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Monday, 5 August 2013

Tia Sharp: The Definitive Chronology

Why You Should Care About All of This

The Juwes are the Men Who Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing

A Lecture by Ian Crane on the world in which you live as it is.

Rather than how it should be.

Prime Minister frowns, hides behind gay people.

(Because he thinks we're all hicks and cattle who can't tell the difference).

The 'Kengate Tapes' were made by a TV company called Carlton.

The tapes allegedly reveal that the top UK government minister Ken Clarke groped a young child actor called Ben Fellows. Ken Clarke, is a senior member of Bilderberg on the steering committee, which has links to Dutroux.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron worked for the TV company, Carlton, when the Kengate Tapes were made to disappear.

"David Cameron disappeared the Kengate Tapes whilst Head of Corporate Communications for Carlton Television during the 'Cash for Questions' scandal back in 1994...

"The Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit confirmed this week to me personally that there was indeed a government and Carlton Television conspiracy over the Kengate Tapes.

"The police confirmed that Ian Greer along with Carlton Television conspired to cover up the 'Cash for Questions' scandal for Prime Minister John Major's government back in 1994...

Greer - involved in the scandal involving members of parliament being paid to ask questions on behalf of dubious groups.

"Now, as Prime Minister, David Cameron is preventing the Metropolitan Police from investigating my case against Kenneth Clarke MP, who was involved in the scandal of sexually assaulting me in Ian Greer’s office, which Cameron helped cover up!"

Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit told me that Central Television had been bought by Carlton Television in order to shut down the Cook Report and control the now infamous Kengate Tapes...

Ben Fellows continues:
"I have discovered that the lawyer who took the tapes was indeed operating under the direct orders of our now Prime Minister David Cameron...

"David Cameron was rewarded by being made Prime Minister nominated at Bilderberg by, now Minister Without Portfolio and Chairman of the Bilderberg Steering Committee – Kenneth Clarke MP.

"In fact this year Kenneth Clarke MP is taking Prime Minister David Cameron to Bilderberg...

"Cameron spent seven years at Carlton, as Head of Corporate Communications...

"Jeff Randall, writing in The Daily Telegraph where he is a senior executive, said he would not trust Mr Cameron 'with my daughter’s pocket money'...

"The Sun newspaper’s Business Editor Ian King, recalling the same era, described Mr Cameron as a 'poisonous, slippery individual'...

"I’ll leave you with a final word from Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit, in attempting to explain the disappearance of the Kengate Tapes, he said 'You wouldn’t want that kind of thing out there'.

A man who would come here of his own free will...
A man who has come here with the power of a king. By representing the law...
A man who would come here as a virgin...
A man who has come here as a fool!

The night before Ian Huntley was arrested, the police broke into his car on the pretence that the two girls were in danger in there (this was two weeks after the girls had disappeared and when the official police view had switched to a belief that the girls were now dead). This break-in was a civil rights abuse against Huntley and his property, and it should be illegal. A second such abuse occurred the following morning, when the police arrested him at his father's house at the unseemly hour of four in the morning on suspicion of murder.

Huntley and Carr were taken to separate police stations for questioning, and Huntley was later taken to a psychiatric hospital where he was charged with the murders. The police gave as their explanation for this strategy that he didn't seem to understand why he was being charged with the murders, so his "treatment" in that hospital was for symptoms of innocence. He was deemed by the doctors to be unfit to be seen by the magistrates yet.

Huntley was held for questioning until the early hours of Tuesday the 20th, when he was snaffled away to Rampton high security hospital at five-thirty in the morning, and he was charged with the murders at ten o'clock that night. The timings of the arrests and the murder charge shows that the police and doctors found his condition to be robust

Ian Huntley's sleep had been ruined at both ends of the day that he was charged, and he was charged at the very point at which the police were legally obliged either to charge him or else to release him. The magistrates were not allowed to see him until he had been conditioned by the doctors at Rampton, when apparently he was no longer able to defend himself. If Huntley was fit to be charged with murder he should have been fit to be seen by the magistrates.

There was no inquest into the deaths of Jessica and Holly before the trial. This responsibility was left to the prosecution of Ian Huntley. The purpose of an inquest is to provide an unbiased overview of the circumstances and witnesses relating to a death, and it is essential for a fair trial.

An inquest would have called up many witnesses who did not appear at the trial.

The taxi driver, Ian Webster, whose evidence is mentioned above, was not called as a witness.

