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Wednesday, 29 August 2018


scawager, from scawage "toll or duty on goods offered for sale in one's precinct" (c. 1400), from Old North French escauwage "inspection," from a Germanic source (compare Old High German scouwon, Old English sceawian "to look at, inspect;" see show (v.)).

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Please Call Me Rey.

Her Power is to be found in 
Water and Darkness.
She Shouldn't Know What an Ocean is...

 " I was the separated wife of 
The Crown Prince of Earth and Heaven, 
The Heir to The Throne, 
The Next and Future King - 

I was a problem, fullstop. 

Never happened before, what do we do with Her?

She won't go quietly, that's The Problem. 

I'll fight to The End, because I believe that I have a role to fulfil.

And I've got two children to bring up. "

Members of The Divine Quaternity :
Isis (AIR) - 
The Queen of Heaven

Osiris (FIRE) - 
Heavenly Father 
Sleeps a Lot During The Day
Lord of The Underworld

Set (EARTH) - 
The Dark Brother, 
Prince of Darkness, 
Lord of All The Earth

Nepthys (WATER) - 
The Dark Sister
The Hidden Power, 
She Who Must Not Be Named

The Great Mother -
Intensely Black 
Bare Bosom
Super-Abundance of Darkness

Whoever Abandoned the Infant Princess-Goddess on a Desert Planet Knew Precisely What They Were Doing -

Like Aquaman in a dry room, She is stripped of her divinity and looses acces to all Her Supranatural Godly Powers.

As soon as She leaves The Desert and first comes into contact with large bodies of abundant water, she is first exposed to waves, tidal currents, 

[ which are a lunar-induced global superfluid dynamic system of chaotic energy flow and continuous movement ]

- Precipitation and a Deeper, Darker Species of Night, capable of swallowing The Sun completely, immediately does the auto-initiatory activation of Her Divine Feminine Christ Consciouness

awaken, and immediately finds itself to be in expression of it's full and whole potential power-potency, strength and level of ability and skill.

She was born and raised - much as you and I - with a baseline Power Level of around 1.0 -

Departing at last from Jakku dials Her all the way up to 11.99

She needs no period of training,  
or tutelage and apprenticeship, 
and has no need of a Master to teach Her.

Because She is Awake.

Rey/Nepthys/The UltraBlack Dark Princess' 
Centre of Power.

Please Call Me Rey —

Hi, Billy.

Oh, hi, Rachel. 
This is Murray and The Doctor.

Please call me Rey. 
Oh, do you guys want a hand?

You haven't by chance got a one and five eights socket, have you?

(Murray laughs, but Rey gets one from her bag.)

Time's Champion : 
Do you always carry around a full set of tools with you?

Oh, it's what Billy taught me — 
Always to be Prepared.

Time's Champion : 
A Stitch in Time... Fills up Space. 

" THE text which contains this legend is found cut in hieroglyphics upon a stele which is now preserved in Paris. Attention was first called to it by Chabas, who in 1857 gave a translation of it in the Revue Archéologique, p. 65 ff., and pointed out the importance of its contents with his characteristic ability. 

The hieroglyphic text was first published by Ledrain in his work on the monuments of the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris,  and I gave a transcript of the text, with transliteration and translation, in 1895. 

The greater part of the text consists of a hymn to Osiris, which was probably composed under the XVIIIth Dynasty, when an extraordinary development of the cult of that god took place, and when he was placed by Egyptian theologians at the head of all the gods. Though unseen in the temples, his presence filled all Egypt, and his body formed the very substance of the country. 

He was the God of all gods and the Governor of the Two Companies of the gods, he formed the soul and body of Ra, he was the beneficent Spirit of all spirits, he was himself the celestial food on which the Doubles in the Other World lived. 

He was the greatest of the gods in On (Heliopolis), Memphis, Herakleopolis, Hermopolis, Abydos, and the region of the First Cataract, and so. 

