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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Theresa May, Pervert of Justice

"Communications data have played a significant role in every Security Service counter-terrorism operation over the last decade. They have been used as evidence in 95% of all serious organised crime cases handled by the Crown Prosecution Service and they have played a significant role in the investigation of many of the most serious crimes in recent times, including the Oxford and Rochdale child grooming cases, the murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, and the murder of Rhys Jones. 

Communications data can prove or disprove alibis, identify associations between potential criminals and tie suspects and victims to a crime scene." 

- The Evil, Shameless Liar Theresa May

This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of The Truth.

Ian Huntley is Completely Innocent, and mobile phone records (kept from the jury) prove that beyond any reasonable doubt.

Remember - Hollywood (and Fleet Street) Accredits the Memes : Continually referring to "The Soham Murders" or "The Soham Killings" suggests (utterly falsely) that some murders occurred in the village of Soham, which was in absolutely in no sense true.

Conversely, calling them "The RAF Lakeheath Killings", or "The USAF Lakenheath Murders" might lead one to suspect that perhaps the double murder if two virgins occurred somewhere around about midnight, in a patch of ancient woodland straddling the perimeter fence of the largest US Airbase in Europe outside of West Germany, on the last night of Beltane - which would no doubt bring servicemen from both forces under suspicion, given that Satanic Cults have been an endemic problem on US Air Bases such as Minot AFB going as far as the Son of Sam case in the mid-1970s, and this was on the most important Pagan/Satanic Holiday of the year 2002.

The Church of Satan, and then later it's successor, The Temple of Set was first organised in Vietnam amongst Green Beret Special Forces attached to the Phoenix Program, schooled in Dianetics - what Charles Manson refers to as "techniques to process the Mind and free yourself from past confusions ["Body Thetans"] " - total self-absolution, in other words.

This was all in a day's work. 

It's Just a Sprinkling for the May Queen

"The Newmarket taxi driver Ian Webster reported to the police having seen at the time of the abductions (approx 7 pm) a metallic green saloon car which was being driven erratically and suicidally down the A142, the road that runs between Soham and Newmarket where Warren Hill stands. Ian Webster had been following this car and had pulled back two hundred yards because of the dangerous driving. He reported seeing the driver careering into the curbs on both sides of the road while struggling with two children in his car. The driver was reaching out backwards over his seat and flapping at something in the hands of a child in the back seat. 

Mr Webster said that this child had brown hair, and that he thought there was another child in the front seat. Given the fact that the driver was driving in this way with children in his car, his behaviour cannot have been any other than that of the abductor himself, and given the timing also, this incident cannot describe any other situation than the abduction. The girl with the brown hair in the back seat would have been Jessica and she was the one with the mobile phone. The abductor would not have been able to stop his car to deal with any problem with this because the girls would have been able to get out of the car and run away.

Shortly before this, there were unconfirmed sightings of the two girls on the southern edge of Soham near a Q8 petrol filling station and a roundabout. It was from this point that Webster followed this car.
In sum, the geography, timing, circumstantial factors and behavioural features of this incident can leave no doubt that Mr Webster had witnessed the actual abduction. His experience links Warren Hill and Newmarket with Soham through a rather different style of killer than Ian Huntley, just as the forensic evidence and the dumping of the bodies at Lakenheath linked them together in a case against him.
Jessica's mobile phone contacted the mast at Burwell when it was switched off, and this is half-way between Soham and Newmarket. This circumstance connects the jogger incident with that of Ian Webster and the abductions at Soham.

The police lost interest in Mr Webster's testimony, despite its irrefutable authenticity, when it was discovered that a passenger's mobile phone bill had clocked the incident at 6 pm instead of 7 pm. This technical anomaly cannot discount Mr Webster's driver as an obvious suspect, and the timing of the mobile phone call would have to be questioned or distrusted. Their disregarding the facts of the incident instead shows that the police are allowing juries and trial procedure to determine how they detect their crimes rather than the events themselves.

Games For May.

Witnesses back in Soham had reported seeing a man and a woman in a dark green car staring at two girls that afternoon.

Earlier in May that year a similar couple had attempted to abduct a child at an under-fives play group near where Jessica and Holly disappeared. A strange woman entered the play group and asked to take a child away, claiming that she belonged to a friend of hers. But the woman got the child's name wrong and didn't know the name of the mother, and when the staff saw a man acting suspiciously outside they called the police. When Jessica and Holly were snatched the police naturally connected the two incidents.

Several witnesses reported seeing the girls in Soham at the time that they are alleged to have died in Huntley's house, and there are doubts about the time that they actually disappeared from Soham. Ian Webster's testimony would indicate 6.50 as being the approximate time of the abductions, and this corresponds with the police claim that Jessica's mobile phone was switched off at 6.46, which would explain what Ian Webster's erratic driver was flapping at in the back seat of his car. The phone mast at Burwell would indicate that she was out of Soham by then.

