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Thursday, 10 October 2013


December 7, 2002:

Iraq files a 12,000-page weapons declaration with the UN in order to meet requirements of resolution 1441. UN weapons inspectors, the UN security council and the U.S. feel that this declaration fails to account for all of Iraq's chemical and biological agents.

March 7, 2003:

The Washington Times publishes a report detailing recent US intelligence showing that France has been secretly selling spare parts to Iraq for its fighter jets and military helicopters during the past several months. Other intelligence reports indicate that Iraq had succeeded in acquiring French weaponry illegally for years.

The German newspaper Die Tageszeitung claims that at the request of the United States, the 12,000-page Iraqi weapons declaration was largely censored before being submitted to the UN, in order to remove references to Western countries that supplied arms to Iraq. Only some 3,000 pages were left after the censorship; newspaper had obtained copies of the censored report, which references such companies as Honeywell among a chief supplier of Iraqi arms. The list of American companies can be found below:


1 Honeywell (R, K)
2 Spectra Physics (K)
3 Semetex (R)
4 TI Coating (A, K)
5 Unisys (A, K)
6 Sperry Corp. (R, K)
7 Tektronix (R, A)
8 Rockwell (K)
9 Leybold Vacuum Systems (A)
10 Finnigan-MAT-US (A)
11 Hewlett-Packard (A, R, K)
12 Dupont (A)
13 Eastman Kodak (R)
14 American Type Culture Collection (B)
15 Alcolac International (C)
16 Consarc (A)
17 Carl Zeiss - U.S (K)
18 Cerberus (LTD) (A)
19 Electronic Associates (R)
20 International Computer Systems (A, R, K)
21 Bechtel (K)
22 EZ Logic Data Systems, Inc. (R)
23 Canberra Industries Inc. (A)
24 Axel Electronics Inc. (A)
Zusätzlich zu diesen 24 Firmen mit Stammsitz USA werden in dem irakischen Rüstungsbericht knapp 50 Tochterfirmen ausländischer Unternehmen aufgeführt, die ihre Rüstungskooperation mit dem Irak von den USA aus betrieben. Außerdem werden die Washingtoner Ministerien für Verteidigung, Energie, Handel und Landwirtschaft sowie die Atomwaffenlaboratorien Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos und Sandia als Zulieferer für Iraks Rüstungsprogramme für A-, B- und C-Waffen sowie für Raketen benannt.


1 China Wanbao Engineering Company (A, C, K)
2 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd (K)
3 China State Missile Company (R)


1 Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (A)
2 Sciaky (A)
3 Thomson CSF (A, K)
4 Aerospatiale and Matra Espace (R)
5 Cerbag (A)
6 Protec SA (C)
7 Thales Group (A)
8 Societé Général pour les Techniques Nouvelles (A)


1 Euromac Ltd-Uk (A)
2 C. Plath-Nuclear (A)
3 Endshire Export Marketing (A)
4 International Computer Systems (A, R, K)
5 MEED International (A, C)
6 Walter Somers Ltd. (R)
7 International Computer Limited (A, K)
8 Matrix Churchill Corp. (A)
9 Ali Ashour Daghir (A)
10 International Military Services (R) (im Besitz des brit. Verteidigungsministeriums)
11 Sheffield Forgemasters (R)
12 Technology Development Group (R)
13 International Signal and Control (R)
14 Terex Corporation (R)
15 Inwako (A)
16 TMG Engineering (K)
17 XYY Options, Inc (A)


1 Soviet State Missile Co. (R)
2 Niikhism (R)
3 Mars Rotor (R)
4 Livinvest (R)
5 Russia Aviatin Trading House (K)
6 Amsar Trading (K)

Weitere Länder

Japan: Fanuc (A), Hammamatsu Photonics KK (A), NEC (A), Osaka (A), Waida (A)
Niederlande: Melchemie B.V. (C), KBS Holland B.V. (C), Delft Instruments N.V. (K)
Belgien: Boehler Edelstahl (A), NU Kraft Mercantile Corporation (C), OIP Instrubel (K), Phillips Petroleum (C), Poudries Réunies Belge SA (R), Sebatra (A), Space Research Corp. (R)
Spanien: Donabat (R), Treblam (C), Zayer (A)
Schweden: ABB (A), Saab-Scania (R)
A = Atomwaffenprogramm, = Biologisches Waffenprogramm, C = Chemiewaffenprogramm, R = Raketenprogramm, K = Konventionelle Waffen, militärische Logistik, Zulieferungen an das irakische Verteidigungsministerium und Bau militärischer Anlagen