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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Stan “The Legend” Lee

The Legend

First appearance is issue 7. An as-yet-unnamed elderly man who, while not an official member of the Boys, works as their informant.
He is a former comic editor/writer who worked for Vought-American’s Victory Comics subsidiary, writing all the comics based on Vought’s superheroes to “give people supes like they wanted supes to be”. 
His work on superhero comics gives him incredible knowledge of them and Vought-American.  
He hates “that comic-book crap”, though he lives under a comic store surrounded by his work.
The Legend has no family other than his two sons, both of whom are deceased. 
His elder son was killed in Vietnam as a result of faulty rifles produced by Vought-American (which ironically resemble the British Army’s SA80 bullpup rifles). 
His son’s death is the impetus for his association with Vought: to gather information in the hope he could one day assist in their destruction. 

It is also revealed in issue 54 that once Vought-American introduced The Homelander to the world in 1969, The Legend made a strategic move and got himself filmed at a memorial service for the air cav that his first son served in. 
Greg Mallory didn’t buy the fact that a Vought-American man felt guilty about what his company was doing. 
His second son is revealed in issue 22 to be the Teenage Kix member Blarney Cock, from whom he was estranged and was satisfied that Hughie killed him.
He was produced by The Legend and Queen Maeve during a relationship that the two had together, which was confirmed in issue #57 when Hughie discover surveillance photos and transcripts of The Legend having sex with Queen Maeve.
Unlike other heroes, the Legend has shown a certain fondness for Queen Maeve, serving as her confidant at times, and showing an almost fatherly approach during her encounter with the Boys after 9/11 and on Doc Peculiar’s transcripts. 
Butcher has accused The Legend of developing feelings for Queen Maeve, which could set up dire consequences for both The Boys and The Seven. 
 In issue 67, after informing Hughie of the death of Vas, he is confronted by Butcher and dies from a heart attack.