Huntley's first statement to the police was a voluntary witness statement, which he made when he realized that the two girls who had called to see Maxine Carr at 6:00 that evening had been the two that the police were looking for. He had told the girls that Maxine wasn't in and they left in the direction of College Road, which leads directly to the War Memorial, where four witnesses reported seeing the girls at 6:45, the time that the prosecution case alleged they had died in Huntley's house. If the girls had been abducted at the War Memorial, the killer would have had a direct route to the A142 where the taxi driver Ian Webster encountered his suspect.

Ian Huntley at Trial, Under Heavy Sedation/Mind Control

The police arrested Huntley on suspicion of murder nine hours before the public found the bodies, and the public understood that it was now a murder investigation before the bodies were thus discovered. The prosecution case was that the police had found the girls' clothes in one of Huntley's caretaker's bins at the school. These clothes were the basis of the arrest and subsequent prosecution, yet the Manchester United shirts lacked any DNA from the victims' bodies. It is just as unlikely that the girls could have lived and died and their bodies had decomposed in those shirts without leaving any DNA in them as it is that a local killer would fit himself up with forensic evidence for the police, or that a trophy killer would use scissors and forensic techniques to remove his trophies. The only logical explanation for this surely must be that the police had found the bodies before the public did, but couldn't use the shirts as they found them because they were saturated with evidence that the girls had been buried underground."

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Merlyn Rees - See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

"That relates to Kincora, which I know nothing about..."
"I'm not that interested in Kincora..."
-Merlyn Rees

from Spike EP on Vimeo.

He's wrong - the Privy Council is in fact 799 years old...

Lord Louis Mountbatten had the nickname “Dickie” …and for good reason. Philip’s uncle Dickie was the last viceroy in India where he was a known paedophile who sexually exploited young working class Indian peasant boys”.

Mountbatten is also linked to the paedophile ring who abused boys living at the Kincora Care Home in Belfast Northern Ireland. An excellent website, dedicated to exposing the Royal Family, have this to say about a book written on that paedophile ring entitled ‘The Kincora Scandal’:

“The Kincora Scandal connects Lord Dickie Mountbatten to a child prostitution vice ring in Belfast, Ireland. Authorities failed to intervene at the Kincora care home for boys until 1981, despite reports over the years of child sexual abuse”.

The operators of the Kincora child prostitution ring were eventually convicted in 1981 of the RITUAL sexual abuse of defenceless young boys who were sold like prostitutes. No charges were ever brought against the VIP customers made up of Royals, Politicians, lawyers, and Judges. However, Belfast citizens finally had reason to celebrate when Prince Philip’s paedophile uncle was killed by an IRA bomb planted in his boat”.

This is not true.

And he had at least two young boys aboard the Shadow V - both were blown to bits by the MI6 bomb.

The Provisional IRA and Sinn Feinn had a complete operational ban on:

a) Operations within the 26 Counties of the Republic

b) Operations involving a probable of risk to civilians unaffiliated with the British State - even the collateral killing of women and children was considered completely unacceptable.

c) Attacks on members of the Royal Family - Although Mountbatten was technically still on the Admiralty reserve list as a Naval Officer, the IRA Army Council had determined that the largely symbolic role (if only they knew...) the Royals played in Northern Ireland was of limited strategic value and would consilidate Loyalist feeling on the mainland as a rallying cry to crush the Republican movement and further entrench the Freemasons of the Orange Order.

The Killing of Mountbatten violated ALL of these rules - 

but such was the cellular structure of PIRA, Gerry Adams had gone on television to justify the attack before having direct, firsthand knowledge or confirmation that PIRA was indeed responsible... 

a function of the Plausible Deniability of the Sinn Fein / PIRA relationship, used to their disadvantage by MI6 (who could only conduct operations within the 26 Counties) and their globalist allies in NATO Command, against the Loyalist chauvinism of their counterparts in 5.

"[Officers of] MI5 and MI6 swear their absolute, personal allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, which they feel elevates them above elected government, according them the power to do whatever they like..."
- Tony Benn

Officers of MI6, however, consider themselves sworn to a higher loyalty - The North Atlantic Treaty...

At the end of the war, in June 1945, the British King, George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth and puppet of the Queen Mother, sent the former MI5 officer, Anthony Blunt, to the Kronberg Castle of Prince Philip’s sister Sophie, and her Nazi husband Prince Christoph of Hesse, to recover correspondence between the British Royal Family and their Nazi relatives, for propaganda aimed at convincing the aristocrats of Britain they had not been in contact all along. 

