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Friday, 11 April 2014

Harold Wilson and the IRA : CLOCKWORK ORANGE and The GLADIO Factor

"What was the state of the IRA at the beginning of 1974?"
"They were on their knees." - Former MI5 Officer

"Could the War have been won then?"
"Yes." - Former MI5 Officer

In Britain, there has always been a fierce rivalry between MI5 and MI6 - my researches indicate that historically, MI6 have long been aligned with the interests of NATO and the European Union, whilst MI5 still owes it's allegiance solely to the British Crown.

Therefore MI6 is perfectly capable of going around, pretending to be the IRA, blowing up British cabinet ministers and members of the Royal Family in order to prevent the outcome of a united Ireland outside of NATO.

By the way, what Iain Paisley is talking about in relation to Kincora is a Children's Home/Boy Brothel operated by MI5 in Northern Ireland during the 1970s for the purposes of political blackmail against senior British Politicians of both parties.

Former British Army Information Officer Colin Wallace, responsible for concocting "Black Propaganda" in the run up to the two General Elections of 1974 against British Politicians was fired when he leaked details of the dirty tricks project (code named CLOCKWORK ORANGE) to a Times Journalist - five years later, he was framed for murder and jailed, but later had the conviction quashed on appeal.

One of those credibly rumoured to have been ensnared by the Kincora honey trap was Edward Heath (bachelor), who was at the time, the Conservative Prime Minister and had just taken Britain into the EU. Which MI5 and the Crown did not like.

Colin Wallace (second from right) in the company of PM Ted Heath at Kincora childrens home.

David Icke further developed information that Heath was not just a paedophile, but a child murderer, who liked to strangle his victims, and wrote this in The Biggest Secret in 1999, after offering Heath the right of reply, which Heath declined to challenge; Icke was never sued, by Heath or anyone else named in the book.

Such as Sir Jimmy Saville, OBE, Knight Comander of the Papal Order of St. Gregory.

Of course, no-one paid any attention, because "Icke's a nutter."

Merlyn Rees was first Minister for Northern Ireland and then Home Secretary in the 1974-1979 Labour Government.

He was also MP for Leeds South.

Denis Healy was Minister of Defence from 1964-1970, and then Chancellor of the Exchequer in the 1974-1979 Labour Government.

He was also (with Hugh Gaitskill) a founding member of the Bilderberg Group, and MP for Leeds East.

The Yorkshire Ripper Series of murders occurred between 1975 and 1981, almost exclusively in and around the Home Secretary's home constituency of Leeds South. Which was incredibly embarrassing.

That picture of Savile was taken in the late 1970s with members of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Force in Leeds.

In Dewsbury police station, Peter Sutcliffe was waiting for an opportunity to confess. Inspector John Boyle was talking to him.

Boyle continued... I believe you put the false number plates on to conceal the identity of the vehicle in the red-light district."

Sutcliffe "That is not true. To be honest with you, I've been so depressed that I put them on because I was thinking of committing a crime with the car." Boyle " Why did you leave your car and go to the side of that house?"

Sutcliffe " To urinate."

Boyle "I think you went for another purpose. Do you understand what I am saying? I think you are in serious trouble."

Sutcliffe " I think you have been leading up to it."
Boyle " Leading up to what?"

Sutcliffe " The Yorkshire Ripper"

Boyle "What about the Yorkshire Ripper?"

Sutcliffe " Well, it's me. I'm glad its all over"

Ripperology from Spike EP on Vimeo.

"'When you tell me, then I'll start taking it in. So have you done it or what?' An' he says, 'I haven't done 'em all. I'll tell you that now. But I've done six or seven of them, aye." So I says, 'Well, that's it then," an' we sat down."

What Carl knew was mainly what his brother had told him on his first visit to see him in Armley. "He said he hadn't done them all." He said to me, "They aren't really as bad as they say." "He hadn't really ripped them to bits", he said."

Peter Sutcliffe wrote to his brother Mick. "Don't take so much notice of any ignorant talk about me as the public in general know absolutely nothing about me or the type of person I am. It is all absolute rubbish that has been printed so far."

In another letter to Carl he says. "Don't feel too bad because soon you will know the whole truth of this matter."

In every case the reaction was one of stunned disbelief. Sonia's mother, Maria Szurma, told reporters: "We just can't believe it. Peter is so loving, so generous, so thoughtful. He would do anything for anyone if he could. Nothing was too much trouble for him."

"I just can't believe Peter is the man who killed 13 women. It is not possible. I will not believe it. Even if it comes from his own mouth I will never accept that he is the Yorkshire Ripper. He was worried about the Ripper and used to drive me about when I had to go out at night so I would be safe."