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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Jim Callaghan, MI5 and the Police View of History

"Oh, Harold's just a Walter Mitty..." 

- Prime Minister Jim Callaghan, 
as quoted by Tony Benn on SIS malfeasance

"It can be shown that both Wilson and Heath are under Soviet control through Dick Vagaukas(?) and Lord Rothchild... 

Callaghan could be a good choice because of his role as Police Federation representative, but he also has 'financial skeletons' relating to Welsh banking matters in his cupboard. Roy Jenkins is the unknown quantity but his 'liberal' policies at the Home Officer have not helped his cause with the establishment - he is also very close to Wilson and could therefore be discredited with him"

The 'Clockwork Orange' Documents,
British Army Intelligence & MI5,
January 1974


Gabel elaborates a lengthy definition of the political world view which is correlated with alienated and manipulated political life under the rule of schizophrenic/autistic ideologies which exhibit a low degree of fidelity to reality. Gabel called this the “police concept of history;” if he were writing today, he might well have called it the intelligence community or CIA theory of history. 

Gabel writes: “The police concept of history is the negation of the historical dialectic, in other words the negation of history. . . . History’s driving force is not the ensemble of objective forces but good or evil individual action . . . since the ‘event’ is no longer understood as the normal substratum of the course of History, but as miracle or catastrophe; it is no longer dependent on scientific explanation but on black or white magic. In the Manichean diptych of this view, the hero (leader) and the traitor represent two poles of the same principle of reificational negation of the autonomy of history. It is therefore a pseudo-history, a non-dialectical result either of success due to the genius of the leader or failure explicable through treason; an authentic ‘syndrome of external action’ permits the privileged system to evade eventual responsibility. 

The police concept of history represents the extreme form of political alienation; it is both a sociocentrism which dichotomizes the world into a privileged system [the US] and a non-privileged remainder [the Arab and Islamic world], and a phenomenon of consciousness of a Islamic world], and a phenomenon of consciousness of a schizophrenic nature. Since the privileged system is considered as perfect, extra-temporal and extra-dialectical, the event–particularly the unfavorable event–can only be explained by means of external action; it is experienced as an unexpected, ‘undeserved’ catastrophe, which is no longer integrated into the normal course of events whose succession constitutes the threat of concrete, dialectical temporality. One can compare this ensemble with the two specific elements in the clinical picture of schizophrenia, the syndrome of external action and the deranged experience of the end of the world (Weltuntergangserlebnis, abbreviated as WUE by German authors), the clinical translation of the appearance of the dialectic in a reified world which can accept the event only as a catastrophe.” (Gabel 115–116, with my interpolations)