He embodied in his own person the might of Ra-Tem, Apis and Ptah, the Horus-gods, Thoth and Khnemu, and his rule over Busiris and Abydos continued to be supreme, as it had been for many, many hundreds of years. 

He was the source of the Nile, the north wind sprang from him, his seats were the stars of heaven which never set, and the imperishable stars were his ministers. 

All heaven was his dominion, and the doors of the sky opened before him of their own accord when he appeared. 

He inherited the earth from his father Keb, and the sovereignty of heaven from his mother Nut. 

In his person he united endless time in the past and endless time in the future.

 Like Ra he had fought Seba, or Set, the monster of evil, and had defeated him, and his victory assured to him lasting authority over the gods and the dead. 

He exercised his creative power in making land and water, trees and herbs, cattle and other four-footed beasts, birds of all kinds, and fish and creeping things; even the waste spaces of the desert owed allegiance to him as the creator. 

And he rolled out the sky, and set the light above the darkness.

The last paragraph of the text contains an allusion to Isis, the sister and wife of Osiris, and mentions the legend of the birth of Horus, which even under the XVIIIth Dynasty was very ancient, Isis, we are told, was the constant protectress of her brother, she drove away the fiends that wanted to attack him, and kept them out of his shrine and tomb, and she guarded him from all accidents. 

All these things she did by means of spells and incantations, large numbers of which were known to her, and by her power as the "witch-goddess." 

Her "mouth was trained to perfection, and she made no mistake in pronouncing her spells, and her tongue was skilled and halted not." 

At length came the unlucky day when Set succeeded in killing Osiris during the war which the "good god" was waging against him and his fiends. 

Details of the engagement are wanting, but the Pyramid Texts state that the body of Osiris was hurled to the ground by Set at a place called Netat, which seems to have been near Abydos.  

The news of the death of Osiris was brought to Isis, and she at once set out to find his body. 

All legends agree in saying that she took the form of a bird, and that she flew about unceasingly, going hither and thither, and uttering wailing cries of grief. 

At length she found the body, and with a piercing cry she alighted on the ground. 

The Pyramid Texts say that Nephthys was with her that 

"Isis came, Nephthys came, the one on the right side, the other on the left side, one in the form of a Hat bird, the other in the form of a Tchert bird, and they found Osiris thrown on the ground in Netat by
his brother Set." 

The late form of the legend goes on to say that Isis fanned the body with her feathers, and produced air, and that at length she caused the inert members of Osiris to move, and drew from him his essence, wherefrom she produced her child Horus.

This bare statement of the dogma of the conception of Horus does not represent all that is known about it, and it may well be supplemented by a passage from the Pyramid Texts, 1 which reads, 

"Adoration to thee, O Osiris. 

Rise thou up on thy left side, place thyself on thy right side. 

This water which I give unto thee is the water of youth (or rejuvenation). 

Adoration to thee, O Osiris! 

Rise thou up on thy left side, place thyself on thy right side. 

This bread which I have made for thee is warmth. 

Adoration to thee, O Osiris! 

The doors of Heaven are opened to thee, 
the doors of the streams are thrown wide open to thee. 

The gods in the city of Pe come [to thee], Osiris, at the sound (or voice) of the supplication of Isis and Nephthys. . . . . . . 

Thy elder sister took thy body in her arms, she chafed thy hands, she clasped thee to her breast [when] she found thee [lying] on thy side on the plain of Netat." 

And in another place we read :

"Thy two sisters, Isis and Nephthys, came to thee, 
Kam-urt, in thy name of Kam-ur, 
Uatchet-urt, in thy name of Uatch-ur" . . . . . . . "

Isis and Nephthys weave magical protection for thee in the city of Saut, 
for thee their lord, 
in thy name of 'Lord of Saut,' 
for their god, 
in thy name of 'God.' 

They praise thee; go not thou far from them in thy name of 'Tua.' 
They present offerings to thee; be not wroth in thy name of 'Tchentru.' 
Thy sister Isis cometh to thee rejoicing in her love for thee. 