The evidence of a witness who was reported seeing the two girls in the High Street after they are supposed to have died in Huntley's house (the witness was with her husband and knew the girls), was not used in the trial.

The four witnesses who were reported seeing the two girls at the War Memorial at around the time that they are supposed to have died in Huntley's house did not appear in the trial. Their testimony confirms Huntley's original witness statement.

The witness who was reported seeing a man and a woman in a green car (metallic green?) staring at two girls in the High Street did not appear at the trial. This evidence is important because two kidnappers might well be needed to control two children.

The several witnesses who saw a green car acting suspiciously around Soham at the time were not called to the trial.

Ian Huntley's legal defence was incompetent, and on this ground alone the trial judgment should be scrapped. No defence witnesses were used. The only defence witnesses that appeared were Maxine Carr, who didn't know anything, and Ian Huntley, who only had the prosecution case to defend himself with. The legal defence acted throughout as though Huntley was guilty even while he was protesting his innocence. His defence even caused him to accept the charge of perverting the course of justice when he was pleading innocence, and this undermined his Not Guilty plea to the murder charge. He did not change this defence until a year later and two weeks before his trial.

The series of murders involving Jessica and Holly began with the victim's body (Sarah Payne) being dumped out in the open in the holiday area that she was taken from (this presumably to throw the police and public off the scent regarding the Cheshire sighting), and it ended with the bodies of Jessica and Holly being dumped out in the open, minus the forensic evidence (the clothes) for the prosecution of Ian Huntley. In between, the cases of Milly Dowler and Danielle Jones indicate that the series killer would tend to bury or conceal his victims, which corresponds with the two areas of disturbed ground on Warren Hill outside Newmarket that the jogger reported to the police in the Jessica and Holly case.

The series began with defendant Roy Whiting pleading Not Guilty against a perfect stitch-up in forensic evidence (with hairs and fibres from the victim on the defendant's white van etc, and vice versa), and ends with Ian Huntley pleading Not Guilty (and changing his plea two weeks before his trial) against forensic evidence with which he is supposed to have fitted himself up.

Part 1 - The Police "Investigation"

And all is right with the world.

Nothing untoward here.

This was actually presented by the Crown at the Old Bailey as "evidence" in a murder trial.

Why this was shown to the court and what it was intended to prove, I have no idea,

Tia Sharp Appeal - 8 August from Spike1138 on Vimeo.
August 8th is also the anniversary of the Hiroshima Bomb and the Sharon Tate Murders at 10050 Cielo Drive.

As well as being (approximately) Lammas Night (depending on the Moon)

August 8 from Spike1138 on Vimeo.

Lammas Eve - Second most Magickally significant night of the year after Beltane.

Stuart Hazell: "Did I do anything to Tia? No, I bloody didn’t." from Spike1138 on Vimeo.

The following Thursday, while the search was still on for Tia Sharp and her abductor, Hazell appeared in a TV interview himself saying that he had not had anything to do with the girl's disappearance, public suspicion having fallen on him because he was the last person known to have had contact with the missing girl.

Then a very strange set of events occurred. The police suddenly changed their investigation from that of an abduction and sealed off the house in which he and Tia's grandmother lived, including that of the neighbour, Paul Meehan, who was one of the witnesses that had seen the girl leave her grandmother's house that day. The police now concentrated their investigation among the bins and surroundings of the house itself, and inside it, despite it having been searched several times before, including with sniffer dogs, and despite the witnesses who had seen her leaving the house.

Then a very strange development happened. Having switched their search to the house, the police announced the next day, a week after the disappearance, that a body had been found inside the loft, which supposedly had been lying there decomposing in the August heat for a week.

Among the various odd circumstances of this was that none of the residents of these two houses had smelt anything, including the sniffer dogs earlier in the investigation, and that the body was miraculously discovered after what seemed like a most unlikely and inappropriate change in the investigation.

Media attention having switched to himself, Stuart Hazell was soon recognized by a member of the public buying vodka in a shop in Merton, and he was arrested and charged with murder, while Paul Meehan, the witness who lived next door and had supported Hazell's account of Tia Sharp's exit from the house, was bailed on suspicion of having assisted an offender.

This case consists of an abduction and murder of a schoolchild on the 10th anniversary of the Soham murders, the first since then, and a decomposing body in the loft which had escaped the nostrils of the residents and sniffer dogs, and which was discovered by the police only after they had astonished everyone by turning their search to the house itself. The only apparent justification that they could have had for this switch was that the girl had disappeared soon after leaving the house and had not yet shown up in CCTV surveillance records.

