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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Enforcing Boundaries Means Punishing The Guilty Yourself

He Who Has No Boundaries Will Wake Up One Day to Discover That He is Surrounded By Wolves.

Ridley Scott and I, I recognise, are kindred spirits on a very profound level.

He is not an agreeable person.

He is another one of those said to be "difficult" to work with, especially by actors, which all contributes to The Smear Campaign.

He is some about whom they would have said, "He Doesn't Suffer Fools", although that's not a phrase I like particularly at all, personally, I just don't think it's accurate, or particularly authentic.

I'm quite fond of fools myself, personally - I enjoy their company, and I generally get along well with them, and they with me.

I just don't hire them.

And whatever else is True (and most of it is) - Kevin Spacey is certainly no fool.

If you pay someone to do something, for you, it's because you can't do it, and you recognise their superior talent or ability to do the thing you want done in the way you want it done to the standard that it needs to be done well.

If they can't do that, or don't do that, either because they prefer not to, or because circumstances or unseen factors known only to them, which they don't disclose to you when you agree to pay them and employ them, then 

That is an Act of Betrayal

If they don't tell you things when you hire them that you need to know, not because they are frightened or ashamed, but because they are intending to ignore The Problem and stonewall it, hoping that it just goes away, or if they just don't give a fuck about the injury it will do to you (and many others), if they are choosing to expose you to harm, then 

That is an Act of Betrayal

And if, once The Shit Hits The Fan, that person employed by you doesn't call you straight away to explain themselves, apologise for concealing The Truth, beg forgiveness, offer their support and offer to do whatever it takes to make good the damage they caused and make ammends to you personally, and to the people you've placed in the firing line by forcing them to have to suffer the misfortune of being tainted with your shit, thenThat is an Act of Betrayal