Thou hast union with her, thy seed entereth her. 
She conceiveth in the form of the star Septet (Sothis). 

Horus-Sept issueth from thee in the form of Horus, 
dweller in the star Septet. 

Thou makest a spirit to be in him in his name 
'Spirit dwelling in the god Tchentru.' 

He avengeth thee in his name of 
'Horus, the son who avenged his father.' 
Hail, Osiris, Keb hath brought to thee Horus, 
he hath avenged thee, 
he hath brought to thee the hearts of the gods, 
Horus hath given thee his Eye, 
thou hast taken possession of the Urert Crown thereby at the head of the gods. 
Horus hath presented to thee thy members, he hath collected them completely, there is no disorder in thee. 
Thoth hath seized thy enemy 
and hath slain him 
and those who were with him.

The above words are addressed to dead kings in the Pyramid

" They see me as a threat of some kind, and I'm here to do good: I'm not a destructive person.

I think every strong woman in history has had to walk down a similar path, and I think it's the strength that causes the confusion and the fear.

Why is she strong? 
Where does she get it from? 
Where is she taking it?

Where is she going to use it? 
Why do the public still support her? 
When I say public, you go and do an engagement and there's a great many people there. "

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

My Father Said it Would be Fire.

Fire consumes all. Water cleanses. 
It separates The Foul from The Pure. 
The Wicked from The Innocent. 

And That Which Sinks 
from That Which Rises. 

Noah, The Chosen One : 

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :

Noah, The Chosen One :
This is your great-grandfather.
Show him respect.
Tell him your name.

Shem, The Future :
I am Shem.
My eldest.

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
Come closer.
Let me see you. You're a lucky boy.
I think you must have Your Mother's looks, not Your Father's.
Come tell me about yourself.
So, what do you like most in The World?

Shem, The Future :

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :

Shem, The Future :

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
Berries, yes.
What can compete with fresh, ripe berries? Nothing.
Yes, it's been so long I can barely remember the taste of them.
Tell me, did you bring me any?


I'm craving them now.
Well, perhaps one day.
You must be tired.
It's a long way up here.

Shem, The Future : 

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
Why not rest?
How perfect.
What we need to discuss is not for boys.

Noah, The Chosen One : 
You know why I've come?

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :

Before he walked on, my father Enoch told me that one day, if man continued in his ways, The Creator would annihilate This World.

Noah, The Chosen One :
So what I saw is True?
All life blotted out because of what Man has done?
Can it not be averted?

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
Noah, you must trust that He speaks in a way that you can understand.

So you tell me

Can this destruction be averted?

Noah, The Chosen One :
He sent me here.
Why send me if there's nothing I can do to stop it?

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
Well, perhaps He simply sends you here to share a cup of tea with an old man.

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
So, is that all you saw?
The Fires of destruction on this place?

Noah :
No, not Fire.

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
My Father said it would be Fire.

Noah, The Chosen One :
I saw water. Death by water.
I saw Death.

And I saw new life.

There's something more, Grandfather.
Something I'm to do. I know it.

I just didn't see what it was.
New life.

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
Well, perhaps there is more for you to see.
Did He not send you here to drink a cup of tea with an old man?

The Medicine Always Tastes Bad.

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
She was the only one moving.
Was she hurt badly?

Shem, The Future :
She had a big cut on her belly.
Mother helped and I held her hand.

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
That must have made her feel safe.

Noah, The Chosen One :
Fire consumes all.
Water cleanses.
It separates The Foul from The Pure.
The Wicked from The Innocent.
And That Which Sinks from That Which Rises.

He destroys all, but only to start again.

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
You sure?

Noah, The Chosen One :

The Storm cannot be stopped.
But it can be survived.

Luke Skywalker, The Old Man of The Mountain :
You may need this.
It's a seed.
From The First Garden.
From Eden.
Remember, Noah,

He chose you for a reason.