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Saturday, 8 September 2018

You Need a Teacher — Like Wolverine

I don’t know if it’s his something to do with his indestructibility, rendering him totally immune and impervious both to mean comments and long, sullen silences, his lack of any discernible roots or stable long-term romantic partnerships, or maybe just the simple fact of his just being so goddamn old, world-weary, well-travelled and wise —

But for some reason, there is something about Logan that gives him a deep insight and ability to motivate young people, and for some reason, teenaged girls, in particular in helping them to find their courage.

This is interesting, and very unusual, it’s a sort of a mentoring relationship you very rarely, because it’s got no great epic tradition in the mythologies of preceding eras.

It’s distinctly a Master-Student Teaching relationship, rather than being of the surrogate familial type relationship - it’s not paternalistic in nature, and it can’t really be seen or thought of as being that of big brother protector.

Notable amongst his female squires over the years have been Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, Angel (no, not that one, the other Angel), and the de-aged Rogue in the first X-Men Movie.

Notice - He Doesn’t Yet Fully Have a Mouth, and She’s Made Him Smile

Perhaps it’s because - perversely - the young girls always feel safe with him while he’s around.

Maybe it’s just because they make him feel young.