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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The Game

The Pawn Who is The King :
Guardians pose as prisoners,
but none would be intimidated by me.

The Rook :
They know you're a prisoner?

The Pawn Who is The King :
Only other prisoners would obey me.

The Rook :
So you've found a way to identify.

The Pawn Who is The King :
One has to know who one can rely on.

Second Boy: 
One of the figures in some of the epics, like the "Faerie Queene," is the dwarf who accompanies Una and the Redcrosse Knight where the idea for Angelo Muscat come from?

Oh. I don't know. 
Where did that come from?

Second Boy: 
Is there a literary image...

No, I certainly never thought of one. 
There were all sorts of interpretations to little Angelo. He's a very sweet man and...a very, very sweet man. 

It's this sort of...there should be something also--sinister about him. 

I mean, there was always the possibility that he might be No. 1. 

See, I don't know if you pick up that at all? 

I don't know, but that...because he was such a good friend and always by the side of No. 6, that there was...should have been an implication that perhaps he was a sinister character, and particularly in the last episode, when he goes...he's the one that goes out with No. 6 and they go into the...

Maybe he's over No. 1 know they have so...they have stars, superstars, and what are they gonna call them next? Comets

So what...maybe he's a comet or something, little...little Angelo. 

So there should be that remaining sinister thing about it.

White King :
Sir, you play a fine game.

White King :
- Shall we walk?

Why not? Lead on.
Why do you use people?

White King :
It satisfies the desire for power

It's the only opportunity here.

White King :
Depends which side you're on.

- I'm on my side.

White King :
Aren't we all?

White King :
You must be new.
Most of us join The Enemy.

White King :
Have you?

- Let's talk about the game.
- Why do both sides look alike?

- How do I know black from white?
- Well?

By their disposition. You soon know who's for you or against you.

I don't follow you.

- It's psychology, as in life - you judge by attitudes.
People don't need uniforms.

Why complicate it?

White King :
To keep your mind alert.

What use is that here?

Let's walk.

Why do you keep your mind alert?

White King :
Now? Hmm... from habit.
Just to defy them.
Too old. Too old.

For what?

White King :

- You had a plan?

White King :
Everybody does, but they all fail.


White King :
It's like The Game. 
You have to distinguish between black and white.

- You're following me.
- Oh!

- When do you plan to escape?
- How do you know I was going to?

- Everybody plans to. I'll help.
- Help who?

I like you. If it's a good plan,
I'll escape with you.

- I've helped people's plans.
- But you're still here.

- None of them succeeded.
- Coincidence(!)

I can tell you what not to try.

- How do I know I can trust you?
- That's a risk you have to take.

Not me.

- What have I done?
- Why did you run?

- I don't know!
- A sign of resistance.

- No!
- The will to escape.

No! I didn't think!

- It was instinctive?
- Y... yes. No! Oh, anything you say.

- Your thoughts interest me.
- What do you mean?

Come with me.


Why should you hide?

How long have you been here?

A month... A year...
Don't you know?

- Do you still hope?
- Hope? To die. Nothing else.

- Death is an escape?
- One day I'll die and beat you all!

- Why were you brought here?
- You don't need to ask.

I'm asking.

I invented a new defence system.

- Go on.
- But I've confessed it all before.

- Try again.
- It would have ensured peace.

- Treason?
- Perhaps.

They let the plans get stolen anyway.

You think that's funny?

Yes. All this to safeguard secrets,

then some fool gets his bag swiped.

- You had nothing to do with it?
- I'd die happy if I had.

I didn't mean that.
Leave me alone!

You still have an independent mind.
There are very few of us left.

You're wrong!

- Us?
- I'm a prisoner, too.

Oh, I've been caught that way before.

- It's a fact.
- Then why the inquisition?

- To make sure you're what I need.
- For what?

We'll talk again.



Sir, Number Six is getting
friendly with the Rook.

Switch me into vision.

By my manner,
you assumed I was a guardian.

- That's true.
- I knew you were a prisoner.


He should have moved
the King's Knight.

But Bishop takes Knight.

Queen takes Bishop - checkmate.

Seems all right.

You want a watch kept?


No. Just a minute.

- Doctor?
- Yes, Number Two?

Are you confident about
the rehabilitation treatment?

On the Rook?
He's now properly integrated.

- You heard that?
- Yes.

The Rook will teach Number Six
there's no point in rebelling.

Guardians pose as prisoners,
but none would be intimidated by me.

- They know you're a prisoner?
- Only other prisoners would obey me.

So you've found a way to identify.

One has to know who one can rely on.

- What is the plan?
- First things first.

Let's find our reliable men.

- I'd like a word with you.
- You'll have to wait.

All right, forget it.


What do you think?

- Something wrong, sir?
- Did you paint this?

Yes. If it's not satisfactory...

- Yes?
- I'll do it again.

No, I'm satisfied. Are you?

- Yes.
- Carry on, 42. We'll be in touch.

Very good, sir.

- Yes, gentlemen?
- We'd like to inspect your books.

- Never been done before!
- There's always a first time.

Well, er, I think you'll find everything in order.