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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Operation Black Vote

"My brotha - I appreciate that you say on the tape that I am the Jackson who will always speak with you and talk with you freely and without hesitation.

As regards the allegations concerning The Reverend....

...he will have to defend himself."

- Jesse Jackson Jr., Congressional Black Caucus, 2001.

on the 2000 Dept. of Justice report commissioned in the wake of the Guilty verdict in King Family vs. Jowers et al. (1999)., for the purpose of clearing "SCLC Minister" and "Memphis Minister" as accessories to Murder, April 4th, 1968

Cut off a little at the end - sorry.

"Friendlies Will Not Be Wearing Ties...." from Spike1138 on Vimeo.

"Jesse Jackson is not the Emperor of Black People!"

"He told my Dad he was...."

Who's blood is that, Jesse...?

"Whaddya do, Reverend...?"

"Thirty year later at a Press Conference, he slipped...

Because God do baffle your mind, sometimes...."