on the planet are humans.
Well, you shouldn't
have killed it for spite.
That's bad business. Don't do that.
But a human with a bicycle
becomes the most efficient animal.
And the right computer...
a friendly, easy computer
that isn't an eyesore
but rather sits on your desk with
the beauty of a Tensor lamp...
The right computer will
be a bicycle for the mind.
Do you like it?
I was giving back.
And what if instead of it
being in the right hands,
it was in everyone's hands?
Everyone in the world.
We'd be talking about the most
tectonic shift in the status quo since...
I don't know why you've always been
interested in my adoption history,
but you said it's not like someone
looked at me and gave me back.
But that is what happened.
And you're telling me you
have the right computer.
It's called Macintosh.
A lawyer couple adopted me first,
then gave me back after a month.
They changed their mind.
Then my parents adopted me.
My biological mother had
stipulated that whoever took me
had to be college-educated,
wealthy and Catholic.
Paul and Clara Jobs were
none of those things,
so my biological mother wouldn't
sign the adoption papers.
What happened?
There was a legal battle
that went on for a while.
My mother said she refused
to love me for the first year.
You know, in case they had to give me back.
You can't refuse to love someone, Steve.
Yeah, it turns out you can.
What the hell can a one-month-old do
that's so bad his parents give him back?
Nothing. There's nothing
a one-month-old can do...
Have you ever thought about trying
to find your biological father?
I've met my biological father.
For that matter, so have you.
It's called Macintosh.
- Mr. Steve Jobs.
- Jandali.
Say hello to John Sculley.
Jandali owns the place,
and John's the CEO of Pepsi,
but I'm trying to get him to move to
Cupertino, put a dent in the universe.
You eat vegan as well?
You're kidding me.
No, I'll eat anything.
Why don't you start off with the Mediterranean
lettuce salad with purslane, mint...
My sister found him.
- Does he know?
- No. In fact, he bragged to Mona
that Steve Jobs comes in
the restaurant all the time.
- You don't want to...
- No.
Don't you think
you should talk to him?
He'd probably find a reason to sue me.
Oh, Steve...
John, if you're here about your legacy,
you need to form a line behind Wozniak.
Wozniak's gonna be fine.
I'm the guy who fired Steve Jobs.
Rich, college-educated and Catholic.
Steve? It's time.
I've gotta go.
Did I do this? Screw it up?
Let's let it go now.
Has to be time.
Come be our CEO.
Yeah. Okay.
It was the stylus, John.
- What?
- I killed the Newton because of the stylus.
If you're holding a stylus, you can't use the
other five that are attached to your wrist.
Things we could have done together.
God, the things we could've done.

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