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Monday, 17 February 2020

The Way of Absolute Candor

Vashti is a hotbed for the Romulan Rebirth movement.
But you're just gonna drop in and pick yourself up a nun.

O-Okay, well, now somebody has to tell me what we're talking about.

JL wants to hire an assassin.

They are not assassins, and you can't hire them.
The Qowat Milat have to choose you.

Romulan warrior nuns.

That's a real thing? 
How bizarre.

I know knew some Qowat Milat.
On Vashti alone, they helped Raffi and me relocate more than a quarter of a million refugees.
And they're the most skilled single-combat fighters that I have ever seen and the most feared enemies of the Tal Shiar.

Sounds like you already owe them more than they owe you.
What-what makes you think they're gonna help you now? 

They have their own criteria whether to give or withhold their assistance to a cause.

And what is that? 

Let's just say that I am confident that they will find ours worthy, and if they don't, the Way of Absolute Candor means that they won't hesitate to tell us.

What's the Way of Absolute Candor? 

It's their primary teaching: total communication of emotion without any filter between thought and word.

And it runs entirely counter to everything that the Romulans hold dear.

you do what you have to do, and I need more time.
Picard out.
We do what we can to maintain peace.
Half the sisters serve as qalankhan, freeblades patrolling roads and waterways, helping travelers, defending Romulan and Terran alike.
Do the Qowat Milat still bind their blades to a singular cause? If the cause is judged worthy.
Uh, no, thank you, Elnor.
Elnor? You feel shame seeing Elnor.
I always imagined that you had found a suitable place for him.
So many things we imagined back then never came to be.
But it's not just Elnor.
It's everything here the poverty, the degradation, the ethnic strife.
When I left here, there was none of this.
Because you could not save everyone, you chose to save no one.
I allowed the perfect to become the enemy of the good.

You have not spoken of your purpose yet.
I infer that you have come to obtain the services of a qalankhkai.

I am taking on the Tal Shiar, alone.

So your cause is a desperate one.

It is to me.

Another rescue? 

If I'm not too late.

You're not too late to rescue Elnor.

He does not belong here.
Once the evacuation ended, we simply never found a better home for him.

He completed his training? 

Last spring.

So he really is a Qowat Milat? 

And as a man, he never can be.
But he is open-hearted, and apart from this display of the reticence you always seemed to inspire in him, forthright.
And his fighting skills are truly formidable.

And you would send him away? He might find himself in serious danger.
He might die.

He will.
Before that comes to pass, it would gladden my heart to see him live.

When you bind your sword to a cause, is there some kind of protocol? A ritual?
Do-do I go on my knees? 
Oh, I do hope not.
Between the two of us, my knees are not what they used to be.

You tell a story, I listen.

I had a friend called Data.
It's usually a sad story.
He died.
He gave his life to save mine, and I have missed him ever since.
Did you ever miss me? Of course I did.
Well, recently, I've learned that Data this is complicated that Data had two offspring.
And one of them her name was "Dahj" was murdered in front of me.
The other one, I believe, is in serious danger.
And I have to find her before the Tal Shiar do.
- The Tal Shiar? - Yes.
And this other sister is she an android? Mm-hmm.
You told me stories about Data.
He had an orange cat named Spot.
That's right.
I've still never seen a cat.
Well, if you come with us, you might just run across one or two of them.
Why do you need me? Because I failed to protect her sister.
But you don't know where she is or if she's even alive.
- No.
- What about the man who built her? - It's just a guess.
- Are you being pursued? Likely.
Anticipated, actually.
All that is why you need someone.
Why do you need me? Because I'm an old man and you're a young one, and you're strong.
Zani told me that you are one of the best fighters that she has ever seen.
It seems to me that my quest has the appropriate criteria.
Will you come with me? Will you bind your sword to my quest? Now that you have use for me? Now that I have value to you? You left me - on my own, old man.
- I never meant to I see no reason not to do the same.
Elnor, it! Rios, it's Picard.
I'm ready for transport.
Copy that.
Next window opens in seven minutes.
You may call me Tenqem Adrev.
We met before.
Have we? Forgive me.
I, uh Oh, it was in another lifetime, when I was another man.
A Romulan senator, if you can believe it.
I had the honor of being present the day you addressed the Hall of State, the very embodiment of Starfleet, making such eloquent and generous promises on behalf of the magnanimous Federation.
The great Saint Picard.
Senator I found it extremely moving.
How very touched we all were.
There were tears in my eyes.
Thank you.
And then you went away.
And when you returned, you brought the ships.
Those great big Wallenberg-class transports.
We all packed and boarded the Nightingale, five generations of parents and grandparents, siblings and spouses and children.
And the Nightingale brought us here, to Vashti.
We had so little time.
There were so many of you to save.
And so little to be expected from Starfleet.
I did everything I could.
And then you gave up.
Skantal! Bidran! No one asked for your pity, Picard.
Just as no one asked for your help.
You and Starfleet had no understanding of Romulan ingenuity, resolve, self-sufficiency.
You took advantage of us at the very moment where we doubted ourselves, enticed us with your empty promises, and did everything in your power to scatter, confuse and divide us.
That is not so! I promise you You promise?! You promise? Give him your sword.
Come on.
No! Please, my friend.
Choose to live.
I regret your choice.
Enough, Elnor.
The Federation has failed you all.
I failed you all.
I broke faith with you, and the result was terrible pain and loss for you all.
And I am sorry.
Picard, ready for transport.

A tan qalanq is no match for a disruptor, sisterboy.


Yes! Now! 

* They beam up * 
That man did not deserve to die.

Yet he chose it.
Fight a Qowat Milat, and the outcome is not in doubt.

Now, you listen to me, carefully.
I will benefit by your skill and your courage, but if you bind yourself to my cause, I will tell you when to fight and when to refrain.
Is that understood? 


Swear it.

I swear.


Dr.Jurati, Raffi, this is Elnor.


A boy with a stick.


I have to ask you, what made you decide to bind yourself to my cause? 


It met the requirements for worthiness.

And it seemed like you needed me after all.


What is the requirement for worthiness? 


A qalankhkai would only bind herself - himself - to a lost cause.

No-one’s Ever Really Gone.