The full forensic sweep of the house begins in earnest;

Already twice questions by the Police, interviewed by ITV News the previous day in the downstairs living room of the house he was essentially surrounded inside and confined to on house arrest while the round-the-clock search of the entire area by officers and neighbours continued, Hazell has allegedly succeeded in sneaking past everyone and managed to go on the lam, searching for vodka and answers in Merton.

Obviously NOT a man on the run....

I would love to know what he is carrying with him in that small gym bag - and also what the shopkeeper says to him.... She seems to know him from coming in before, know who he is and appears to be wishing him well.

Any lip reading translations would be appreciated....

"He is scared. 

He begins to realize the full implications of this thing. 

He goes into the Texas Theatre, possibly his prearranged meeting point, but though he has $14 in his pocket, he does not buy the 75-cent ticket. 

Brewer has the cashier call the police.
. . in response to the cashier's call, at least thirty officers in a fleet of patrol cars descend on the movie theatre. 

Now, this has to be the most remarkable example of police intuition since the Reichstag fire. 

And I don't buy it. 

They knew -- someone knew -- Oswald was going to be there. 

In fact, as early as 12:44, only 14 minutes after the assassination, the police radio put out a description matching Oswald's size and build. . "

"arrested on cannon hill common, 10/08/2012 video starts at 20:46PM."

I include this for it's raw, primary evidenciary value:

Not only are we able to say with high confidence that she didn't do it, she clearly has absolutely no idea, no clue or no inkling of who really did, to the extent she is able to to think or function rationally at all at this point.

And unlike other key principals in the case, her emotional response and grieving are 100% authentic and genuinely real.

She's an innocent in all this.

491 F.2d 285
James Earl RAY, Petitioner-Appellant,
J. H. ROSE, Warden, Respondent-Appellee.
No. 73-1543.
United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit.

Argued Oct. 9, 1973.
Decided Jan. 29, 1974.

On July 19, 1968, Ray was wxtradited to Memphis, Tennessee. Trial on the charge of murder was set for November 12, 1968. Only two days before the trial was to begin, Percy Foreman, a Houston attorney, responded to entreaties from Ray's brothers by visiting him in the Shelby County Jail. As a result of that meeting, Ray asked Foreman to represent him and dismissed Hanes. On the date originally scheduled for trial, Foreman appeared as Ray's counsel and was granted a continuance until March 3, 1969, so that he could properly prepare the case. However, the judge warned Ray that he had 'been granted extraordinary relief at a great cost and this Court will certainly examine most critically any further attempts to change counsel.'

During subsequent hearings, Foreman complained that because of the heavy burden of his other cases and also a recent illness, he would be unable to be ready for trial on March 3. The judge stood firm but ordered the public defender, Hugh Stanton, to assist Foreman and to be ready, if necessary, to take over the defense. (Ray never approved of the appointment and refused to talk to Stanton). Foreman persisted, moving again for a continuance on February 14, 1969, primarily on the ground that the investigation had been slowed because of Hanes' refusal to cooperate. This motion was granted; trial was reset for April 7, 1969.

On January 29 and February 3, 1969, Ray, Huie, Hanes and Foreman executed new agreements assigning to Foreman the rights that Hanes had formerly enjoyed under the original contracts. This time, however, Foreman was to receive 60% Of the income from Huie's works.

Ray never stood trial. On March 10, 1969, he plead guilty to a charge of first degree murder. Judge Battle then sentenced him to a term of 99 years in the Tennessee State Penitentiary. Almost immediately thereafter Ray wrote Judge Battle, asking for a trial and requesting appointment of counsel to assist him. Judge Battle died before acting on these requests. Subsequently the motions were denied by another judge.

When Foreman replaced Hanes as counsel, Ray asked him to hire a Tennssee lawyer to assist in the case. Foreman said that he would retain John J. Hooker, Sr., but he never did.

(5) Despite the urgings of Ray, Foreman refused to take any action to halt adverse, pretrial publicity.

(6) On February 13, 1969, Foreman brought a document to the jail which he urged Ray to sign. Included therein was an authorization for Foreman to negotiate a guilty plea and also a waiver of any claim against either Huie or Look magazine for damaging Ray's chances for a fair trial. Ray signed the document but gave Foreman a two-page letter listing reasons why he should not plead guilty. Foreman said that it would be in Ray's interest to plead guilty even if he had not committed the crime: First, Ray stood to benefit financially. Second, John J. Hooker3 would be the next governor of Tennessee, and he would give Ray a pardon within two or three years. Third, the prosecution was prepared to bribe a key witness to testify against Ray. Fourth, Foreman indicated to Ray that if he refused to plead guilty, Foreman would exercise less than his best efforts at trial. Finally, he told Ray that he would not withdraw from the case and that Judge Battle would not allow Ray to change attorneys.

