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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Five Sacraments

Edited, with Commentaries, by Swami Tantrasangha 

Taoist scriptures usually emphasize the retention of semen, but seldom mention how it must be done, which is to recycle it. 

The ancient symbol of the Tao is the Yin-Yang circle. It appears to be the image of a young zygote, which experts confirm to be so. The whole concept of Tao, is the Union of these two seeds of male and female.

The practice of the Resurrection of the body from death unto Life, is identical in principle to the Conception of a child, different only in the method or practice whereby the couple attains the Reconception of the body as Genetic Rejuvenation unto Physical Immortality. Jai Tao! - Sw. Tantrasangha

How important love-making was to the ancient Taoists can be seen in this dialogue from the "Su Nu Ching": 

Emperor Huang Ti: "I am weary and in disharmony. I am sad and apprehensive. What shall I do about this?"

Su Nu: "All debility of man must be attributed to the faulty ways of loving. Those who know the Tao of Loving, are like good cooks who know how to blend the five flavours into a tasty dish. 

These are the Five Sacraments
all of which come from the human body. 

They are: urine, semen, menstruum, mother's milk, and saliva. 

Those who know the Tao of Loving and harmonize the Yin (female) and Yang (male) are able to blend the five joys (elixirs or sacraments) into a heavenly pleasure. Is this not what your majesty should be looking into?"

Hsuan Nu: "In our universe, all lives are created through the harmony of Yin and Yang. One Yin and One Yang must constantly assist one another. The two will thus be in Communion, and THEIR SECRETIONS WILL NURTURE EACH OTHER."


Tao of Loving Master Wu Hsien goes into great detail about the erotic and passionate kissing in his essay, "The Libation of the Three Peaks". (These peaks produce essences which were very important to the harmony of Yin and Yang and the whole metaphysical structure of Taoism.)

(1) The highest is called "Red Lotus Peak" (lips). Its libation, "Jade Spring", comes out from two holes under the woman's tongue. 

When a man licks it with his tongue, it will rush out from its pool. It is transparent in appearance and is greatly beneficial to man.

(2) The next is called "Twin Peaks" (breasts). 

Its libation, "White Snow", comes out from the woman's nipples. 

It is white in colour, and is sweet to taste. Drinking it is not only beneficial to the male, and is even more beneficial to the female. 

It will strengthen her blood circulation and regulate her (menstrual) periods. It will relax her body and soul, to make her happy and at ease. It will affect the production of liquid in her "Flowery Pool" (mouth) and her "Dark Gate" (vulva). Of the three libations, this is the most superior. If the female has never borne a child and produces no milk, the effect can be even better.

(3) The lowest is called "Purple Mushroom Peak" or the "White Tiger's Cave" or the "Dark Gate" (vulva). 

Its libation, "Moon (Soma) Flower", is safely kept in her "Palace of Yin" (womb). 

The liquid is very lubricating. But the gate of the "Palace of Yin" is nearly always closed.

It opens only when the female is greatly pleased to the point that her face turns red and her voice is murmuring. 

Then the libation floods out.

These are what we call the libations of the three peaks. The couple is seemingly absorbed in lust, but that is no earthly lust, and that is why they are able to benefit from it. 

So long as the man and woman enjoy it, they should kiss deeply as long as possible. And they should drink each other's fluid. The drinking of the "Jade Fluid" - or saliva - is vital to the harmony of Yin and Yang. (Saliva is the fifth sacrament)

None of the Tao of Yin manuscripts from the Han Dynasty have survived, but a Tao of Loving master of the fourth century, Pao Pu Tsu (the great alchemist, Ko Hung), wrote: "The best nourishment of the whole world cannot help you if you do not know and believe the Tao of Loving..."

From Secrets of the Jade Chamber, "He should drink her saliva; then his ching (semen, DNA) and her chi ("breath", DNA) will be in harmony." 

Without exception, all the ancient texts stress that practising the Tao of Loving is the single most important factor in lengthening life.

Su Nu: When Yin and Yang are not in Communion, they can no longer compensate and harmonize each other. If one can make love and yet knows how to control and regulate one's emissions, one can greatly benefit from this. And that is what we call "the return of the Ching (recycling of semen)". The return of the ching is beneficial to man's health. 

Pao Pu Tzu (Ko Hung, 4th century): "The best medicine and nourishment of the whole world cannot help you if you do not know and believe the Tao of Loving..."


The postnatal (human) foetus, created by the sexual intercourse of the father and mother, takes ten months to become a baby... Likewise, the Immortal Foetus, which comes from the Union of the positive (male) and negative (female) vitalities in the practiser's own body, also takes ten months to complete. 


Translated by R. Willhelm. 
Commentary by Dr. Carl Jung 
A Harvest Book, New York, 1962

One can prolong the span of life, and can then apply the method of creating an immortal body by "melting and mixing". This creature abides between conception and birth, in true space.

If then the true seed is born, and the right method applied in order to melt and mix it, and in that Way to create the Elixir of Life, then one goes through the pass. The Embryo, which must be developed by the work of warming, nourishing, bathing and washing, is formed. A whole year of this fire-period is needed before the Embryo is Born, sheds the shells, and passes out of the ordinary world into the holy world. 



 "Some of the most important material we ever got a hold of, we stole.

Straight up, stole."
 Thank You, Prometheus.

But, as a Titan, one of the Elder Gods, He wouldn't have looked quite like that.

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