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Saturday, 21 December 2019

Force and Fire

“ Artist I. G. Jones and I positioned him too as an embodiment of the Egyptian god Horus, in his ferocious aspect as the Lord of Force and Fire. 

Horus was considered by Aleister Crowley to represent a youthful, ruthless, and revolutionary current that would sweep through human affairs when the two-thousand-year Aeon of the Lawgiver, the Father God of the Book, the Middle Eastern desert boss Jehovahallah himself, that inner voice, that imaginary playmate that whole cultures had mistaken for a giant, invisible overlord, was overturned by the unstoppable forces of the Aeon of the Conquering Child. 

According to occult author Ramsey Dukes’s interpretation of this doctrine, any fool who prayed to “God” in the twenty-first century without realizing that He’d been replaced by a capricious divine brat would be assured of receiving no longer wise instructions for living but violent manifestoes for change. “

Grant Morrison,