(7) Neither Foreman nor Hanes made any active investigation of the case against Ray.

(8) By letter of March 9, 1969, Foreman agreed to advance $500 to Ray's brother Jerry 'contingent upon the plea of guilty and sentence going through on March 10, 1969, without any unseemly conduct on your part in court.'

This is plainly and simply a subversion of all statutory, criminal and common law.

Everything here is being done in completely the wrong order, rammed through at top speed to railroad through to conviction as quickly as possible before anyone knows what has happened.

Less than 24 hrs after the discovery of the body, no inquest has been held and no post-mortem report prepared as to cause of death or the condition of the body.

Hazzell and Christine Sharp are both under arrest and are being held and questionned on suspicion of murder. Suspicion, mind you, since the law and the Crown have yet to take a view or make a ruling as to whether or not a crime has even been committed here yet, much less a determination that the death was suspicious and likely unlawful.

But that isn't what's at issue here - arresting them both on suspicion, all else being equal WOULD be a completely reasonable and appropriate next step to take, given the claimed events and circumstances as put out by the MPS.

Arresting and detaining Paul Meehan absolutely isn't.

You don't know for certain that a crime has been committed, therefore it cannot at this stage be said for certain that there is a criminal or criminals that have committed it.

How can they possibly arrest him on suspicion of having aided an offender if :

a) It's uncertain whether a crime has occurred
b) it's uncertain (if a crime has indeed occurred), what crime that actually is
c) it's uncertain (if a crime has indeed occurred and a determination made as to what crime that made actually be) who is likely to be responsible

And if you don't know any of that - how can you suspect someone have having knowingly and witting aided that potential criminal in the commission of that notional crime that is speculated to have occurred.

Keith Olbermann once perfectly and succinctly summarised the Great Writ of Haebeus Corpus as:

"The right of any person imprisoned and locked up in jail to go before a court and demand know, 

"Hey! Why am I in JAIL?!"

If anyone can think of an answer to the quuestion in Mr Meehan's case at 14:17 on August 11th 2012 that doesn't shake out as "Witness intimidation", "police harrassment", "wrongful arrest", "conspiracy to pervert the course of justice" (I'm talking about the Police, now) or indeed "Assisting an Offender", I'd be interested in hearing it.

Part 2 - The "Trial" at the Old Bailey

Tia's Granmother, Christine Bicknell was initially arrested and questioned on suspicion of murder when Tia's body was "found" by Police in the attic.

When informed of Hazell's guilt, she was presumably intended to tear into him like a wailing and vengeful banshee, the way Police expect all Estate Dwellers who watch too much X-Factor to do when given such information.

But she didn't.

Instead, her testimony went as follows:

"When Tia went missing, it didn't cross my mind that he would hurt her" 

"I love Stuart with all my heart...but my grandchildren come first. "

"We were very, very close. I had no worries about her with Stuart."

She is, of course, absolutely correct.

Someone seems inappropriately relieved, I would say...

And at this moment, standing across the street from Court Number 1 as he did this, I immediately realised who it was that actually did it....

And just how much help he must have had.....

But is he on The Square...?

Tia Sharp's Birth Father "Stuart Hazell should be hung!" from Spike1138 on Vimeo.
Once more with feeling there, Steven....

Inside the Brotherhood : Masonic Conspiracies within the British Police from Spike1138 on Vimeo.

Brother Speaks to Brother.

Inside the Brotherhood: Masonic Control of Local Government from Spike1138 on Vimeo.

Straight and Level.

Inside the Brotherhood: Masonic Ritual and Lore from Spike1138 on Vimeo.

Part 3 - "How Can They Possibly Get Away With Doing This...?"

Further Research Material for the Brave and the Curious.

Barrister Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath (and others) from Spike1138 on Vimeo.

The Rise And Fall Of The TV Journalist from Spike1138 on Vimeo.
This is a short, and possibly unfair story of the rise and fall of the TV Journalist as a hero...

If you go back 50 years ago, television journalists were creeps. Above all, to politicians.

They followed the rule of their boss, Lord Reith: The BBC has said it is for The People; the government is for The People, so it follows that the BBC must be for the government.

