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Saturday, 15 December 2018

CAMILLE PAGLIA : If Someone Offends You by Speech, You Must Fight Back by Speech

“If Someone Offends You by Speech, 

You Must Fight Back by Speech”

“I Believe in GREATNESS ...”

As did LE GENÈRALE, Charles De Gaulle — *The Politics of Granduer.*

That’ll make them shoot at ya — people misunderstand (because of Tribalism and Confirmation bias and competitive Victimhood, the history of Political Assassinations : 

Traceable back at least as far as Julius Caesar, 

It Was The Killing of The Charismatics

They were White and They Were Black, 

of The Left and of The Right.

JFK and Heinrich Himler

Malcolm X and George Lincoln Rockwell

MLK and George Wallace

I find it deeply insulting that ‘Machiavellianism’ is include as one spoke of the  so-called Psychic Dark Triad.

I am a Machiavellian and proud of it — Machiavelli never taught how to BECOME powerful or advocated Tyranny, he taught how to BE Powerful and wield Power by emulating the Deeds and Habits of Great Men.

People today are at best embarrassed by Greatness, more usually made insecure and feel threatened by it, and most often outright terrified of and hostile to it — they worship mediocrity, in a very practical sense.