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Saturday, 3 November 2018

It is NOT Safe to SPEAK — But it is Even LESS Safe, NOT To Speak

On September 15, veteran radio DJ Paul Gambaccini released his memoir of the year he spent under investigation by the Met Police's Operation Yewtree, before he was exonerated of the allegations.

Mr Gambaccini said he was attacked in the press, unable to work, and forced to pay tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees during a year in which he had no income.

"It is a tactic of the police to call out and ask if people would like to make accusations...

Under this mutation of the British Justice system, 
which has occurred from the centuries old internationally respected, 
objective evidence based system, 
the subjective rumour and accusation based system, 


Only people who agree."


The Path of  
The Righteous Man 
is beset on all sides by 
The Iniquities of The Selfish
and by  
The Tyranny of Evil Men.

Blessed is He
Who In The Name of 
Charity + Goodwill 
Shepherds The Weak  
through The Valley of Darkness
for He is 
Truly His Brother’s Keeper,
The Finder of Lost Children.

And I Will Strike Down Upon Thee 
w. Great Vengence
Furious Anger — 
Those, Who Attempt to  
My Brothers...

And You Will 
His Name is
Paul Gambuccini -

When I Lay
My Vengence
Upon Thee...

My Name is  

His Name.....
Is BOB.....