With the questioning of authority in the 1960s, this began to change - but it was Watergate that transformed everything. Two journalists, Woodard and Bernstein exposed corruption at the highest levels of government, and suddenly, TV journalists realised what they had been born to do - to expose the dark heart of government, big business and bureaucracy.

It was the start of a heroic age, in which TV journalists revealed the sinister forces that WE couldn't see that those in power wanted to hide from us.

Out of it came much great journalism; but then, an event happened that proved that despite their great confidence, the journalists didn't know everything - the Berlin Wall sudden collapsed, which was one of the biggest events of the twentieth century - and NONE of them had seen it coming....

With the end of the Cold War, the journalists were thrown into a new and terrifying world - where all the old certainties of good and bad, right and left began to blur.... in an unnerving way.

It destroyed their ability yo tell us their simple, moral fables.

So as a way out, they came up with a new theory:- they had actually been patronising and elitist when they had lectured us about corruption in high places; instead, all stories in future should reflect OUR experience.

And attempts to explain WHY things happen were abandoned.

A classic example was anew kind of investigative journalist, Donal Macintyre.

He set out to show what it was like to get mugged.

He took his mobile phone out onto the streets of Brixton; for three nights, he desperately tried to get it snatched, until finally, someone gave him his story.

And as Donal cried, we knew that he was sharing OUR pain.

But there was one final step in this transformation of journalism. We cut out the middile man: - The Jorunalist.

Now, our presenters plead with us to send in our photos and videos. They proudly present it as a new kind of open democracy.

But in reality, it's something very different.

Because the journalists don't understand what is going on in today's complex, chaotic world, they have had to revert to their old habit of finding someone in authority who will tell them.

But this time, it's not the politicians, it's US, the audience, who they have turned to.

The only problem is that we don't have a clue what's going on; particularly as the journalists have given up on THEIR job of explaining the world to US.

"This is a film about how all of us have become Richard Nixon. 

Just like him, we have all become paranoid weirdos. 

Its the story of how television and newspapers did this to us and how it has paralysed the ability of politics to transform the world for the better"...

"Once you start accepting Knighthoods and honours, you become part of the Establishment".
- Rupert Murodch.

Murdoch accepted a Papal Knighthood from Pope John Paul II in 1998, along with Roy Disney and Bob Hope.

They were inducting him into the Papal Order of the Knights of St. Gregory in 1998, one rank below Knight Commander Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE. (inducted into the order in 1990)

New of the World editor 'spiked paedophilia scoop on Arthur C Clarke for fear of Murdoch'

Ex-reporter claims story never ran because the sci-fi author was the proprietor's friend
MARTIN HICKMAN, The Independent, SATURDAY 07 JULY 2012

The News of the World spiked an exclusive story exposing the science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke as a paedophile, according to a new book about life inside the newspaper whose closure was announced a year ago today.

In Hack, an account of his nerve-shredding days as a reporter on the News of the World and then the Sunday Mirror, Graham Johnson claims that although the NOTW prided itself on outing pederasts, editors made an exception for Mr Clarke because he was a friend of Rupert Murdoch.

Through BSkyB, the tycoon commercially exploited the futurologist's theory that satellites would be ideal for communications and praised him in public. As a result, according to Mr Johnson, who by that time had been sacked by the NOTW and had joined the Sunday Mirror, a story by reporter Roger Insall about Mr Clarke's alleged abuse of adolescent boys was never published for fear of upsetting the proprietor.

Tipped off about the story, the Sunday Mirror sent Mr Johnson to Colombo, where he extracted an confession from the author that he paid boys for sex. "I have never had the slightest interest in children – boys or girls. They should be treated in the same way. But once they have reached the age of puberty, then it is OK," Mr Clarke was quoted as saying in the Sunday Mirror. "If the kids enjoy it and don't mind it doesn't do any harm … there is a hysteria about the whole thing in the West."

Mr Clarke subsequently denied he was a paedophile, saying: "The allegations are wholly denied." But he never sued the Sunday Mirror and died aged 90 at his Sri Lanka home in 2008.

Speaking to The Independent yesterday, Mr Johnson said: "Roger [Insall] said that because Arthur C Clarke was a mate of Rupert Murdoch, the editor wasn't having any of it and despite Roger getting a lot of evidence that Clarke was a paedophile they wouldn't publish it."

Yesterday, Phil Hall, the then editor, said: "I can vaguely remember that story. I do remember that Roger Insall worked on it and I remember it was not published. My only recollection is that the only reason we wouldn't publish it was because of legal reasons."

