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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Three Quark Model of Alien

The Blind Chessman: 
I don't suppose you know what "manichaean" means yet?

Dane "Jack Frost" MacGowan: 
Yeah, it's somebody from Manchester. 


There ARE No Dualities

Only Symmetries

“That's what this Manichaean Devil does. I'd like to mention an interesting side-line about Vietnam. The Vietnam escalation modestly began in the Kennedy Era, and Kennedy was said to have around him the Irish Mafia. If you are  familiar with the lore of old Ireland, you'll know that the Irish mother would tell her bothersome child, 
"If you aren't  a good boy, the cong will get you.' 

The cong was a ghost in the closet. 

In Vietnam, the word for a beggar is a kha, and they were briefing about these beggars, these trouble-makers in Vietnam, and they were calling them the Viet Kha. 

Kennedy's young Irish Mafia men who did not know much about Vietnam thought they were talking about the  Viet Cong, the devil in the closet, and the word "Viet Cong" was created by mistake, by hearing the word "kha" as a Vietnamese word and "cong" as the Irish ghost. 

It just happened that in that era, we all of a sudden got Viet Cong  phonetically out of the misapplication of the word right in an office in the Pentagon of Washington, and not out in the field. 

Ever after that, it was the Viet Cong. 

That's how we create our Manichaean Devils.

• That's how we create Our Opposition

• That's how we spend 6 trillion dollars

" Maury Gellman, Nobel Prize-winner, got his Three-Quark-Model out of Finnegan’s Wake…. The Three Quarks are major characters in Finnegan’s Wake, the two twins who are opposites —

And the third twin who is both twins combined and still a third independent character.