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Sunday, 11 June 2017

" A Sith LORD ?!?! "

( Notice, as usual, he doesn't bother with 'Please' or 'Thank You', the pompous condescending aristocrat cleric that he is... )

Okay, so, this is now when all of that Shadow Work you can do to try to better understand and study the Nature of Evil, and come to terms with all of the Evil and Potential for Evil within yourself really begins to pay off - you recognise it instantly, because you know it so well and can spot it immediately.

Mace Windu get cast down into Hell from the heights because he refused to know it, couldn't see it, couldn't recognise it, didn't want to know.

So you can have a whole army of monks scouring the entire galaxy for almost 20 years, desperately hunting around on a quest to find, detect and defeat this Phantom Menace and none of them have a  clue what it even looks like.

How could he even know it was there..? Well, of course, he doesn't. Doesn't even suspect.

And when he gets told that it is there and he never saw it, he is completely incredulous. And ANGRY.

And for that, he was struck down in his prideful arrogance and cast down from the mountainside into Hell.

( "If What You Say is True, You Will Have Gained My Trust."   GainedEarned It. 

Excuse me, he doesn't have to - BECAUSE HE'S YOUR EQUAL. 

He is one of your PEERS, of exactly the same standing in the hierarchy, bound by exactly the same vows, requirements and future