He said Mr Murdoch never asked him to spike stories. News International, publisher of the NOTW, made no comment.

With Dr. Anthony Clare


Icke's not a nutter - ignore the less than 1% of what he has to say about interstellar lizards, Icke's right.

He's absolutely right. And he's been right for nearly 20 years now and you need to start taking seriously what he has to say.

As well as being a Knight of the Realm, Savile was also created a Knight Commander of the Papal Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great (KCSG). 

This is one rank above Rupert Murdoch, an inductee into the same papal order as an ordinary Knight (KSG).

The chvialric rank is granted by the Holy Father as an order of merit to be bestowed (to quote his inaugural brief) on “gentlemen of proven loyalty to the Holy See who, by reason of their nobility of birth and the renown of their deeds or the degree of their munificence, are deemed worthy to be honoured by a public expression of esteem on the part of the Holy See”.

The end of the brief states that they must progressively maintain, by continued meritorious deed, the reputation and trust they had already inspired, and prove themselves worthy of the honor that had been conferred on them, by unswerving fidelity to God and to the sovereign Pontiff.

Rupert Murdoch, the most powerful Media Mogul on Earth, has sworn an oath of "unswerving fidelity" , loyalty and service to the Vatican.

Which explains a lot.

Rotten was always ahead of the curve.

Savile: There's nothing I can't get and there's nothing I can't do.


[On the grand tour of Louis' Luxury Penthouse in Leeds, Savile welcomes his guests inot his boudouir where he gestrures over to his double-bed with a flourish]

Saville: "Here we are... The Altar..!"
Louis: "....why do you call it "The Altar"..."
Saville: "Because..."
Louis [Jokingly]: "It's not where you sacrifice people, is it...? 


[Louis reaches up to examine a Charles and Di commemerative tea caddy from Savile spartan kitchen cupboard]
Louis: Charles and Diana... Who you know...Can we talk about that...?
Savile: We can talk about anything.
Louis: You,,, don't want to talk about that....?
Savile: You'll find out how tricky I am...!

When Louis Met Jimmy.

And GLADIO makes three.

"Next to the CPC (Clandestine Planning Committee), a second secret army command center, labeled Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC), was set up in 1957 on the orders of NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR). 

This military structure provided for significant US leverage over the secret stay-behind networks in Western Europe as the SACEUR, throughout NATO's history, has traditionally been a US General who reports to the Pentagon in Washington and is based in NATO's Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium. 

The ACC's duties included elaborating on the directives of the network, developing its clandestine capability, and organizing bases in Britain and the United States. In wartime, it was to plan stay-behind operations in conjunction with SHAPE. According to former CIA director William Colby, it was 'a major program'.

Coordinated by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), {the secret armies} were run by the European military secret services in close cooperation with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the British foreign secret service Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also MI6). 

Trained together with US Green Berets and British Special Air Service (SAS), these clandestine NATO soldiers, armed with underground arms-caches, prepared against a potential Soviet invasion and occupation of Western Europe, as well as the coming to power of communist parties. 

The clandestine international network covered the European NATO membership, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey, as well as the neutral European countries of Austria, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland."

"Prudent Precaution or Source of Terror?" the international press pointedly asked when the secret stay-behind armies of NATO were discovered across Western Europe in late 1990. After more than ten years of research, the answer is now clear: both. The overview above shows that based on the experiences of World War II, all countries of Western Europe, with the support of NATO, the CIA, and MI6, had set up stay-behind armies as precaution against a potential Soviet invasion. 

While the safety networks and the integrity of the majority of the secret soldiers should not be criticized in hindsight after the collapse of the Soviet Union, very disturbing questions do arise with respect to reported links to terrorism.

There exist large differences among the European countries, and each case must be analyzed individually in further detail. As of now, the evidence suggests the secret armies in the seven countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands, focused exclusively on their stay-behind function and were not linked to terrorism. 

However, links to terrorism have been either confirmed or claimed in the nine countries, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Sweden, demanding further investigation."

"On the eve of the 1980 Bologna bombing anniversary, Liberato [sic] Mancuso, the Bologna judge who had led the investigation and secured the initial convictions [of the Bologna bombers] broke six months of silence: 

"It is now understood among those engaged in the matter of democratic rights that we are isolated, and the objects of a campaign of aggression. This is what has happened to the commission into the P2, and to the magistrates. 

