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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Go Take a Jump in The Lake

He did Try and Warn U, But U Refused 2 Listen : That was not Lake Minitanka.

A Practical Back-Masking Love Spell 2 Bring (Not Wealth), Spiritual Prosperity and Romantic Abundance Through Aural Enchantment

Just Like I Love My Guitar.

Kissing Valentino

The Password is What :

Dearly B-lovèd.

If U Make a Girl Cry, Take a Tape-Recording of It, if U Play it Backwards, it Will Sound Really Sexy and Apollonia Will Want Immediately 2 Go 2 Bed With U, Even If U Live Next Door 2 a Tool-Shed Inside U R Parents Basement and R Clearly Poor As Sh*t with No Future Wealthy Gold-Digging Prospects.

And then she will go right out 2 pawn all her sh*t 2 buy U That brand new guitar.

U Have Now Solved the Riddle 2 Unlock Her Heart And Appollonia  Will Fall Madly in Love With U.

And also With Morris Day, B-cuz The Time do not exist, which demonstrates that Morris Day must B U.

The Time Do Not Exist.

The Time is U.

The Time is U and So it Must B The Revolution.

That's What Time it is...

Which is Y U Gotta Watch Out 4 Her And Morris - B-Cuz Morris Day is an Animal.

*+* SQUARK *+* 


Which is her own fault, really - it ain't exploitation.

U so easily could have known enough about Strange, Purple Wizards and MEN to have asked what lake that really was.

Yeah, okay, sure - U can still get back on the back of the bike if U want.

But now he's gonna make U earn it a little this Time first.


After all,

U Did That 2 U

Now, put UR boots and pants back on 1st.....

Girl, U Really Tellin' Me U B Walkin' Around All Over Everywhere All Day 2Day Without Even Havin' No Bra On Or Anything Under There 2 Go With Those Matching Purple Plum Pair O' Panties...?


In Minnesota...?

Shut Up. Already. Damn.

I Really Feel I Need a Camel Now, All of a Sudden Up in Here

Here Endeth The Lesson.

There really does just have 2 B some aspect of finding yoursel