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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

22/5 : The Vic-Sims

22/5 : 2 + 2 = 5

The idea that there are MANY PEOPLE lying in A&E (or dead) with no ID on them is beyond stupid.

It's moronic.

If there are concerned relatives, why have they not contacted (Oh, I don't know) a hospital to find out if they are it or not.

This is a lie. A stupid lie.

The 9/11 Victims Memorial Wall in New York City - Hiding Behind Human Shields  

by: Phil Jayhan & Larry McWilliams

We have all read bits and pieces about the 911 Victims memorial wall which went up in lightning speed, across from the world trade center. And the research has been scattered across many post and is time for its own thread. 

There are many incredulous things about this 911 victims memorial wall which everyone should be aware of;

  • First, the posters went up in the first 2 days after 911. Most of them were missing posters. If you see so and so, please call,.... This is not even likely, much less believable. Most of the people who allegedly worked at the world trade center did not live anywhere close to it. Secondly, if your wife or sister worked at the WTC and didn't come home, are you going to spend your time calling hospitals and morgues or are you going to put up a missing poster? As if your wife or mother might be bruised, bloodied and injured, covered in dust, bumping around on the walls of new york city, just waiting for someone who has seen one of your missing posters to rescue you?
  • Many of the posters were put up using the same extra wide scotch tape or packing tape. If the memorial wall were real, made by the victims families, there would be all sorts of different tape used to attach the posters to the wall. Hundreds of different people are not going to bring the same type of tape for their "missing 911 victims posters..."
  • Many of these "missing posters" which presumably had phone numbers on them for easy contact in case their loved ones were found wandering the streets of the city ended up being used for the official 9/11 CNN memorial website. Why use a crappy picture of a poster which is weathered and warped, when their is the phone number of a family member to call for a picture, and better yet, a story?
  • It appears that the 9/11 victims memorial wall was put up, not by grieving family members missing their loved ones, but another group of people trying to actually prove the existence of these "missing people" from 9/11. It also appears this was a cheap attempt to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. As they also used the wall in a cynical attempt to degrade the peoples photographs and images even further, by taking 3rd generation photographs of the people listed on the wall from a video camera. Making the peoples images even more unrecognizable. This would normally be considered sacrilege.

Who would have sent any of these pictures to CNN for a lasting memorial photograph? These are pictures taken from a video camera of the weathered and warped pictures on the 911 victims memorial wall. Below is an example of a photograph captured in just this way.

Kind of looks like simply a bad picture, right? Look again using your Exif viewer; It is actually a third or fourth generation and copy, and the final picture you saw in the CNN Memorial was the black and white above,which was cropped from this full photo below; This can be still viewed in the pictures Exif data. Why did not CNN simply call the family and get a picture and a story? This picture, taken from a video camera, from a picture on the wall, was taken or created on 9/14/2001. So,even though there is a phone number on the poster,and it is only 3 days after 9/11, the person from CNN tasked with getting pictures of the victims, stops here? Only 3 days after 9/11? Even though they have the phone number of the family, they do not contact them and obtain a better picture, even a confirmation she is truly dead, and perhaps a story?

***Also note the tape which the pictures are taped with. It is all the same type of tape, probably from the same roll of tape. Who put the first picture up anyway? And why do most of the poor quality missing posters all have the same type of tape holding them up? Most, if not all of these pictures were put up by the same people. One can tell by simply examining them. 

***It is quite possible to manufacture popular social grief & guilt. 9/11 was an giant exercise of just such a thing. Trauma based mind control on a social mass level. The people have to be real, right? They have their picture on a wall and there is hundreds of them. So it has to be real, and so do the people. And now people know who to cry for and how hard to cry.


Memorial of candles outside fence around Washington Square Arch, September 15, 2001 


Candlelight memorial in Chinatown, September 14, 2001 with smoke rising in distance behind Municipal Building 

Two weeks after the attacks, it was estimated by city officials that about 6,000 people perished in the strikes on the World Trade Center and the site will probably not be cleared for about a year.

Posters of some of the missing in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center plasted the walls of 90 and 88 Lexington Avenue near the state armory at 26th Street where bereaved families sought information from public officials. This photograph and the one beneath were taken September 29, 2001 and were all the more heart-breaking because some were stained by the weather and wind and not too many people stood in front of them. To stand before these pieces of paper and read many of them was extremely emotional. These were the specifics, the faces, the names of the lost. These were the haunting, meager memories.

In the entrance way to one of the apartment buildings near the armory at Lexington Avenue and 26th Street someone had post a panoramic collage of the view from the top of the World Trade Center observatory, shown above.

This wall is very suspicious. The way that it went up, the speed with which it went up and the end purposes of the wall itself, seems to have been to create the actual victims. It has every appearance of being just such a ruse. I hope everyone here will help contribute to the end of the mystery of the 911 victims memorial wall; Without the wall, we wouldn't have known who to cry for or how hard to cry. As a matter of fact, even after crying, we might find that we, still can't cry hard enough. 

"Can't Cry Hard Enough - 9/11 Tribute that Millions Cried to over and over again"


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