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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fear of a Smiling Black Man - The Dorner Provocation

"The purpose of these feats of violence in California,bragged about by people who are unknown even to the F.B.I. and the local police, is to spread the illusion that multiple terrorists are hiding among us, trying to create chaos and disrupt our daily lives"

Select excerpts taken from the article : "Inside The Hearst Kidnapping" (by Mae Brussell and Stephanie Caruana)
First published in the Berkeley Barb, April 19 - 25, 1974 (Number 18) Brussell Articles/Inside The Hearst Kidnapping.html

"Preceding the Hearst kidnapping in February, 1974, there was a series of carefully staged, senseless, motiveless" killings. They were blamed upon "cults." Persons who survived the murderous attacks described their assailants as "zombies." "Operation Zebra" -- black versus white.

A series of so-called "Fillmore fires" took place before the killings. They were named after  Fillmore Street in San Francisco - a street in the black part of town. CIA arsonists have been known to do such things as burn their own churches, and set fire to many buildings in order to blame "hippies." The association of minorities with murder and arson was achieved.

What we are now experiencing is the importation of the dreaded "Operation Phoenix" program into the United States. William E. Colby, Director of the Central Intelligence  Agency, will be conducting paramilitary operations in order to escalate the necessity for martial law. 

Through various created and manipulated acts of violence, the only "solution" to "chaos, anarchy, and senseless violent acts" will be a police state. Colby's C.I.A. specialty, the "Phoenix Operation" in Southeast Asia, was known for its torture, political assassinations, mass murders (20,000 to 40,000 civilians), tiger cages, rigged elections, and slanted intelligence.

A government that funds, promotes, recognizes, and allows war criminals to
direct their domestic affairs reveals a total disrespect for our lives. This monster
and its vicious machinery will now turn upon us at home.

The Hearst kidnapping is the beginning of the reign of terror on our streets. It is part of a deliberate campaign of terror. It will be used to justify larger private police forces, more repression, and larger and more expensive prisons. There will be increased public distrust of blacks, Maoists, prisoners, lesbians, gays, hippies, radicals, communes, and genuine  rotesters who will be described as terrorist guerrillas. The most important scare tactic will  be to link this kidnapping to worldwide guerrilla movements.

Just because the media terms an event a "kidnapping," does not necessarily
make it a kidnapping at all.

SC: Are you saying that these are acts committed by provocateurs, to create a climate of fear?

MB: Of course. All the recent kidnappings were planned, funded and carried out by the same intelligence agencies. It would be easy to investigate the matter. Once the people are terrorized, you can force a police state on them.  

The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran an article with the headline, "A Constant Watch on Radicals Urged." The article talks about a report made to a California Senate  Subcommittee, based on the recommendations of a 63-page manual.

Where did this manual come from? 

They don't even know who or what the S.L.A. is yet, but the manual is there, and the report is ready within five weeks of the Hearst kidnapping. They recommend increased security for homes and offices, a constant watch on "radicals" such as blacks, chicanos, and labor organizations, and a neighborhood spy on every block. This is Nazi Germany.

SC: Are you saying there is no such thing as the S.L.A.?

MB: The S.L.A. "army" was a fabrication of the C.I.A. to make a small group of people  believe they had the support for radicals behind them and could become heroes. This entire production has been staged to create the impression that all clandestine intelligence operations, planned separately in India, the Philippines, Ethiopia, South America, Africa, Mexico etc., are one united radical front.

America is basically a racist country. 

It is obvious that we do not intend to utilize one of our greatest resources, our minorities, in the system. Because the Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for their links with known Nazis, I blame them for the zombie killings and California murders, as well as other mass murders across the nation.

From a P.R. point of view, it was beautiful to abduct the daughter of the famous Hearst family known for their newspaper chain. Because she was a member of the Hearst family, Patty's kidnapping is front page news all over the country. It costs $30,000 to buy one minute of advertising, but they got all the publicity for their United States-funded terrorism free.

Reg Murphy was kidnapped because he is the editor of the Atlanta Constitution. Ben Maidenburg, of Akron, Ohio, is the publisher of a newspaper. On March 6, 1974, a group calling itself the American Revolutionary Army made an extortion threat to WJW-TV and WAJR-TV, in Cleveland, threatening to kidnap Maidenburg and his son, and demanding that $2 million be given to "feed the poor."

Lawrence Kwong made an assassination attempt against Jim Dunbar, a wellknown radio personality in San Francisco. Kwong held a weapon up to a glass window at KGO, while Dunbar was on the air. The alarming statement that a killer was at the window went out over the air. Then Kwong went inside the building, and killed an employee named Ben Munsen. Following that, he ran down the street and committed suicide. There is good reason to believe that Kwong was surgically programmed to commit this violence. 

Secrecy regarding his purchase of the weapon, previous hospital care, trip to Hawaii, and autopsy strongly suggest a conspiracy in this case. The "official" investigation was very hushed up, and left more room for doubts than questions answered.
The pattern has been set. The media is geared to expect more kidnappings, and wild "cult" murders. They can now kidnap any person at all, not media-related, and receive instant coverage. The first were media-related kidnappings. People are now being kidnapped at random, to spread terror even further. 

The message is that no one is safe, rich or poor, princess or pauper.

The usual pattern is for the media to clumsily reveal about half of the story. The other half -- such as evidence that conspiracies exist -- is carefully covered up. 

Only enough is "revealed" to program the public, convince them they are being told what is going on, confuse them, and throw them off the track. An important ingredient in the military kidnapping operation was the S.L.A.'s insistence that Patricia's life depended on publication by the media of so-called "radical" tracts. The newspapers and the radio were filled with insults and threats to the "fascist ruling class," the "corporate insect that preys on the people." They listed the financial holdings of Randolph Hearst, an act which would make any corporate burglar jump right through the roof.

International police will continue to discredit the poor through planned acts of violence, while multiplying the weapons which guard fortunes and investments.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Forbidden Fruit is Knowledge

"For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. "

And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day...

And He said, "Who told thee that thou wast naked...?"