The personal risks to us are small in comparison to this offensive of denigration, which attempts to discredit the quest for truth. In Italy there has functioned for some years now a sort of conditioning, a control of our national sovereignty by the P2 – which was literally the master of the secret services, the army and our most delicate organs of state.""

"Alan Lake" is the pseudonym used by Alan Ayling,a computer expert from Highgate, London.

Ayling is a millionaire, and has been described as the 'chief financier' of the English Defence League by the media, which reportedly is "fiercely denied by Lake."

He however admitted to having "given some money to help some EDL things happen" in his first television interview, on Norwegian TV 2.

According to EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka "Tommy Robinson"), Ayling has never been a member of the EDL, and the EDL has not received funding from him. Responding to media claims saying the opposite, Lennon said that "he [Ayling] spoke at two demos and he wore a suit, and all of a sudden he was a millionaire funder."

Lake is considered a central figure in organising international anti-Islamist contacts. Lake spoke at a seminar on Islamisation in Malmö, Sweden in 2009, organised by the Sweden Democrats.

Lake has since said that he continues to maintain good relations with many of the party's members, and that he is a good friend of MP Kent Ekeroth.

He has considered that the state "might as well" execute Islamists who seek to impose Sharia law in the UK.
Ayling also founded the far-right "4 Freedoms" website.

Lake rarely speaks with the press. According to Professor Nigel Copsey, Lake represents the more 'respectable' intellectual wing of the English Defence League.

In October 2011, Norwegian police formally investigated Lake to discover any potential ideological influence Lake may have had on mass murderer Anders Breivik.

In December 2011, Lake was identified as property tycoon and former investment fund manager Alan Ayling.

In January 2012, after the identity of "Alan Lake" came out as Alan Ayling, Ayling was suspended from his management post at a development bank in the City of London.

Self-Proclaimed Working Class Hero "Tommy Robinson" 's real name is Steven Yaxley-Lennon.

He doesn't work,

He's not class,

And he isn't a hero.

Oh, look! The English Nazis have gone into strategic alliance with the Jewish Defence League (JDL) and the followers of Meyer Kehane..!

This'll go well for them, I'm sure....

According to Andy Murray, tennis is 'fixed' and everyone on the professional circuit knows matches are being affected by gambling.

According to Andy Murray: "It's pretty disappointing for all the players but everyone knows it goes on."

"Sitting in the front row was Britain’s tennis-playing prime minister, David Cameron – just behind him was Alex Salmond, the Scottish first minister.

"With a referendum on Scottish independence coming up next year, both political leaders would dearly love to wrap this new sporting hero in the flag – the Scottish saltire in Salmond’s case, the Union Jack in Cameron’s case."

"Andy Murray referred to himself as the 'first British winner' in 77 years. 

"Advantage Cameron."

The politics of Andy Murray’s victory - Gideon Rachman

"Andy Murray won Wimbledon in London on 7/7. Same date and place as the London bombings, just different year. 

"He won the New York Grand slam in New York on 9/11. Same date and place as the Twin Towers, different year. 

"He was in Dunblane school on 13/3/96 when the massacre actually happened. 

"He seems to be scripted to win to mark major illuminati controlled massacres. 

"And the press are going on about how it's 77 years since a British win, just to rub in the 7/7 numbers a bit more."

Much more here: Andy Murray's career marks major Illuminati massacres

TAP - Friends at local tennis club were suspicious about his win when chatting yesterday. The matches against Federer last year were very suspicious. Funny how top seeds make hasty exits from Wimbledon early in contest in recent years. 

As for Virginia Wade winning in 1977, the SIlver Jubilee, she was a very average tennis player.

Anonymous said...
"The BBC had the perfect opportunity for a propaganda push on Sunday during the Wimbledon Final. There was however no minutes silence for the London bombing dead, as far as I am aware, and very little mention of this. I wonder if this was to stop people making the connection about the dates of Murray's GS victories. Or is it another disrespectful arrogant gesture(non) by the Govt. Eveybody knows it was a false flag attack, but there was still victims, the non recognition of this speaks volumes. I get such a strange vibe from Murray, hard to say what, but something does not ring true."

Dunblane is on the 77th Easting on the Ordnance Survey Grid of the UK.

Its Northing is 00.

Dunblane, Elevation above sea level: 77 m

Julia said...
"Found another link for the New York win. The Wimbledon win was 77 years after the last win. 
The New York win was 116 years after the last win, according to this... 116 is 911 upside down. And 911 seems to be a good date for Scotland.