Blunt was the ‘surveyor of the Queens Pictures’ and a world expert in the paintings of Poussin, the initiate who painted pictures called ‘The Shepherds of Arcadia’ which related to the Rennes-le-Chateau mysteries. Blunt was named as a member of a KGB unit inside British Intelligence along with Burgess, MacLean, and Philby, the fifth man was never named, but was in fact, Lord Victor Rothschild."

Ripperology from Spike EP on Vimeo.

"'When you tell me, then I'll start taking it in. So have you done it or what?' An' he says, 'I haven't done 'em all. I'll tell you that now. But I've done six or seven of them, aye." So I says, 'Well, that's it then," an' we sat down."

What Carl knew was mainly what his brother had told him on his first visit to see him in Armley. "He said he hadn't done them all." He said to me, "They aren't really as bad as they say." "He hadn't really ripped them to bits", he said."

Peter Sutcliffe wrote to his brother Mick. "Don't take so much notice of any ignorant talk about me as the public in general know absolutely nothing about me or the type of person I am. It is all absolute rubbish that has been printed so far."

In another letter to Carl he says. "Don't feel too bad because soon you will know the whole truth of this matter."

In every case the reaction was one of stunned disbelief. Sonia's mother, Maria Szurma, told reporters: 

"We just can't believe it. Peter is so loving, so generous, so thoughtful. 

He would do anything for anyone if he could. 

Nothing was too much trouble for him.

I just can't believe Peter is the man who killed 13 women. It is not possible. I will not believe it. 

Even if it comes from his own mouth I will never accept that he is the Yorkshire Ripper. 

He was worried about the Ripper and used to drive me about when I had to go out at night so I would be safe."

from Spike EP on Vimeo.

"What was the state of the IRA at the beginning of 1974?"

"They were on their knees." - Former MI5 Officer

"Could the War have been won then?"

"Yes." - Former MI5 Officer

In Britain, there has always been a fierce rivalry between MI5 and MI6 - my researches indicate that historically, MI6 have long been aligned with the interests of NATO and the European Union, whilst MI5 still owes it's allegiance solely to the British Crown.

Therefore MI6 is perfectly capable of going around, pretending to be the IRA, blowing up British cabinet ministers and members of the Royal Family in order to prevent the outcome of a united Ireland outside of NATO.

"Few people in this country understand the enormous political power wielded by our security services.

Officers of MI5 and MI6 swear their absolute, personal allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, which they feel elevates them above elected government, according them the power to do whatever they like.

These men have always been hostile to Labour politicians, to the trade Union movement and to all socialists, almost as though they felt that we were all secret subversive agents of the KGB..."

from Spike EP on Vimeo.

Rolf Harris, Freemasonry and the Police

"He's Australian and famous...? It has to be either Michael Hutchence or Rolf Harris..."
The Late Paula Yates fails to deduce the identity of Dannii Minogue's latest beau...
The Big Breakfast, 1993

Sir Elton John, Rolf Harris MBE, OBE, CBE, and Friend.

Trouble Brewing...

Rolf Harris, MBE, OBE, CBE.

Savile, Freemasonry and the Police

Savile (and Friends) make a donation to their favourite charity: The Police Benevolent Fund.
And Two Tickets to the Secret Policemen's Ball; one for me, one for The Widow's Son.

"The review also examined reports that up to eight officers attended the infamous "Friday Morning Clubs" at Savile's flat in Leeds – but insisted this did not protect the disgraced entertainer from prosecution.

The report said: "No evidence has been found to conclude that there was any impropriety or misconduct in relation to the Friday Morning Club.

"All of those people spoken to who had knowledge of the Friday Morning Club described it as a "coffee morning." "

Despite the review by West Yorkshire Police (WYP) finding there was an "over-reliance on personal friendships" between Savile and some officers, it concluded: "There is no evidence that he was protected from arrest or prosecution for any offences as a result of his relationship with WYP, or individual friendships with officers."

Even after receiving child abuse allegations, one officer – who was a personal friend of Savile's – joked "Jimmy gets so many of these type of complaints," while the force continued to use his image for publicity purposes, the review showed.

The 59-page report said it was "of greater concern" that the force continued to use Savile as part of crime prevention campaigns – even after it received a request from Surrey Police in 2007 to check what records were held on the broadcaster as part of its investigation into Duncroft School.

The review also examined reports that up to eight officers attended the infamous "Friday Morning Clubs" at Savile's flat in Leeds – but insisted this did not protect the disgraced entertainer from prosecution.

The report said: "No evidence has been found to conclude that there was any impropriety or misconduct in relation to the Friday Morning Club.

"All of those people spoken to who had knowledge of the Friday Morning Club described it as a "coffee morning."

The report stressed that at the time the paedophile was "seen by most of the public as a man who did good work," allowing him to evade justice.

Police officials today admitted the force was "duped for many years" by Savile and that officers had "failed [his] victims".

