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Monday, 4 September 2017

Why Did You Resign?

You Know What You are...?
A Fool.

" WhyWhyWhy Did You Resign??? "

I Didn't.

Because You Can't.

"...that idea of The Far-Off Man, way, way out there,  but what does the Hermit tell us...?

If you try this get as lonely as you can get, you become visibly aware which you can't get away from it, because when you get very lonely very fast you become extremely thin and everything that goes on is or now ordinarily unnoticed cum spiritum 

First of all, you will find that there is a  Community of Insects.

And they are tremendously interested in You, and not necessarily hostile, in maybe some cases they are so.

But alone in The Forest, when you get really quiet, you'll notice little creatures will come and inspect you look you all over an
they'll go away and tell their friends and they'll come and look to see what it is and you become aware of every single sound and you realize that alone you're in the midst of a vast burning crowd - it may not be human but it's everything else - so
that the the point of being honest the discipline leads you to understand that you can't resign;

The lonelier you are, the more you're joined together with everything else.