Someone has pointed out that his New York win seems to be on 10th Sept. But because it was so late in the evening, it was already the 11th Sept in the UK when he won. The media were concentrating on linking him to 911 anyway."

Andy Murray and his elder brother, Jamie, attended the Dunblane Primary School. They were on their way to the school gymnasium and survived by hiding under a desk in the headmaster's office.

5. "Mr and Mrs Ogilvie know that the men who regularly turned up in large flashy cars to visit Hamilton continued doing so right up to 13 March 1996. They saw them.

"Another neighbour, Cathleen Kerr gave a statement to the police that she saw Hamilton getting out of a grey saloon car on that final fateful morning. He was cheerful, she said."

The official story is that, on 13 March 1996, a mad loner called Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children at a primary school in Dunblane in Scotland.

The unofficial story is that Thomas Hamilton was supplying pornography, and possibly young boys, to top people including policemen and politicians; and Thomas Hamilton may have been murdered, to shut him up.

It has been suggested that Thomas Hamilton was a brainwashed patsy and that the real shooters were working for the security services. 

In the Dunblane shootings, "none of the survivors would have been able to obtain a good viewing of the gunman." 

The Murder of Thomas Hamilton | Dunblane Exposed

Glenn Harrison was a housemaster at Queen Victoria School, in Dunblane.

"He told me the (sexual abuse) was done by a clique of paedophiles connected with the school (teachers etc. and their friends) and another group of 'toffs' who visited the school and took carefully targeted boys away for weekends."

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Monarch Mind Control is a form of mind control which creates a mind control slave by utilizing the human brain's trauma response of dissociation to create a form of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) wherein various triggers can cause the slave personality to surface and respond to commands given by the master ("Handler" in Monarch parlance).

Despite the intuitive connection between the Handler and a King or Monarch, the Monarch in this context refers to Monarch Butterflies, not to a Monarchical form of government.

The Monarch Mind Control designation was originally applied by the US Department of Defense to a sub-program under the CIA's MK-Ultra Program. However, the techniques employed in the Monarch programming system extend back further under various names, such as the Nazi marionette programming.

Even further back, the techniques used in Monarch programming can be traced to various generational Satanist families among European royalty. The MPD state created by the Monarch programming techniques were used to isolate the personality involved in Satanic rituals from a public face. Without this alternate personality, the nobles practicing Satanism inevitably went insane, so it's practice spread rapidly through the occult community.

It is unclear who first started practicing the MPD techniques as a way of creating mind control slaves rather than as a defense mechanism, but it is clear that the Nazis were using Electro-shock and binding to create slaves in the 1940s. After World War II, some German and Italian psychologists who were working on Marionette programming were brought to the United States to continue working on their research.

After the original development of the Monarch program inside of MK-Ultra, it has been adopted by other groups such as the Illuminati and the American entertainment industry. Very notably, since the 1970's the Disney corporation has been involved heavily in Monarch programming, and several of their films (especially Alice in Wonderland) are used as a base for Monarch programming.

Monarch programming is achieved through repeated abuse and torture, until the victim dissociates from reality into a fantasy world in their head. When that happens somehow an alternate personality is created, and the handler (abuser) can trigger this personality at any time.

Beta programming is sex kitten programming, used to create "ultimate prostitutes" as well as celebrities used to sell sex in the media to the masses. Making it look cool and awesome to be sexually abused and over used. They are made to be devoid of all sexual inhibitions.

Delta programming is used to program soldiers and patsys to carry out ritualistic murders.

Monarch programming is applied when a drone is needed to carry out commands which are of a morally questionable nature. Monarch victims are used for assassinations and murders which must be carried out for political purposes. It is used heavily within the entertainment industry to create easily manipulated music stars. One variation of the process, known as "Kitten" or "Sex Kitten" programming is used to create willing sexual body slaves.

"To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

The first article of the United Nations Charter says:
The Purposes of the United Nations are:

1) To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;

2) To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace;

The interdiction of aggressive war was confirmed and broadened by the United Nations' Charter, which states in article 2, paragraph 4 that

All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

Article 33

"The parties to any dispute, the continuance of which is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security, shall, first of all, seek a solution by negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies or arrangements, or other peaceful means of their own choice.

The Security Council shall, when it deems necessary, call upon the parties to settle their dispute by such means."

Article 39

"The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security."

Article 51

"Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security."

....which was actually a war on all Slavs (including Russia) in furtherance of Neoliberal globalisation and a manifestation of GLADIO B in Europe.

Look for the Black Banners in the East...