However, responding to today's report, lawyer Alan Collins, who represents more than 40 of Savile's victims, said the report simply "doesn't add up" and that the force was guilty of "collective myopia".

"Savile was able to run rings around the police for decades. He used police officers," he said.

"He was engrained with them, dovetailed with them.

"The report begs a lot more questions. It provides some answers but the report reveals memories that are not as sharp as perhaps they ought to be, 'can't remember', documents that can't seem to be located," he added.

The West Yorkshire Police report examined the history of Savile's relationship with the force

We must do everything we can to understand why that was, to ensure it does not happen again
Assistant Chief Constable Ingrid Lee
The report said 68 of Savile's victims have now come forward in the force area and shockingly revealed his youngest victim was just five-years-old.

Victim Support, who advises West Yorkshire Police on sex abuse and who have helped Savile victims, today said it is "disturbing" that none of Savile’s victims in the region felt unable to contact officers about their complaints while he was still alive.

Assistant Chief Constable Ingrid Lee said today that she feels "incredibly saddened that the victims didn't feel able to come forward, and we must do everything we can, working with our partners, to ensure that we understand the reasons why, to encourage more victims to come forward because we will listen."

She added: "Savile was a national celebrity. He duped millions of people, the police included, into believing that he was a celebrity, a charity fundraiser, a person who did good for the community.

"He duped millions of people and lived on that myth for ages, and police officers also will have been duped in the same manner."

The disgraced Top of the Pops presenter has been revealed as one of Britian's most prolific abusers

Disturbingly, the review also examined suggestions Savile was a "person of interest" in the Yorkshire Ripper inquiry in the 1970s.

It found that many records has been destroyed but they had found thousands of record cards with information about men who had been spoken to.

The report said: "They contain scant information and do not indicate whether Savile was a 'person of interest' to the inquiry team.

But the review said: "One card does make reference to Savile offering his services as an intermediary for the police, should the 'Ripper' wish to make contact."

Ms Lee admitted "there is no doubt that police forces made mistakes in relation to sharing and keeping information relating to Savile so no single clear picture of his offending could be made.

"As Savile's home police force, WYP would have been the obvious place to collect all such information, but investigation has shown that much of the available information during Savile's lifetime was never shared with WYP and, when it was WYP, did not connect the events to recognise a potential pattern of offending.

"We must do everything we can to understand why that was, to ensure it does not happen again."

Savile and a Friend From a Certain Place.

"We Want Your Soul..."

Now, then, now-then, now/then...

"Australian broadcaster and artist Rolf Harris is awarded he Officer of the Order of Australia by the High Commissioner, John Dauth, at Australia House. Picture: John Stillwell Source: Getty Images

HE has received almost every award there is but as he was presented with another gong today, Rolf Harris said just still being seen as a larrikin in his homeland Australia was all the recognition he needed.

Harris, 82, was today appointed Officer of the Order of Australia , from the Queen's Birthday Honours list , for services to performing and visual arts and to charities and to international relations through promotion of the Aussie culture.
The entertainer said he was humbled by his award, more so than any other because it showed Australia appreciated him.
Harris, who has lived in the UK for more than five decades, said it was a marvelous thankyou from Australia who had not forgotten him.

"It is a lovely feeling," he said. "I am so very much an Australian living in this country and I had a marvelous childhood in Australia and a marvelous setup for my life."
He said being an Australia meant he always felt he could speak "even-Stevens" to anybody in the world and it was that attitude that helped him survive overseas for as long as he has.

Australian broadcaster and artist Rolf Harris holds the Officer of the Order of Australia. Picture: John Stillwell Source: Getty Images

In 2006 Harris received a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in addition to previous honours including being appointed an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in 1968, an OBE in 1977 and became a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 1989. This, all in addition to honourary doctorates and other industry awards.

Harris, accompanied by his wife Alwen and other members of the family at his receiving of his gong at the Australian High Commission in London, said he will continue to act as a roving ambassador for Australia for as long as he lived.

"The main thing I think I've brought is a sense of larrikinism and the fact you've got permission to muck about and do silly things as well as do serious things," he said.

"You just now you don't need to be formal and pompous all the time, you can muck around a bit and people welcome that, you've broken the tension melted the ice as it were and have a laugh."

Harris is to return to the stage next year for a one night only performance of song and painting at London's Royal Festival Hall.

Originally published as Chuffed Rolf wants the last laugh "

Monday, 30 June 2014

"Bob Geldof says "Get Political"."

- I had an epiphany once, Larry.

 - What was that? 

- When my daddy shot my entire family in the head... and I was the only one to identify the bodies, I got sent to an orphanage full of good Christian nuns... 

 who shoved my face into their pussies...

with their crucifixes on... 

for eight goddamn years!

- The People vs. Larry Flynt

See if you can spot which Geldof daughter doesn't seem to much like having Daddy's hands on her...